Swords Of Resistance: Endless War

Chapter 5, Wilhelm and Albert

At one oclock in the morning, local time, fifteen Lithuanian border guardsmen were relaxing for a moment at the border crossing post between Belarus and Lithuania. Some of them were checking a driver from Belarus and searching the entire contents of his car. Previously, the driver underwent a super strict inspection and search at the Belarusian border crossing, which is one hundred meters away from the Lithuanian border crossing.

Mikhail Bautzen went to Lithuania to visit a relative who was seriously ill. The man in the black suit, tall and slender, said, ”I think there are evil hands that want to disturb our peace. They wanted us to fight each other, so they created the False Flag Operation. ”

”Shut up, conspiracy theorist! ” snapped one of the soldiers armed with an M-16.

While some of the other Soldiers smiled mockingly.

Mikhail Bautzen could only surrender to being shouted at by a soldier who looked much younger than himself. Despite being treated like that, he tried to be patient because the one who searched him was the leader of a platoon who was manning the Lavoriks–Kotlovka border post that separates Belarus and Lithuania.

Meanwhile, a Lithuanian soldier and several African mercenaries were preparing with mortars they had installed near the border post.

The Platoon of the Lithuanian Army was not aware of the danger that was threatening them to be used as a justification for Lithuania to invade Belarus. They are prepared with the heavy weapons they have prepared and are just waiting for the signal in this false flag operation.

The lights at the border post of Lavoriškės Town suddenly went out, leaving the soldiers there in shock. They reflexively handcuffed Mikhail to the door of his Trabant car.

”Hey, let me go! ” Mikhail shouted in revolt.

”Shut up! ” said a soldier, then hit Mikhail in the head so that he fainted.

Dozens of mortars flew from the roofs of several houses near the border post. The mortar rain destroyed the border post, killing Mikhail and killing the entire Lithuanian Border Guard Army Platoon.

The city of Lavoriškės alarm sounded loudly, signaling the Belarusian invasion of Lithuania. The Belarusian Army platoon was shocked by the mortar rain, which destroyed the border post and killed all the people there. They looked at the rubble of the neighboring countrys border post, which had been destroyed.

”What happened at the Lavoriks–Kotlovka border post? ” asked one of the Belarusian soldiers, looking confused.

”I don know, I don know. But I feel something bad will happen soon, ” he said in a frightened tone with a similar expression.

Several ATGM 71 BMT missiles flew from Lithuania and destroyed a T-72 Tank, killing part of the Belarusian Army and destroying several Belarusian border guard posts.

Several Lithuanian soldiers and African mercenaries advanced to capture and secure the Lavoriks–Kotlovka border post.

”For our comrades who were killed by the cursed Belarusian Army! ” said a burly man as he raised an M-16 assault rifle into the sky. In fact, the ones who killed the Lithuanian Border Guards were not the Belarusians, but them and the African Mercenaries. ”We liberate the Belarusian people from the Lukashenko Regime. ”

The Lithuanian army moved so quickly that it entered Belarusian territory with great ease and captured several of their posts along the border.

Before this false flag operation started, the Lithuanian government had alerted most of the army and their fighting machines along the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, so that they killed their own army and alleged that Belarus was the culprit. They quickly invaded their neighboring countries and have taken control of most of Belarus.

Thirty warplanes from Bavaria, Estonia, North America, and Lithuania launched missiles against several cities in the Hrodna Oblast area, but of the three hundred missiles fired, only sixty hit their targets, such as military bases, armories, factories, and even the attack hit residential areas, schools, universities, and hospitals. The other missiles were repelled by the Pantsir air defense system. The S-75, S-200 and S-300 were even mistargeted.

Belarus also managed to shoot down nine F-16 fighter jets, eight of which belonged to Lithuania and one belonged to Denmark. Considering Belarus has implemented a No Fly Zone along its borders with Lithuania, and Latvia, they managed to knock out some enemy fighter planes.

