Swords Of Resistance: Endless War

Chapter 8, Wilhelm vs Ignas

No significant progress was made by the Lithuanian side, but several cities in Belarus occupied by Lithuania had been recaptured, and Lithuania suffered considerable losses and casualties.

Meanwhile, many African mercenaries were suffering from illness and colds due to the cold weather and conditions on the border of Belarus and Lithuania. Most of the African Mercenaries came from the North African region, known for its hot weather and predominantly desert environment.

”I thought they could be relied on. But in fact, they are a burden. Our hopes for brave front-line soldiers have been lost due to their illness. We don need sick humans, let alone useless Animals, ” lamented a Lithuanian military officer who saw the soldiers. The African Mercenary lay cold and in pain.

”Don complain about their condition. Their bodies are so shocked because this is the first time for them to go to the battlefield, moreover this is Europe and the weather is cold, ” said a man with white hair and a thick round face.

The military officer, who was quite tall and burly, turned around and looked at the figure of a short man, with white hair and a thick round face.

”Im sorry if I said something that you think is presumptuous. ” The officer apologized to a dwarf who was one of the senior doctors in the military.

”Don worry about it. It looks like they miscalculated by contracting the Mercenaries from Africa. ”

”They just want to spend a little capital, and get a lot of results, ” said the officer. ”But they miscalculated, considering the climate and weather here is not suitable for those who come from desert areas in Africa. So that makes them sick because they are not able to adapt. ”

The man from the Dwarf Race drank a cup of hot coffee and said, ”The president is too hasty in taking action. Even though Bavaria, Ostrogoths and North America are helping, it doesn seem like they are fully helping. ”

”This is natural because operating fighter aircraft is costly and also because Bavaria, Estonia, and North America do not want to be involved in a conflict with Prussia and Russia, ” the military officer added. ”This war drains a lot of state treasuries, and our allies are helping half-heartedly, ” he said in an annoyed tone.

The dwarf glanced at him and asked a question, ”Do you agree with the invasion of Belarus? ”

”I don agree, ” he answered firmly but quietly. ”Actually, there are many who don agree with the invasion of Belarus. We were forced to go to war. But, like it or not, I can only do what Im given. ”

”The important thing is that we do our job well, ” said the Dwarf Doctor. He walked towards the direction of the barracks to treat the wounded and sick soldiers.



Lithuanian warplanes carried out bombings randomly in the direction of Belarusian territory. They didn care whether the target was civilians or military, they carried out attacks indiscriminately. Some of the attacks by the Lithuanian Air Force were repelled by the Pantsir air defense system, and two Lithuanian F-16s crashed after being hit by several S-300 missiles.

The Lithuanian attack destroyed several houses, injured dozens, and killed dozens. The actions of Lithuania targeting civilians really infuriated the Belarusian government.

Meanwhile, the Lithuanians argued that they had only attacked the Belarusian air defense system and accused Belarus of using its inhabitants as living shields.



The city of Astryna was bombarded with mortars, artillery, and missiles by the Lithuanian Army. Meanwhile, twelve Paladin EF-2000 Typhoons were flying towards Astryna City.

”Twelve Paladin EF-2000 Typhoons. Six each from four oclock and eight thirty minutes, ” Maximilian reported to Colonel Keistur Rahula, Commander of the Astryna Battalion.

”Drop them and defend this city no matter what, ” a 39-year-old Colonel replied.

”Fine, understood, ” said Maximilian.

A black Paladin has landed in the center of Kongitstein City.

”MiG-23 Cheburashka Mecklenburg-Schwerin, ready for battle, ” Maria continued telepathically.

”Huguenot Twins ready to support via Drone, ” Charla said in her room, along with her five-minute sister, Charlemagne. The two of them were operating a drone which was moving towards Astryna.

Maximilian smiled when he heard that his lover had arrived in Astryna to help him. Likewise, Athena is happy to hear news about her stepsister, who is operating a drone to attack the enemy.

Two squads of Paladin EF-2000 Typhoons entered Astryna City and opened fire on several defense points of the Belarusian Army.

Athena, Maximilian, and Sergey, who joined as volunteers from Prussia, opened fire on enemy Paladins with MANPADS. Their tank crews were told to hide the tanks to avoid enemy attacks.

Another enemy Paladin fell after being shot by three MANPADS missiles, while another enemy Paladin fell after being shot by Maria.

Several units of Belarusian PT-91 Twardy Tanks were destroyed after being shot by enemy Paladins, while several enemy Paladins were also destroyed after their cockpits were hit by attacks from several units of PT-91 Twardy Tanks.

”They are too stupid to have a dozen Paladins enter Astryna City, ” Colonel Keistur Rahula chimed in.

Several missiles were fired by two drone units, and the attack brought down two Lithuanian Paladins after they were hit by two drones controlled by the Huguenot Twins.

”It seems they are pilots who are still amateurs, ” said Colonel Keistur Rahula, watching the war from an empty building. ”But they can also be for an amateur. Well, they can be live targets for us. ” Colonel Keistur Rahula chuckled bitterly.

The blue-black lightning flash fired by Maximilian brought down an enemy Paladin and killed the pilot, who was roasted to death by the flash of lightning.

