Swords Of Resistance: Endless War

Chapter 4, The War Has Begun

A fighter aircraft was detected illegally entering the airspace of the Belarusian Soviet Republic. The defense system operator immediately gave a signal or else they would shoot down the illegal fighter aircraft.

”Get out of our airspace, otherwise you will be a splinter in the Belarusian skies, ” said a man who is an operator of the S-300 air defense system.

The pilot of the Lithuanian air force F-16 just smiled at the chatter from the Belarusian side. He immediately replied, ”We are a liberal-capitalist country, so we have the right to fly in your territory. We are just traveling anyway. ”

Hearing the words of the Lithuanian pilot made the Belarusians angry. But they gave him a second chance.

”This is our second chance, Lithuanian pilots. Leave Belarusia airspace or your F-16s will be a wreck! ” replied the Belarusian side firmly.

Hearing the warning from the Belarusian side actually made the pilot more confident and arrogant. He answered warnings from the Belarusian side.

”Just shoot, secondhand stuff like the S-300 can stop the F-16! ” The F-16 fighter aircraft immediately dropped a bomb right on a farm area on the outskirts of the city of Hrodna. The bomb destroyed the farm, killed dozens of cows, and burned the wheat fields.

The act of humiliation from the Lithuanian pilot made the Belarusian side run out of patience. Moreover, there was an explosion in the Hrodna Oblast area, where the F-16 was flying.

The Belarusian side finally launched two S-300 missiles to bring down enemy aircraft. For Belarus, what Lithuania has done is an insult.

The reply made by the Belarusian side was something that the F-16 pilot did not expect, and he was surprised by the Belarusian response. He pressed the ejection seat button before the F-16 he was piloting was hit by two S-300 missiles within two minutes.

The response of the Lithuanian side was very surprised, as they could not fend off the Belarusian counterattack when they beat their F-16 on the border between the two countries.

Meanwhile, the pilot landed safely in a pine forest, which is a Lithuanian territory bordering Prussia.

”Thank God, Im still safe. I think Im between bad luck and luck, ” said the pilot gratefully when he got stuck in a tree.



Tensions in Eastern Europe arose between the Belarusian Soviet Republic and the Republic of Lithuania after the events in Hrodna. The Lithuanians claimed that they were carrying out exercises in the skies of Vilnius, while the Belarusians claimed that Lithuania had carried out a provocation by violating Belarusian airspace and carrying out an attack on a farm in the Hrodna Oblast region, which killed dozens of cows, damaged a hectare of wheat fields, and injured the farmer.

The Belarusian Soviet Republic implemented a no fly zone along its borders with Latvia and Lithuania and would shoot down any flying object that approached its territory. Meanwhile, the Prussian government deployed its troops along its border with Lithuania in case the North Atlantic Alliance might invade Belarusian territory and also Prussia.

”It seems they are shameless, and want to be beaten. Luckily our father was not someone like Hitler or Stalin, ” said Franceque Louise Charlamagne Malherbe, the first child of Chancellor Leopold.

[Chancellor, the title for the Prime Minister in Germany and Austria]

”Things like that could have been done if it was in an emergency and in accordance with the will of the people, ” replied Athena. ”But we can get involved as volunteers and that will be allowed by Father. ”

Two women who look alike but not the same are enjoying their leisurely day at a cafe in Białystok City.

The two girls with blonde hair and blue eyes looked very similar, like twins, even though Charla was one year older than her half sister, Athena.

Despite having the same father, Athena and Charla were born from different mothers.They first met while watching the jazz music festival in Berlin last summer. Finally, Lieutenant General Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Nikolaus Romanovich von Hohenzollern (Father of Maximilian and Beatrix) informed Charla that he and his five-minute sister were the children of Prussian Chancellor Frederick Joseph Ludwig Sigismund Leopold Wilhelm von Hohenzolern-Orange-Nassau.

The difference between Charla and Athena is in her body. Athena was three centimeters taller than Charla, and Athena had large breasts, unlike Charla, who was flat-chested. In addition, Charlas hair is tied in a ponytail to the left.

”You know, Athena. I didn think that you were my sister, neither did Maximilian, ” said Charla as she stirred a cup of hot coffee she had ordered.

”Me too. At first, I thought that I was Chancellor Leopolds only child. But when we played, and coincidentally, met Prince Nikolaus, Finally, I realized that we are brothers, ” Athena said in a sad tone. ”You know, before you rewarded our father with a Karate kick. I knocked him unconscious for a day after I beat him hard, ” he said with a smile.

”Hahaha… You are, you
e just being. Even though I kicked Dad because I was inspired by Naruto hitting his fathers stomach when he met in front of the Kurama gate. ”

”Hahahaha…. Good inspiration, Charla. ”

Charla and Charlemagne are assigned to Zgorzelec to operate the drones, spying on military activities in Lithuania. Because, according to information from a Stasi informant there, there is a major military development going on in Lithuania.

The two of them returned to a Stasi office on the outskirts of Zgorzelec disguised as a BMW Auto Workshop. On the second floor of the office, Charlemagne and Maximilian were monitoring the territory of Lithuania from the light-powered Eagle-shaped Drone.

From the large monitor screen, Maximilian and Charlemagne saw a beautiful view of the Vilnius territory belonging to the Republic of Lithuania. The camera from the drone recorded military training activities involving dozens of M1 Abrams tanks and dozens of Leopard 2 tanks.