In the attack, dozens of civilians died, and hundreds more were seriously injured by fighter jets from Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, and North America. Dozens of combat machines were damaged or destroyed by the air attack.

This morning, Lithuanian troops and African mercenaries captured several cities in the Hrodna Oblast region.



Seven oclock in the morning, local time. A tall man, with a black shirt, and round glasses adorning his face, was walking in a bit of a hurry through the lobby of the Parliament Building, followed by eight men wearing black glasses and jet black suits who were members of the Presidential Guard. The man is Grigory Aleksandrovich Lukashenko.

President Grigory entered the Plenary Meeting Room and immediately walked towards the pulpit. Hundreds of pairs of eyes in the Politburo stared at the Supreme Lord.

”Good morning, my brothers and sisters, and all the people I respect. Peace, love, and prosperity to all of us wherever we are. May God always protect us, especially the Belarusian National Army, which is protecting the Hrodna Obltast region from the Invasion of the Lithuanian Puppet State, ” greeted President Grigory in a warm tone. ”We were all friends in the past. ” With a sad and sad expression, President Grigory said, ”Unfortunately the friendship between us is ruined by the corrupt behavior of the puppet leaders who rule in the Baltic States by sacrificing the people and brotherhood just for the sake of momentary political ambition. ”

”Remember, there will be general elections in Lithuania soon, and he is seeking support to cover up the scandals that befell his family, ” President Grigory said solemnly.

How to get support and cover up the scandal? The answer is only one, and that is to start a war with us. He and his master devised a conspiracy and several false flag operations as justification for war. Their fighter planes bombed a farm in a rural area on the outskirts of Hrudna City, and it is fitting that we shot down the aircraft to protect our people and their property. But they deny it and refuse, like a thief caught red-handed. But believe me, comrades. That a thief will never confess. At a hearing at the United Nations, the Belarusian Ambassador demanded an independent investigation of the incident in order to maintain peace in Eastern Europe. However, for all its stupidity, the Lithuanian government rejected the investigation, and demanded our apologies. I can understand the attitude taken by the government of Lithuania, because a fool will always find an excuse for all his mistakes. My comrades and people, should we apologize to those who hurt our people and destroyed a farm and injured its owner? NO! It is inappropriate for us to apologize to the aggressors. They are no different than Nazi Germany and Byzantine Fascists in their instillation of fear and hatred! They created a false flag operation at the expense of their soldiers and killed our people who wanted to visit their relatives in Lithuania. How can we shower them with mortars while our frontier soldiers are not armed with mortars? If they kill their own friend, it is natural. To all Belarusians, wherever you are. Take up your weapons and defend our motherland from the accursed Imperialists. God will always be with the people against the oppressors and wrongdoers. ”

Loud applause rang out in the Houses of Parliament. The Politburo applauded President Grigorys firmness in dealing with the invasion of Lithuania.



Nine oclock local time.

Move in the shadows and kill in the silence of Hrodna Town. The Butterfly masked woman took down some of the Lithuanian soldiers and African mercenaries she saw.

The woman is Marie Wiktoria Zenker, the daughter of Mayor Hrodna.

”You are like bloodthirsty vampires who sacrificed the future of the Lithuanian youth to die on the battlefield, ” Marie said condescendingly. ”I hope you and the others are okay. Im sorry, I can release you at this time, Dad. ”

The renaissance-style city of Hrodna has lost its normal life. There is no more laughter from the children and the crowds of activity as usual. As far as the eye can see, hundreds of Lithuanian soldiers and their allies have taken control of the city bordering Lithuania.

Some of the residents fled to safety, and some were held hostage by the Lithuanian Army. Mayor Viktor Zenker was detained by Lithuania along with several figures in the city of Hrodna. They were thrown into a cell commonly used by the Belarusian government to imprison enemy spies and defectors.