The Paladin, piloted by Maria, flew nimbly, dodging every attack fired by the enemy Paladin. The black paladin disappeared suddenly, and confused the Lithuanian Paladin Pilot who was chasing him.

The purplish-grey paladin fell after being shot by the Paladin MiG-23 Cheburashka Mecklenburg-Schwerin from behind.

The two remaining Paladins tried to escape, but one of them fell after their engine was shot by Sergey and two of his tank crew with MANPADS. While the other Paladin was silent in the sky, the pilot heard many owl sounds during the day.

”Why does this owl sound so clear? Isn Owl only there at night, ” he said, a little panicked and scared.

Dozens of owls in the form of spirits flew through the pilots cockpit. They flew around the cockpit, and then the Owl Spirits tore the pilot apart, causing the Paladin he was piloting to fall.

Athena smiled in satisfaction at having brought down a Paladin.



Smoke and dust obscured the view, and the smell of gunpowder and blood was detected only by the sense of smell. It was the stench of war, where the stench, suffocating smoke, and gunpowder mixed together.

One hundred Belarusian soldiers stood at the forefront of the battlefield with weapons in their hands. Their facial expressions look very optimistic, even though deep down in their hearts, this is the last moment on earth.

The men and women of Astryna City took firearms from the bodies of both the enemy soldiers and the Belarusian soldiers, while the children, youth, women, disabled, and elderly walked out of the city.

Colonel Keistur Rahula walked up to Athena and several Belarusian youths who were speaking casually, ”Thank you, I say to the Prussian people for helping us. Maybe this is our last meeting. You and the Belarusian youths lead the civilians out of the city. This is our battle, adults. ”

”But, Commander- ”

”This is an order, or Ill kill you, Sylwia! ” Colonel Keistur Rahula pointed his gun at the head of a pale blue-eyed Polish woman.

Colonel Keistur Rahula immediately pulled back his weapon and grabbed his subordinates shoulders. ”I have a daughter who is younger than you. I don want young people like you to die here. You still have a long way to go, so let us adults fight to the last drop of blood and die as Heroes. ”

With tears in her eyes, Sylwia hugged Colonel Keistur Rahula, and the Colonel stroked his head as if stroking the head of his own child. Sylwia then let go of her final hug with the Colonel.

”Athens, lead them safely to Pirna. Don worry about us; all the adults along the Belarusian border are already military trained, and we won die easily, ” said the Colonel with a smile on his face.

”Alright, leave it to us, ” Athena said respectfully to Colonel Keistur Rahula.

Accompanied by a remaining Paladin, tank, and IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) unit. Hundreds of residents of Astryna City left the city they loved.

Meanwhile, Colonel Keistur Rahula and his friend who served as Mayor of Astryna, Alyaksandr Ulicionak, had prepared the citys defense line to prevent the invasion of Lithuania.

”Freedom or Die a Hero! ” cried Mayor Alyaksandr Ulicionak.

The mayors call was well received by the Astryna Adults and the Belarusian Army. The expressions on their faces were those of the Knights who were ready to fight to the last drop of blood.



Five units of the Russian Federation Air Force Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft were seen by residents of the city who were evacuating to the city of Pirna. Some small children look happy and content to see the fighter planes from their allies helping them in protecting the country from the invasion of Lithuania.

”Don worry, son. The Russian Air Force will help protect our beloved country, ” a mother said to her young child in her arms. ”They and Prussia, are our closest friends. ”

”There is still hope, ” said Sylwia, looking at the five Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft, which were firing missiles into Lithuanian territory.

Air strikes from the Russian Air Force destroyed a convoy of infantry fighting vehicles, killed dozens of African mercenaries, and destroyed several points of armory and enemy artillery that were raining down on the city of Astryna.

Maximilian was seen sitting cross-legged on the head of the Paladin MiG-23 Cheburashka Mecklenburg-Schwerin while gazing at the city of Astryna, which they had left.

”This is the first time I can get along with Athena as well as Charla, although for Charla we are involved indirectly, ” said Maximilian, pouring his heart out to Maria, his lover.

”You guys should get along as brothers. The proof is that Beatrix is ​​very close to Athena and Charla, ” Maria replied.

”Somehow it feels lonely and empty if you don have a fight with Athena, especially two years ago, Athenas ally, Charla, was added. I don feel lonely if I fight against the two of them. ”

”Well, sometimes from small and trivial things like that. Strong bonds are formed between brothers, ” said Maria, ”sometimes I envy you who are always close and noisy with Athena, as if you forgot me. ”

Maximilian laughed softly, ”Alright, Ill try to pay more attention to you. ”

A helicopter flew slightly low towards Astryna City. The elite soldiers, fully armed inside, smiled kindly and waved their hands, greeting the refugees from Konistein City.

”Look theres a helicopter, ” said one of the little boys, pointing at the helicopter, where the Elite Soldiers were greeting them.

”Helicopter, I beg you to protect my beloved Kota, ” shouted a girl in a shrill voice.

”Don worry about Colonel Keistur Rahula and your city, ” Athena said calmly.

”You mean? ”

Athena assured her friend that, ”They are knights who cannot be easily killed by devils. ”

”Well, you
e right. Even if the Colonel says that, I don think they will die so easily. ”

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