Swords Of Resistance: Endless War

Chapter 6, The Werewolf\'s Attack at Night

His hands and feet couldn move when he saw the dragon eat a woman he had just saved. His body went limp for a moment.

The frightened expression on his face was covered by a butterfly-shaped mask, but Dragomir felt that fearful aura.

”Is this the end of me? ” he thought in despair as the dragon moved towards him.

The dragon was seen smiling evilly walking towards him, but suddenly its body froze and a bullet flew swiftly to destroy the head of the ugly reptile monster.

”Headshot, ” Maria said from inside her Paladins cockpit.

The Paladin MiG-23 Cheburashka Mecklenburg-Schwerin piloted by him managed to kill Dragomir from above.

The paladin fired on several enemy tanks and military vehicles located at several points in Hrodna City.

”Hoy, wake up. This is a battlefield where killing or being killed is natural. Run to the top of a building and I will save you, ” said Maria, communicating through her telepathic ability.

Hearing Marias voice, Marie immediately ran towards the top of a building while the dark blue Paladin was shooting at the enemy soldiers.

”Don worry, Im not shooting at targets that are holding civilians hostage, ” Maria reassured Marie.

The paladin immediately slid towards a building where Marie was standing on top of it.

”Get on my shoulder, ” Maria ordered when her Paladin was at the side of the building. Marie then jumped at the dark blue Paladin and the Paladin immediately left Hrodna Town while dodging the rain of rockets fired by the Lithuanian Army.

”Are you from Prussia? ” asked Marie, taking off her butterfly mask.

”Yes. Russia is also on its way. They will provide support via air, ” Maria explained. ”This war will end soon and we will win, ” he continued reassuringly, Marie.

The woman was just silent, because for her, for now, silence is much better.

The entire Belarusian border area of ​​Hrodna Oblast had fallen to the Lithuanians within eleven hours. Lithuanias surprise attack led the Belarusians to choose to retreat quickly, so the enemy thought they had a good and bright start to the invasion.

With overconfidence, the Lithuanian Army and African Mercenaries continued their march to conquer all of Belarus. They proudly stepped forward towards the victory they thought had been achieved so easily.

”I can believe it. It turns out that the Belarusian Army is so weak, ” said a male soldier in an arrogant tone.

”I told you, we would conquer Minsk in a weeks time, ” replied his partner in disdain.

One of the female soldiers was silent as she watched the hundreds of missiles burning in the clear sky.

”Why are you silent? ” asked one of her fellow soldiers.

”Look at the sky, ” he replied, pointing to the sky filled with hundreds of burning missiles. ”Its like fireworks on the new year, ” he said with amazement in his eyes and tone of voice.

”Stupid, its not fireworks! Its a rain of katyusha missiles that will soon rain down on our country, ” he said with fear.

The entire army fell silent when they heard those emotional screams. When their pair of eyes looked towards the sky, several katyusha missiles directly hit them and annihilated them.

The Lithuanian soldiers and the African Mercenaries ran frantically back to the city on the border that they still held. Meanwhile, in Lithuania, Katyusha and Scud missiles rained down from Belarus, hitting several important points, one of which was a military base.

The townspeople ran and hid in fear when their town was bombarded by dozens of missiles from Belarusian territory. The hail of missiles hit several military bases as well as several buildings, offices, buildings, and factories, causing considerable losses to the Lithuanian side and inflicting a large number of deaths on soldiers, as well as several civilians.

The Lithuanians did not expect that the Belarusians would launch three hundred and ninety-seven missiles into their territory.

”Why don you guys deflect the missiles? ” asked President Jaroslav emotionally over the phone. He did not expect that Belarus would counterattack so quickly.

”If the number is on the fingers, it doesn matter, Mr. President. The missiles number in the hundreds, and our Patriot missile defense system is not capable of repelling them. Moreover, enemy missiles also destroyed several of our Patriot missile systems. ”

Hearing the answer from one of the crew of the anti-air defense system really made President Jaroslav speechless. He was shocked by Belaruss show of persistent resistance. His surprise was natural considering that the President was from the civilian community, not from the military.