”Looks like they
e a provocation, ” said the polly-haired, blue-eyed man with a height of about one hundred and eighty-four centimeters. He was Charlemagnes five-minute younger brother, Charlamagne.

”Thats obvious. Thats why they recklessly bombed a ranch in Saksonia. Even though there were only injuries, it was an act of violation of international law, ” said Maximilian, a dark-haired man with a polemical model that covered part of his eyes, with red eyes and one hundred and eighty-five centimeters tall.

”We can do a kamikaze- ” Charlemagne was cut off by Maximilian.

”Thats not necessary, ” said Maximilian. ”If we attack them, its wrong. Wait for them to attack us first, then well pay them back many times over. ”

Charla and Athena entered the room where Maximilian and Charlemagne were supervising the Lithuanian military who were conducting exercises in the Vilnius region.

e watching porn, aren you, ” Charla said in a flirtatious tone.

”Stupid, how could the two of us do such a perverted thing! ” Maximilian and Charlemagne answered simultaneously.

”Im just kidding, anyway. After uttering a perfunctory sentence, Charla responded casually and without feeling guilty.

”It seems that it also participated in the exercise, ” said Athena, who saw several units of Leopard 2 tanks with red flags with a white cross, which is the flag of the Kingdom of Denmark among dozens of white-red and blood-red-yellow-green Lithuanian flags. ”The military exercises between the two countries should have been recorded in the local media reports there. It seems they kept their maneuvers secret, so as not to arouse suspicion. ”

The eagle-shaped drone flew deeper into Vilnius territory.

Throughout the region, Charlemagne recorded various military activities carried out by the Lithuanian side.

The drone camera captured several Paladin EF-2000 Typhoons belonging to Lithuania and the Republic of Estonia stationed along the border between Lithuania and Prussia.

”Don worry, sooner or later we will send them to the realm of the dead and turn their machines into recycled metal, ” Athena said with confidence.

The drone then flew back towards Zgorzelec City.



Protesters from Pro-Government People are demonstrating in front of the Belarusian Ambassadors Office in Lithuania. They urged the Belarusian government to apologize for the tragedy that nearly killed a Lithuanian pilot.

Demonstrators carried various kinds of banners and banners against the Belarusian government, as well as anti-Lukashenko banners, who had ruled Belarus for ten years.

”Free Belarus from Lukashenko Regime; No Communist, No Cry; and Lukashenko = Dictator. No Dictator, No Pain. ”

One of the men who were the main brains of the demonstrators in front of the Belarusian Ambassadors Office was delivering a speech while carrying the Lithuanian flag in his right hand and a toa in his left hand.

”The Belarusians are shameless. They shot down our airplane and almost killed its pilot, who was training in combat in the skies of Vilnius. They are cowards who claim to represent the people but only represent the rotten Politburo who claim democracy and work for the people. You cursed Belarusians with having to apologize to us.You have wronged us, and you must apologize. ”

On the same day, there was a demonstration in front of the Lithuanian Presidential Office. They wore T-shirts bearing the images of F-16 fighter aircraft, Leopard 2 tanks, and M-16 assault rifles while flying the Lithuanian flag.

Demonstrators demonstrating in front of the Presidential Office demand that President Augustinas Voldemaras make the decision to invade Belarus.

The demonstrators also carried a banner that read, ”Defend Our Nation from the Socialist Sovicet Republic of Belarus; Invade the Socialist Sovicet Republic of Belarus, then Liberate their People and Nation from the Lukashenko Regime; Peace = War Against the Socialist Sovicet Republic of Belarus; and We Must War Against the Socialist Soviet Republic of Belarus. ”

President Augustinas Voldemaras is speaking privately with the North American Ambassador and Head of CIA Operations in Lithuania, Friedriech Andreas von Lippe.

”Good False Flag Operation, Prince Andreas von Lippe. Your plan is absolutely brilliant. I didn expect that this would get the support of the People, ” said President Augustinas Voldemaras to the North American Ambassador of the German Royal Clan, Lippe.

”As long as the media plays its propaganda and the buzzers form and guide opinion, the people will be with you, ” said the German noble with glasses and brown hair, ”Believe in your people and listen to their hearts. If you grant the peoples wishes, you will be loved by your people more . ”

”Have you vouched for it, Prince Andreas? ” asked the President, staring intently at the German noble of the Lippe Clan.

”We have sent thirty Paladins with details of sixteen F-5 Paladins and fourteen EF-2000 Typhoon Paladins; one hundred fifty M1 Abrams Tanks, and nine F-35 Fighter Aircraft in the last three months. The parties in Latvia and North America will help you by providing air support as well as mercenaries from the African Continent who are ready to fight together with the Lithuanian Army which totals twelve thousand. We (North America) cannot attack Belarus, so this is the best way for you to defend yourself. Your country and your position as President for the next term, Mr. Augustinas Voldemaras. Isn it eight months from now that there will be a general election, ” Prince Andreas assured President Augustinas Voldemaras.

”For me, as long as it benefits both sides, lets work together and destroy Belarus. ” President Augustinas Voldemaras rose from his chair and was followed by Prince Andreas von Lippe.

”Lets liberate Eastern Europe from Dictator Lukashenko, ” Prince Andreas said confidently. They both shook hands as a sign of the inauguration of the Invasion of Belarus.

”For the realization of democracy and freedom of speech in Eastern Europe, ” replied President Augustinas Voldemaras.



A storm is about to arrive, and the Angel of Death stands on every meter of the battlefield.

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