Swords Of Resistance: Endless War

Chapter 7, There\'s Still Hope

About nineteen tank units from the north were moving towards Astryna City. Among the dozens of tanks, three of them are T-90MS from Prussia.

The three T-90MS tanks split up, with the right-wing tank commanded by Frederick Ludwig Viktor Constantine Maximilian Romanovich von Hohenzollern moving west, while the left-wing tank commanded by Sergey Friedrich Ludwig von Schleswig-Holstein-Gotorp moved south, while the black T-90MS by Fredericka Louise Reginleif Athena Leonne Wilhelmina von Hohenzollern-Orange-Nassau moved eastward.

An ATGM missile flew from the top of a building towards the T-90MS Tank, which was commanded by Maximilian, but the missile actually seemed to boomerang when it hit the operator above, after Maximilian used his power that can control fire, air, electricity, and heat, so that the missile backfired for the operator.

”Comrade Maximilian is great, ” said tank driver Franz Roman.

”Its just luck from us, and do your best, ” said the dark-haired man. A shot from one oclock nearly hit the turret of the T-90MS tank commanded by Maximilian.

”Fire Tank Leopard 2, which is at the seven oclock position, ” Maximilian ordered Krzysztof Sobczak, and his shot hit the turret of Tank Leopard 2 which was green.

Meanwhile, the T-90MS tanks commanded by Sergey von Holstein-Gotorp advanced through a hail of bullets fired by the Lithuanian Army and African Mercenaries.

”Shoot, ” ordered Sergey von Holstein-Gotorp. The fire from the T-90MS Tank, which he commanded, destroyed the enemy defenses. From behind a building between the enemy defenses, a fifteen meter tall Golem appeared.

The T-90MS tank immediately stopped and quickly retreated.

”A golem appeared before us, ” said Sergey.

”Then shoot both his legs and his head, ” Athena said. ”The weakness of the Golem is in his legs. When he falls, shoot him in the head. ”

”Shoot his right leg, Joachim, and Ill shoot his left, ” Sergey ordered.

”Fine, ” replied Joachim Alfred. He aimed the tanks turret at the right leg of the golem that was moving towards him and shot it.

The golem lost its balance, Sergey got out of the turret of his tank and fired an ejection grenade at his left leg. The high-explosive grenade crushed his left leg and sent him falling backwards.

”How, comrade? I can crush his head, ” asked Joachim.

”Don worry, ” Sergey replied reassuringly. ”You guys protect me, I will neutralize the Golems with my power. ”

”Okay, ” said Joachim Alfred and Clauss Schmidt, who were the crew of the T-90MS Tank commanded by Sergey von Holstein-Gotorp.

Sergey ran quickly towards the fallen Golem, while avoiding the fire from the enemy snipers and shooting at several of his enemies with the two pistols he was carrying.

Sergey walked over to the Golems body and glanced at an inscription written in Yiddish. Sergey wrote a few words in Yiddish which mean, ”Death, Emptiness, Nothingness. ”

After finishing writing the sentence in Yiddish, the Golems body immediately turned to dust.

”It worked, ” said Sergey.

A sniper who wanted to shoot Sergey fell from the top of a building with his body on fire.

”You owe me your life, Sergey, ” said Maximilian.

”Thank you, I will reply, Maximilian. ”

Maximilian just smiled at Sergeys words, ”What do you think the Goddess of War, Wisdom, and Crafts is doing? ”

Athena just smiled, listening to the ravings of her cousin.

”Patricia, there are three M1 Abrams tank units over there. We will execute them one by one, ” Athena said to her tank driver.

”Fine, ” Patricia Hartmann, a woman with long, straight shoulder-length brown and blonde hair, said.

”Michelle Breytenbach, you don want to lose to those two. You are a good striker, ” Athena said to her firing crew.

”Ready, commander, ” said the woman with short, shoulder-length brown hair.

The tank moved forward, followed by the Lithuanian M1 Abrams Tank.

”Maximilian and Sergey. Don meddle in my business, understand! ”

”OK, ” replied the two of them, who were attacking the enemy.

The three M1 Abrams tanks fired on the T-90MS tank, commanded by Athena.

Michelle slowly turned her turret backwards. The T-90MS Tank turned left and immediately shot the enemy tank opposite. The shot fired by Michelle destroys the enemy M1 Abrams Tank.

The T-90MS tank then turned and stopped. The two M1 Abrams tanks scattered after the Prussian tank, and they planned to destroy the tank commanded by Athena from the front and rear.