Jaroslav tried to keep his cool, as he remembered that North America, Ostrogoth and Bayern would be providing support via air strikes.

”I just remembered that I have an ally, ” he said calmly and seriously.



”Our targets are arsenals, military bases, air defense systems, bases and enemy moving targets, ” said Marshal Hermann Kruger.

”Understood, Comrade Marshal Hermann. ”

Dozens of Sukhoi and MiG-type fighter aircraft fired dozens of missiles into Lithuanian territory. The counterattack from Belarus focused on destroying enemy bases, armories, and logistics flows. Unlike Lithuania, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, and North America, which carried out indiscriminate attacks regardless of the target, Belarus chose to minimize civilian casualties from the enemy, even though they were eager to retaliate for their brutal attacks.

From the monitor screen displaying visual images recorded by several Belarusian fighter aircraft, their counterattack destroyed several targets instructed by Marshal Hermann.

”We are at war with soldiers, not with innocent civilians, ” said the charismatic Marshal, who exuded an aura of assertiveness himself.

Belarusian radar captured several warplanes from Bavaria, Estonia, and North America.

”Prepare for battle in the air. Drop the Imperialists and oppressors! ” Marshal Hermann ordered the Belarusian Pilots. ”Send them to Hell! ”

The missiles they fired hit each other and created explosions in the orange sky. Dozens of Belarusian warplanes engaged in dogfights with dozens of fighters from Latvia, Estonia, and North America. Several aircraft from both sides were destroyed, and debris and chunks of material fell.

Some Latvian, Estonian, and North American pilots did not think that the Belarusian fighter planes were as sophisticated as them and the pilots were just as great. They felt grateful to be able to fight against professional Belarusian pilots, unlike the pilots from Lithuania.

They traded missile attacks with each other, and there were also missiles that strayed and hit the Lithuanian Army and strayed into a forest in Belarus.

Twenty minutes into the dogfight, there were no more fighter planes in the air. All the fighter planes from both sides were completely destroyed, and some of the pilots were alive with their bodies stuck in trees or their bodies were completely destroyed.

”Did we lose? ” asked one of the radar crew.

”Eighteen of our aircraft destroyed twenty-two enemy aircraft, ” he said in a low voice. ”Though all our and the enemys fighter planes were both destroyed, However, we have won in terms of numbers. Im sure, there will be a bit of a shock there. ”



Two men dressed in all black were walking cautiously into a building in Astravyets City. They were Ludwig Wilhelm Ferdinand von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, son of a Prussian noble from the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Clan, and his colleague, who was also a distant relative of the mother, named Ludwig Albert Wilhelm von Nassau-Dietz.

”The mayor and their community leaders are hostages in Astravyets Prison, ” said Wilhelm. ”There are ten men on guard. ”

”Clean the enemy, then they will be saved, ” explained Albert. ”How many enemies are there and what are the specifications of their fighting machines? ” he asked, looking at his distant cousin.

”Wait a minute, ” Wilhelm replied. The brown haired man closed his eyes and put his palms on the ground. In his eyes, everything looks black and white. Eight gray Paladin EF-2000 Typhoons patrol the city, dozens of Leopard Tanks and dozens of Humvees are on standby at various points, and Astravyets City is home to approximately four thousand Lithuanian soldiers and African mercenaries.

”Eight gray Paladin EF-2000 Typhoons are patrolling the city, dozens of Leopard Tanks and dozens of Humvees are on alert at various points, and there are around four thousand enemy soldiers, ” said Wilhelm about his enemys strength.

”First we paralyze the Paladins first. After we disable the Paladins, we will give a signal, ” explained Albert.

”I see, ” Wilhelm replied.

”Our first targets are the Paladins. Attack the pilots cockpit with a rocket launcher. Move carefully and be sure that your attack will be successful, ” Albert assured his comrades telepathically to the Belarusian Army and volunteers from Prussia and Russia.

