Swords Of Resistance: Endless War

Chapter 3, The Crisis in Eastern Europe

”My brother has been released by the Bavarian government. They are damned and treated my brother badly. If we treated their prisoners badly, we would definitely be condemned for human rights violations, ” said a woman with long wavy red hair and blue eyes. She is a woman of Polish ethnicity named Jadzia Konstancja.

”But we have to be careful with them, because some of them are spies, ” said Maria, who was standing beside her Paladin.

”Impossible! How could any of our prisoners betray their country. ”

”Nothing is impossible. Brainwashing is an art, and among them there is a reason to betray their country, ” said Maria. ”For example, he feels let down because hes only been released now. ”

”Will the released prisoners be returned to their original jobs? ” Jadzia asked.

”No way, ” answered Maria. ”The vacant positions they have left have been replaced by new people. Even if they are reinstated, it is only some of them. ”



An adult man was locking himself in his room, which was filled with several cans of alcoholic drinks. Even though he had been released by the Bavarian Government, and returned to his hometown in a village near the exclave territory of Oldenburg Oblast, Russian Federation, he felt he had lost his freedom. The brown haired man muttered, ”I sacrificed myself for this country, and now they have abandoned me. What the Bavarians say is true, that this country must be freed from the tyranny of the Hohenzollern-Orange-Nassau military junta. ”

In his desperation, his memory flashed back to the time when he was listening to the words of a Bavarian officer in a narrow room shining with bright lights.

”Even if you are released and return to Prussia, you are just a stone on the side of the road. You will lose your job and be dumped by your country. It is ironic too, you fought as a Stasi agent abroad, but when you are caught and will be released one day, your freedom has been destroyed by your government, ” said the man with pale blonde hair and blue eyes.

”So what should I do if Im free? ” he asked.

”What if you worked for us? We
e not like Prussia, who would dump their agents. Well always be there, when you
e dumped. Well always be on your mind, and will always help you. We
e not Prussians who will throw you out when you don useful, ”he replied with words composed to brainwash the prisoner.

”I agree. ”

”Then you have been reborn as a free Man. Maybe you will experience a period of dark depression for a while, but you must rise from your adversity. Grab your freedom, and show Prussia, who dumped you, that you are the one who is independent! ”

”Yes, you are right, old man. I am a free man. ”



Hans Bernard Wilhelm rose from his slump. He collected some flammable liquids to carry out his acts of terror. He will carry out the terror plan because he feels let down by the Prussian government.

”I am a free person. No matter Satan, you will not be able to stop me, ” he said, determined to commit acts of terror.

The man came out of his house, which is located on the border line between Prussia and the Oldenburg Oblast Exclave, Russian Federation. He was carrying some Molotov cocktails which he had not detonated.

He walked over to a house, and threw the Molotov cocktails, which set the house and its occupants on fire. He ran like a coward towards the Prussian border post with the Oldenburg Oblast Exclave, Russian Federation.

The Russian army border guards immediately strafed the person carrying the Molotov cocktail. He died and his body burned before he could throw Molotov cocktails at the Prussian and Russian soldiers who were on guard.

”Why did you shoot our people? ” asked one of the Prussian soldiers.

”I had to do it, before he killed us all, ” replied the Russian soldier. ”Look, theres a puff of smoke coming from your area. It looks like it was the result of the Molotov cocktails attack just now. ”

”Quick, we put out the fire. ”

In thirty minutes, the Prussian Army and people, assisted by the Russian Army, extinguished three houses that were burned by the Molotov cocktails. The death toll in this terror attack amounted to fifteen people.

A Stasi agent approached the house of Hans Bernard Wilhelm, which is near the Prussian border with the Oldenburg Oblast Exclave, Russian Federation. The man who came from the werewolf race smelled the various kinds of combustible materials stored in the persons house. He wrote down his report on his smartphone, and sent it to his boss.



Maria drives a BMW 450 GX Mototrail to meet one of her friends. Her name is Alicia Margaret. He rode his motorbike through the deserted suburbs of Nassau with its towering pines.

Maria stopped her motorcycle suddenly when she saw a nail mine installed in the middle of the road. Five Men armed with Swords and Axes came out from the direction of the trees and attacked him. Maria dodged every single one of their attacks and fought them bare-handed, even though she was carrying a sword and a Ruger-SR-1911-Pistol. He paralyzed all his enemies and broke their bones.