A Lithuanian officer and several African mercenaries enter a three-story building, where Marie has killed several enemies of the state.

”Check the entire building; I sense the presence of the enemy based on my killer instinct, ” Colonel Dragomir instructed a group of jet-black soldiers.

The black soldiers entered the three-story building and searched every room.

”Colonel Dragomir, how is the atmosphere over there? ” a voice that was heard via radio communication through a small headset attached to the ear of the Colonel, who looked dashing with his medium-sized but burly body.

”We are looking for an assassin who has killed several of our soldiers. Based on my kill instincts, he is in this building, ” replied Colonel Dragomir.

”I hope you do your best for our country. ”

”Ready, do it, General, ” replied the Colonel in a firm tone.

One of the African Soldiers entered a room, breaking down the door. He walked casually into the room, and saw a beautiful woman with long wavy blonde hair lying helplessly on his bed.

”Hi, sweetie. Looks like you
e ready to party with me, ” teased the black man. He took off his military uniform and walked over to him. His black hand gently caressed the beautiful face of the sick woman.

”I have always longed for a beautiful European woman. Her skin is white, smooth and silky like silk. Her eyes are blue like the ocean, and her hair is blonde like gold. You are like an angel, ” he said while stroking the womans helpless body. ”Your body is hot, huh. ”

Unknowingly, a wire was wrapped around his neck, and Marie quickly grabbed the wire and pulled it. The man in black tried to fight it with all his might to untie the wire. Marie let go of her right hand, then took out a dagger and stabbed her enemys right eye.

The mans scream sounded so loud like a lion. His friends, who heard it immediately walked towards a room located on the third floor.

Marie stabbed the dagger into her enemys head, causing it to shatter into nothingness. Feel the presence of tens of footsteps. Marie took her enemys weapon and rushed out.

The woman in the butterfly mask opened fire on several of her enemies who were moving towards her. Some of them took cover behind walls, and some of them died after being hit by hot lead. They fired at the position where Marie was hiding. Suddenly, there was a song from Deep Purple called ”Soldier of Fortune, ” so the soldiers tried to find the source of the sound.

Born as a Wizard Race, Marie Wiktoria Zenker has the ability to manipulate sound. Where he makes a sound or sounds through the brain waves that he emits.

Dozens of existing enemies looked like they were hypnotized while enjoying the melodious strains of the ballad. Unbeknownst to them, they had gotten carried away and were caught up in the voice hypnosis launched by Marie.

The woman in the butterfly mask walked slowly and stabbed one of the black female mercenaries in the neck and took her rifle. He made the woman a meat shield and fired at his enemies.

The atmosphere that was originally quiet and serene now broke after a barrage of bullets brought down all the enemy soldiers that he saw.

From the top of the third floor, Marie looked around her. But unfortunately, a bullet from below scratched the butterflys mask.

”You might be able to hypnotize the Devils from the Dark Continent! However, you can subdue me, ” shouted Colonel Dragomir.

Marie tried to stay calm and fired at the place where Colonel Dragomir was hiding. The pale-skinned man took cover behind a wall. He shot back at Marie.

Marie immediately jumped down and threw several scales at Dragomirs shoulders so that he couldn move the two hands that were holding the pistol.

Marie ran to kill Dragomir, but she stopped suddenly when she saw a magic circle beneath her.

There was a big enough explosion in the building, so the building collapsed and Marie was blown away.

From the rubble of the building, a large shadow of a dragon can be seen spreading its wings.

The man had turned into a black dragon with fiery yellow eyes and wide but tattered wings. The dragon immediately ate a patient woman who was one of the occupants of the apartment room who was almost raped by an African mercenary.

His hands and feet couldn move when he saw the dragon eat a woman he had just saved. His body went limp for a moment.

The frightened expression on his face was covered by a butterfly-shaped mask, but Dragomir felt that fearful aura.

”Is this the end of me? ” he thought in despair as the dragon moved towards him.

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