Wilhelm pointed his Dragunov rifle at the cockpit of the Paladin EF-2000 Typhoon, which was walking near his hiding place. He poured his mana into the rifle and pulled the trigger. The bullets flew swiftly and penetrated the cockpit of the Paladin.

The Paladin EF-2000 Typhoon fell and exploded after its cockpit was penetrated by a hot lead filled with mana.

Belarusian soldiers and volunteers from Prussia and Russia carried out a surprise attack targeting all EF-2000 Typhoon Paladins patrolling the City of Astravyets.

The Paladin EF-2000 Typhoons fell one by one after they were hit by high-explosive rocket launchers fired by the Belarusian Army and volunteers from Prussia and Russia. All of the Paladins have been cleared from Astravyets, and the infiltrated Belarusian soldiers and volunteers from Prussia and Russia have begun their assault on enemy positions.

The gunfire of a tank destroys the bodies of two Belarusian soldiers, and the tank moves to hunt them down.

Dozens of eagle-shaped drones flew towards the crowd of soldiers and military vehicles. The drones carried out a kamikaze attack, dealing considerable damage to several Lithuanian tanks and humvees.

The kamikaze drone attack from the Belarusian side was completely unpredictable for Lithuania. They have lost some of their main strength in Astravyets. The Lithuanian army counterattacked by pouring mortar rounds on several suspected points where the Belarusian Army and volunteers from Prussia and Russia were located.

”Die you Belarusians. Cursed Lenin, Stalin, and Lukashenko! ” shouted a Lithuanian soldier, full of emotion and anger, as he fired a mortar.

Mortar attacks from the Lithuanian side destroyed several places where the Belarusian Army and volunteers from Prussia and Russia were hiding and killed and injured several of them.

Meanwhile, a truck convoy of thirteen units each carrying eighteen African mercenaries entered Astravyets City. In the dark sky, a Prussian drone fired its missiles at the convoy of eighteen African Mercenaries.

The airstrike destroys the entire truck and kills all of the African Mercenaries.

”Yahoo! ” Charla was overjoyed when the drone she was operating destroyed the convoy of trucks and killed all the mercenaries on board. ”Feel it, Lithuania, ” he said, pointing his right hand at the large monitor screen where he was controlling his drone.

Wilhelm and Albert moved quickly and killed every enemy soldier they encountered.

They continued to dash forward regardless of the enemys attacks.

”Albert, protect me. I will make the Colossus fifteen meters high from dirt, stones and rubble, ” Wilhelm said to his distant cousin.

Albert hit his brothers shoulder lightly, ”Leave it to me, Brother. ”

Albert shoots lightning flashes from the fingertips of both hands to immobilize his enemies. Flashes of red lightning struck the enemy army on the other side.

With his ability to control bhumi, Wilhelm made a colossus from the rubble of crushed buildings, stones, and earth. Wilhelm was concentrating fully on gathering the items he needed to make a colossus. When the Colossus was finished, Wilhelm controlled it.

e great, Wilhelm, ” said Albert.

”Go on, Colossus! ” shouted Wilhelm.

The Colossus ran fast and stomped on the enemy soldiers and their military vehicles and tanks until they were destroyed. The Colossus was so raging that the entire Lithuanian Army ran in terror at the appearance of a fifteen meter tall Colossus.

”Run! There is a Communist Monster that will destroy you! ” shouted the Lithuanian soldiers, who ran in fear back into their territory.

Albert took a Gudang Garam cigarette and burned the tip. He inhaled the cigarette with great appreciation.

”Who would have thought that we managed to free the Astravyets from four thousand enemies with only one thousand four hundred and fifty soldiers? ” said Albert, enjoying the smell of his cigarette. He looked at the fifteen meter tall Golem standing on the outskirts of the city. ”They are in too much of a hurry to fight Belarus. ”

Then the Belarusian Army and volunteers from Prussia and Russia freed the mayor and other public figures who had been imprisoned by Lithuania.

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