”Why did you guys attack me? ” asked Maria, one of the women among them.

”Because you are the Prussian Army. We will launch a revolution and make this country an independent country from the Hohenzollern-Orange-Nassau Military Junta regime, ” replied the black-haired woman.

Even though they screamed blasphemous and abusive sentences, Maria searched for their bodies.

Maria checked their identity cards one by one.

”Your name is Catherine Lisbeth van Persie, yes. ”

”If so, then why, huh! ” he shouted.

”I saw your name and photo in a PDF document of Prussian prisoners who have been released by the Bavarian Government. ”

”If so, why? Why didn you release us in the first place? Where were you? We were imprisoned and tortured. We fought on the front lines to find important information, and you stayed silent while we were imprisoned and tortured. ”

”We always try to free you via diplomacy. However, they don want to free you, ” answered Maria.

”Nonsense! ”

Maria plunged her sword into Lisbeth van Persies face.

”If you were being tortured by the Bavarians, why did you attack your homeland? You have become a worthless Trojan Horse for Bavaria. You know, they have brainwashed you and used you as live bait to kill your compatriots and commit crimes. This country is in chaos. If it is like this, you will die as a traitor and your family will be ostracized. Meanwhile, the Bavarian people will laugh and be happy to see your stupidity. Don you all still have families, ”explained Maria in a firm tone.

The five people were silent, listening to Marias words.

”Be aware, you have been tricked by the Bavarian people. Come back, and open your eyes, mind, and heart. This country has never abandoned its people, especially those of you who are fighting on the front lines, ” Maria said, trying to awaken her five enemies.

”Is there still a chance for us, to return? Since we attacked you? ” asked a fat man with brown hair.

”There is hope, and don worry. My father, Major General Karl Wilhelm Leopold von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, will help you if you will return to fight for this country with me. ”

”We surrender, and forgive us, ” said the four comrades, while Lisbeth van Persie remained silent.

”Then thats good. Well take care of you while inquiring. ” Maria then contacted her father, who was a Nassau Division Leader.

Ten minutes later, five BTR-60 military vehicles arrived at the location. They then transported the five attackers to a Nassau hospital for questioning.



On a sunny morning, Maria has arrived at the house of her friend, Alicia Margareth, which is located in the village of Nassau-Wies. He happened to be watering all kinds of beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Maria took off her helmet, and walked over to him.

”Good morning, Margaret, ” said Maria.

”Good morning, Maria. I have prepared a glass of green tea on the balcony. ”

”Thank you for all your kindness. ”

The two of them then sat in their respective chairs and chatted casually while drinking a glass of warm green tea and enjoying a variety of sweet and delicious-looking pastries.

”I heard you served in Saarbrucken as a Paladin Pilot. How does it feel to be piloting the MiG-23 Cheburashka Mecklenburg-Schwerin? I heard its much more difficult than the MiG-23 Cheburashka. ”

”Its just a rumor, and the Mecklenburg-Schwerin version is much better than the original Russian version. There are a lot of things that have been improved, such as speed, cooling, armor, and flexibility. ”

”By the way, Son of the General, you can easily get what you want, ” he said casually as he looked up at the blue sky.

”Being a Generals daughter is not as easy as you think, ” said Maria. ”There are many things I must do. One of them is to kill soldiers from within the Trojan Horse like you. ”

Hearing Marias words really made Margaret laugh. The laughter of the short, strawberry blonde haired girl sounded terrible. Like a devil.

”So you already know, ” he said. ”You could have killed me, ” he said disdainfully.

Maria immediately drew her sword, but Margareth immediately dodged her attack. The short-haired girl took out her magic device shaped like a smartphone, ”Phoenix. ”

From behind her body came two red holes, and from the two holes came crimson flames shaped like a Phoenix bird and directly attacked Maria.

The fire was extinguished immediately before hitting Marias body, and there was a shield shaped like ice crystals protecting her, and the shield would be visible when a dangerous object was about to attack her.