When one of the M1 Abrams tanks turned right, it was immediately destroyed after being shot by a T-90MS tank hiding beside a house.

”Good job, Michelle, ” Athena praised, rubbing Michelles back.

Athena came out from inside her tank. He took his toa and warned his enemy, ”Give up and return to Suddetenland. ”

”We refuse! Wed rather die as soldiers than die as trash! ” said a man.

”All right, then, ” Athena said in a cold tone. ”Familiaris Minervarias. ”

Meanwhile, the tank containing four people moved forward towards the sound of gunfire coming from the south.

”It seems to be Athena, Chancellor Leopolds daughter, ” said the tank commander, Miklas Augusta.

”How about we take turns raping her? ” said a tank loader.

”Good idea, ” Miklas said.

Suddenly, there were a lot of owl sounds, which caused the tank to come to a halt.

”Why stop, Bag? ” Miklas asked, slightly annoyed.

”Did you hear it? ”

Miklas hit Tas shoulder, ”Don mind it. ”

Suddenly, dozens of spirits in the form of an owl with a scary shape appeared in the tank. The expressions on the four tank crews faces were pale, and cold sweat dripped from their faces.

”Goodbye world, ” said Miklas.

Dozens of familiars in the form of a scary owl attacked the four of them and tore their bodies to pieces, tearing them apart, leaving only bones and organs and splattered blood.



One thousand and two hundred Belarusian soldiers entered the city of Astryna after seven hours of fighting. Several townspeople who were held hostage by the enemy came out of their homes and greeted the heroes with joy and delivered various words of praise.

The dark night sky was dotted with dozens of Katyusha missiles fired towards Lithuanian territory. The missiles ignited and burned the sky, then destroyed several enemy points in the Vilnus area.

The Katyusha offensive was one of Belaruss deadliest attacks to effectively destroy the enemys military and mental strength.

”Every inch of Belarus will be freed, ” Athena said, stretching.

”I didn expect you to be that brutal, Athena, ” said Maximilian, walking up to her.

”The familiar is acting like a wild animal, I just summoned him and gave orders, ” Athena said. ”You look very tense, Maximilian, ” Athena said, looking at Maximilian.

”Really, ” answered Maximilian, splashing his face with warm water.

With a mocking smile on her cousins sister, Athena said, and Maximilian looked at her with a cold, sharp gaze. ”Don look at me like that, Romanov. Youll lose your good looks, ” she quipped.

”How many people have you killed, Athena? Ive killed about a hundred people with the help of two of my friends. ”

”I didn count them, because we weren Gimli and Legolas. Even though you saw me as rivals. ”

”Already, forget it. Im sorry, brother, if there was something wrong with what I just said, ” said Maximilian, holding out his hand to Athena.

”Im sorry too, Maximilian. ” Athena and Maximilian shook hands and forgave each other.

For his comrades as well as the Hohenzollern clan, the rivalry between Maximilian and Athena stems from a trivial matter; Maximilian thinks that Athena has taken his mother, considering that Athena was raised by Princess Juliana and Prince Nikolaus since birth. Likewise with Athena, who thinks that Maximilian is a person whose life is filled with sufficient things, including the love of a mother.

”They are, always have been. ” Sergey von Holstein-Gotorp commented on the two people from the Hohenzollern Clan who were always fighting.

Together with the townspeople, dozens of volunteers from Prussia and the Belarusian soldiers shared their food, drink and cigarettes with each other. The atmosphere was so warm between them, despite the bone-chilling cold of the night.

”Have you guys ever heard of a project called Ostrogoth Werewolf? ” Athena asked Sergey and Maximilian.

”A magic project developed and supervised by the Ostrogoth Government in their territory bordering Hungary. They developed a drug, where a drug injected into a human will turn him into a werewolf if he is affected by sound in ultrasonic frequencies, ” Maximilian replied.

”Does this have anything to do with the Golem I fought just now? ” Sergey asked.

”No, ” replied Athena. ”The golem you just destroyed was controlled by an inscribed magic spell, and the golem has nothing to do with the Ostrogoth Werewolf project. ”

From within dozens of Lithuanian military trucks, hundreds of prisoners were taken out with their eyes closed, their mouths covered with large black duct tape and their hands and feet bound. They are removed by slamming them into the ground.

After releasing all the prisoners, the dozens of military trucks left them lying on the ground in a miserable state. When dozens of military trucks were already within two kilometers of the place. A drone emitting ultrasonic waves flew above them.

The bodies of hundreds of people react to the ultrasonic waves emitted by the drone. Their bodies writhed and slowly they all turned into a swarm of savage and wild werewolves.