”The Ice Princess of the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Clan is different, ” she said. ”How did you know that I was the Agememon Army that came out from inside the Trojan Horse? ”

”One of the hackers. You were involved in providing logistics with hazardous chemicals to some of the people involved in acts of terror in the Nassau region. ”

”Whats wrong with me doing that. This is a proper punishment for this accursed country. ”

Flames suddenly appeared and attacked Maria. The atmosphere around the house was suddenly hot and various kinds of fire attacked him. The flames chased him wherever he went. Margareth has the ability to control the fire element very well. She was nicknamed the Fire Princess of Nassau-Wies.

Maria immediately ran to Margaret and attacked her. But the sword was held in both of Margareths palms.

”Answer me. Why did you betray this country? ”

”Why, obviously for the sake of fun, ” he said in a tone full of emotion. ”We need more evidence to execute you. You are very good at carrying out acts of terror using dangerous chemicals. ”

”Of course, Im smart. Not like all of you idiots with no brains. ”

”I didn say you were smart! ” Maria ran fast and slashed at her enemys body.

The woman fell down and groaned in pain. Slowly, his body began to turn blue and his body temperature dropped until it felt cold. Margaret was shivering with cold.

”This sword will give you pain as well as a cold sensation. You will be tortured and you will slowly freeze to death. ”

His hands and feet could not be moved. Maria hit Margaret on the head, causing her to faint.

”Actually I could have killed you, but I was ordered only to arrest you. There are many things to ask about your involvement in the recent terror. ”

Maria took her enemys body to be treated at the hospital as well as get information from it.



Alicia is being treated in her detention cell. His hands and feet were handcuffed, while his stomach was tied with a rope that tied his body to a hospital bed. On his left sat a woman with long, strawberry-pink hair.

”I thought you were going to interrogate me in a small room like the one in-, ” said Alicia.

”Don confuse this life with a fictional world, ” said Victoria Liesbeth. ”We live in the real world, not in the virtual world especially at Luna Mayas house. ”

”Im sick of this system. I don feel free. ”

”This country is a free country. You won go to jail if you talk about America. ”

Alicia ignored Liesbeths words. He looked away while whistling to calm his mind.

”What is your motive for carrying out these acts of terrorism? ”

”Im just having fun and watching people suffer from chemicals is really fun. ”

Liesbeth immediately gave Alicia a raw punch to Alicias right cheek.

”You are crazy! ”

”Im crazy, ” he said. He continued to burst out laughing, and Liesbeth immediately electrocuted him, as he was uncomfortable with the unfunny laugh.

Alicia looked unconscious, Liesbeth stepped out of the room. However, suddenly, from behind, a flash of lightning struck him and paralyzed him.

Alicia released herself from the shackles, having used her lightning element to immobilize Liesbeth.

”You did a very reckless act. The shock from the stun gun actually gave me extra power, ” he said. He took Liesbeths gun and dagger. ”This way, I can escape easily. ”

Alicia came out of her room. He then opened another room to free the other prisoners. The prisoners fled from their rooms, and they attacked the guards. There was a riot between the prisoners and the warden, so bloodshed was inevitable.

The bodies of the guards in detention lay as far as the eye could see. From the wardens side, only three people remained, while all eighty prisoners had been shot dead on the spot.

The three of them were taking care of each other, by healing each others physical wounds.

When Alicia walked over to them, they glanced at Alicia. The woman immediately mengeksuki the three of them.

”Theres nothing more beautiful than dead bodies and pools of blood, ” said Alicia Margareth, with her devilish smile.



A company of Military Police immediately arrived at the scene of the incident and immediately took her into custody, while several teams of hunters were dispatched to hunt down Alicia Margareth, and Stasi were also involved in seeking information on her whereabouts.

”Do we need to get involved in the hunt for Alicia Margareth? ” Jadzia asked Maria.

”No need, ” Maria answered firmly.

The two women were patrolling in a 17.8-meter-high black Paladin MiG-23 Cheburashka.In French territory, three pale amethyst Paladin Rafale units were seen patrolling. They gave a provocation by playing a German Nazi song.

Jadzia, who was burning with emotion, immediately pointed her gun at the three of them, but Maria held her back.

”Don mind them, ” he said.

The two black Paladins continued on patrol regardless of the French provocation.

”You think all the French are assholes like them? ” Jadzia asked in a slightly harsh tone.