The howling of the wolf sounded so real, plus the atmosphere tonight felt so terrible. The hundreds of werewolves ran swiftly towards Astryna City.

”Did you hear the wolfs voice, considering that the majority of wolves are found in the Prussian-Belarusian-Lithuanian border mountains region? ” asked Maximilian.

”Everyone, get into a combat stance. Hundreds of werewolves will attack us within five minutes, ” Athena said.

Maximilian and Sergey fired AK-47s upwards to signal that an enemy attack of a terrifying scale was imminent.

”Everyone, prepare to withstand the waves of the werewolf! Hurry! Hurry! ” said Maximilian.

The entire Belarusian Army and volunteers from Prussia stood in their positions, while Athena, Maximilian, and Sergey prepared with the swords and pistols they brought with them. The townspeople who had been released hid in their homes and locked their doors tightly and closed the curtains and chimneys.

”Both of you, stay in the tanks and shoot them! ” Athena, Maximilian, and Sergey simultaneously ordered their tank crew.

”Well. ”

Hundreds of werewolves ran, their arrival like a flood coming from the top of the hill crashing into the low area below. Their sinister and evil eyes flashed a bright yellow light like moonlight.

The werewolf was seen from a distance of one kilometer.

The soldiers had prepared to fire while awaiting orders.

”Shoot! ”

The few remaining Prussian and Belarusian tanks and the Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams Tanks they captured fired shells at the werewolf hordes and destroyed their bodies. Dozens of mortars and bullets fired killed some of them.

The werewolf horde continued onward without noticing the hail of bullets, and mortars from the Belarusian Army.

The werewolf horde pounced on them. The werewolves clawed and bit the necks of the humans they saw.

Athena, Maximilian, and Sergey slashed at the werewolf horde. Their swords slashed at the bodies of the half-wolf-man monsters.

”Die, bastard! ” shouted Sergey, who pierced the head of a werewolf with his sword.

They fought fiercely against the werewolves that came like a tsunami that swept across the shore. The bullets they fired pierced the bodies of the werewolves, as well as the werewolves who clawed at the stomach, bit the neck, and tore apart the bodies of the Belarusian soldiers and volunteers from Prussia.

In addition to being proficient in hand-to-hand martial arts, Athena is very proficient in using the sword. The two swords Athena was holding cleaved apart the bodies of the werewolves she was fighting against. As for Maximilian, he fired his electric elemental power from the tip of the index finger of his right hand, and his attack shattered the bodies of several werewolves.

”How many werewolves have you killed, Athena? ” asked Maximilian, who was thrusting his sword into the head of a werewolf who had fallen in front of him. ”If I killed fifty-four. ”

I didn count them, and I said we weren Legolas and Gimli! Athena insisted on her cousin.

Maximilian drew his sword and sliced ​​open a werewolf that was about to pounce on him. The tall man snapped his fingers, resulting in a blue flame that immediately grabbed and burned several werewolves.

Athena smiled at the alchemists power that Maximilian displayed. He channeled his power into his two swords, so that they were engulfed in black flames. Athena burned the werewolves so that they all turned to ash.

A werewolf almost pounced on Sergey, but the monster fell when his head was shot by a sniper.

”Thanks for saving me, ” said Sergey, giving a thumbs up to a sniper on top of a house.

Sergey took an AK-47 rifle from the corpse of his comrade-in-arms, and he strafed the few remaining werewolves.

The battle of Astryna City at night was fierce, where out of one thousand two hundred Belarusian soldiers and volunteers from Prussia, only one hundred and eighty-eight were left to withstand the onslaught of four hundred and thirteen werewolves.

Sergey fell among the piles of corpses of the werewolf he had killed. He closed his eyes, and said gratefully, ”Thank God, Im still alive. ”

Meanwhile, Maximilian and Athena were still standing between the sea of ​​burned werewolf corpses and the Belarusian Army, whose bodies were crushed.

”Like it or not, we have killed innocent civilians, ” Athena said coldly. ”I feel like an imprisoned soul in werewolf form, ” he said guiltily.

”Like it or not, we only have two choices, namely to kill or be killed, because this is a battlefield, not Free Fire, Arknights, let alone Mobile Legends, ” replied Maximilian.

”I think you won this time, Maximilian, ” Athena said. He extended his hand to Maximilian, and said, ”Congratulations on your victory. ”

Maximilian shook his brothers hand and said, ”This is not my victory, but the victory of all of us in Astryna City. ”

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