”Not all of them are like that. They are good people, just like us. The bad ones are their corrupt politicians. They are more concerned with fighting than fixing the basic needs of their people. ”

”Well, Ive been to Paris too. Even though its said to be the most beautiful and romantic city. I was surprised by the slums and the abundance of homeless people, criminals, and commercial sex workers. ”

”As I said before. Their politicians are more concerned with personal pocket matters as well as sponsors or business partners, rather than the needs of the people. France is also one of the sponsors of Islamic terrorist countries. ”

”The majority of terrorists are Muslim, but their donors are non-Muslim countries, ” said Jadzia. ”Its also sad to see countries like America and its friends, where tax money from its people is channeled to arm and support terrorists to terrorize and kill innocent civilians. ”

”As long as the Islamic State refuses to submit to America, and its friends. Then they will always fund and arm the terrorists to subdue the government of the Islamic State that does not want to submit to them. Well, just like with the Trojan Horse Army that we are facing today. ”



Alicia was on a small river which was a tributary of the Rhine. The woman was resting after a relentless run from Nassau prison. The woman ate the fish she caught raw to replenish her strength to continue her offensive as a Trojan Horse Soldier. Even though he is a friend of the son of a Prussian Army General, he is a heretic who sells his pride for perverted desires.

Alicia walked towards a house, and she massacred all its inhabitants. He changed his clothes, cut off his long hair and took some firearms and sharp weapons belonging to the family. After that, he drove a minibus, which was parked in the owners garage.

The black BMW minibus was speeding down the street.

”Live like Larry! ” shouted Alicia while driving her stolen car.

When her car bumped into a police car, Alicia immediately fired a flash of lightning and destroyed the police car, killing all of its passengers. He laughed with terrible laughter after killing the policemen.

Alicia immediately got out of the car, and a few seconds later, the car was destroyed after being shot by the black paladin piloted by Maria.

”You have good reflexes, Alicia, ” Maria said. The woman came out of the cockpit of the Paladin she was piloting.

”Even though we
e friends, ” said Alicia. He was silent for a while and stared intently at the woman from the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Clan. ”But I really hate you. ”

Alicia attacked Maria with a flash of reddish black lightning. Maria dodged his attack and counterattacked her friend. Alicia dodged every single one of Marias attacks.

e always as calm as ever. Cold as ice, and your eyes like an eagle, ” Alicia complimented.

”Thank you for the compliment, friend who has become an enemy, ” Maria replied. ”Ill end your story here. ”

With a very fast movement, Maria pierced Alicias heart and killed her instantly. The woman fell with empty eyes.

Maria drew her sword and wiped the blood stains on her sword. He walked over and entered his Paladins cockpit.

”I killed Alicia on the Clobonz highway, ” he said in a cold tone, though tears of sadness streamed down his pretty face. Even though Alicia has become an enemy of the state, she is one of her friends, and in her own hands, that friend must take her life for the betrayal and terrorism she has committed.

Killing a friend is very painful, even if he is on the side of the enemy.



”Thank you for your hard work and smart work in eradicating the Trojan Horse Army. You have saved civilian lives and protected this country, ” said Stadtholder Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Nikolaus Romanovich von Hohenzollern to several members of the Stasi, Police, and Prussian Army.

They paid their respects to the Stadtholder. In an award ceremony held at Nassau Castle. Stadtholder Nikolaus presented the Order of Red Eagle medal as a token of their appreciation, bravery, and heroism in stopping the terrorist acts carried out by the Trojan Horse Troops that wreaked havoc in Prussia.

Maria feels proud and grateful that, at such a young age, she received a medal of appreciation. His family members from the Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Srelitz Clans are proud of his achievements in protecting the state from internal threats.

e great, Maria, ” complimented one of her cousins, about fifteen years old.

An old man with a charismatic mustache and beard came to Maria. He was Major General Karl Wilhelm Leopold von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Father of Maria. The old man patted Marias shoulder and hugged her affectionately.

”You are the pride of our Clan, ” he said, crying happily to his only daughter. ”Protect this country and all of its people with all your might as a woman of the Wizard Race. ”

”My only child is different. Im proud of you, son, ” said his mother, Franceque Saartje de Kock, hugging herself and her father. ”Sorry I came late, because I just got lost on the road called life. ”

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