After several hours of traveling, the refugees arrived at Skidal Town. They do prostration of gratitude for safely arriving at their destination without being attacked and without any obstacles to death.

A warm welcome was given by the residents of Skidal City by hugging their brothers and sisters who had just arrived in a safe place, although yesterday several points in Skidal City were hit by missile attacks from Lithuania.

The youths distributed bread and bottles of fresh milk to their newly arrived brothers and sisters, while others were guiding the refugees to the emergency tents that had been prepared in advance.

”Finally we have arrived at Skidal, ” said Sergey von Holstein-Gotorp gratefully.

But the fun was only temporary when in the skies of Skidal City there was an explosion, when a Belarusian S-75 missile destroyed a Scud missile fired from Lithuanian territory.

The refugees lay down in fear, while the residents of Skidal Town crouched while covering their ears.

”Everyone calm down, and don panic, ” said Karol Erwin Schmidt, a tall man with round glasses with sleek hair on top, and thin on the sides & back. ”This defense system will protect you from Lithuanian threats. Calm down, and don panic. ”

The little refugee children screamed hysterically in fear when they heard the sound of a loud explosion in the sky, and the mothers tried to calm their children and worry about their husbands, who were fighting to defend the country on the front lines.

Michelle looked sadly at the mothers who were worried about their children (who were adults) and their husbands who were fighting on the battlefield.

”I think Mom and Dad are worried about me too, ” thought Patricia Hartmannt.

A bald haired man with a stern face and exuding an aura of leadership approached the Belarusian soldiers and volunteers from Prussia who had just arrived in Skidal. He is Khrystafor Karski, Mayor of Skidal.

”You rest, let it be our turn to take care of the refugees from Astryna, ” said the Mayor, ”This is an order! ”

”Thank you for your kindness, Lord Mayor, ” Athena said.

The few remaining tank units were parked in a place with some shady trees, and camouflaged their tanks with leaves. Meanwhile, the Prussian Volunteers secured their tanks near a river which was to the northeast and near a pine forest which was not too wide but not so narrow, while Maria secured her Paladins across the river one hundred and eighty-seven meters from the Prussian Volunteer Tanks.

The soldiers who came from Astryna took a short break to refresh their minds and their bodies. This is a war where you only have two choices, namely, kill or be killed. This is war, where only the smell of gunpowder and fishy blood wafts through your senses.



The scale of the battle that took place on this day began to decline. The Lithuanian Army only carried out small-scale attacks, such as launching several grad missiles at several points that were part of the Belarusian defense line.

In his country, there were massive demonstrations in several cities demanding an end to the invasion of Belarus. The Anti-Invasion Demonstrators condemned and criticized President Jaroslav for using the invasion to gain a lot of votes in the upcoming general election and also as a diversion to the issue of how corrupt his government is and the scandal that is befalling his family.

A young man with a sharp nose and black spiked hair was holding his head with a depressed facial expression. His head was lowered, and the look on his face showed that he was very frightened. ”What exactly is this war for? Why should we launch random attacks if Belarus is wrong?Are those people guilty too, so we have to punish them? ”

The man received a kick right in the face, and the person who kicked him grabbed the collar of his uniform.

”If you weren my comrade, you would definitely be executed on the spot! ” he explained. ”Remember, we are only soldiers ordered by our commander. ”No need to worry about the sins we have committed. The important thing is to carry out our duties- ” His words were cut off when his head was crushed by a bullet fired by a Belarusian sniper.

The man was shocked, with his mouth gaping, when his partner was killed by the hot lead that crushed his head. He screamed as loudly as he could and immediately ran fast, but his body fell as the hot lead pierced his heart.

”Actually, the man you killed just now didn seem like he wanted to go into battle. But the situation forced him and made him die ridiculously, ” said Albert, who was sitting while observing the enemy on the other side.

”I know, I can feel the aura of fear. Actually their people want to live in peace, but corrupt politicians force their people to die silly by invading this country, ” replied Wilhelm.

Albert smoked his cigarette, ”Politicians only care about themselves, and their groups, without caring about their people, ” complained the man with black glasses, ”I hope we can become good politicians or leaders for our people. ”

”Well, I promise to be a good leader. ”

”Me too, Wilhelm, Brother, ” said Albert, pulling the trigger, and the bullet he fired brought down one of the enemy snipers.

A missile flew swiftly toward a room on the third floor of a building, where Albert and Wilhelm were hiding. The two of them immediately ran from their position before the room was hit by enemy missiles. The house was heavily damaged after being hit by a missile, but Wilhelm and Albert had saved themselves by constructing a stone dome that protected them from the rubble.

”How is it, Wilhelm? Is it safe? ” asked Albert in a whisper.

”Its safe, they
e attacking at eight oclock, ” Wilhelm replied.

Wilhelm and Albert came out of the stone dome, then Wilhelm lifted a boulder and threw it at the enemy. The stone destroyed an enemy Paladin who was there.

”Feel it, damn Lithuania! ” said Albert.

A bullet hit very fast and injured Alberts right shoulder. Luckily, the bullet only grazed his shoulder, not through it. Albert and Wilhelm were shocked when the bullet went through a concrete block.

High above a building sat a man with black glasses, a gray uniform, and a shiny silver steel helmet that protected his head. The man was a mage named Ignas Asutaitis. The Lithuanian government has just released him from prison for his sexual assault and serial murder cases.

”Ignas Asutaitis, ” said Wilhelm.

Ignas pointed his gun at a T-72 Tank belonging to the Russian Army. The T-72 Tank aimed its turret at Ignas, who was standing on top of a building, but the T-72 Tank fell apart when Ignas pulled the trigger.

The man smiled with satisfaction towards the northeast, where Wilhelm and Albert were hiding. He pointed his rifle at Wilhelm and pulled the trigger. His shot shattered the place where Wilhelm was standing, but Albert and Wilhelm quickly left before the bullet hit them.

The African Mercenaries and the Lithuanian Army launched a bold attack after the appearance of Ignas Milan. They carried out a blitzkrieg against several points where the Belarusian Army and Russian Army were located.

Ignas shot and destroyed several Belarusian and Russian tanks and IFVs to weaken his opponents defenses.

Wilhelm and Albert moved in separate directions. Wilhelm made a stone wall with his power to block the movement of the enemy soldiers, while Albert fired a black lightning bolt shaped like a dragon to immobilize his enemies.

Ignas pointed his gun at Albert and shot him, but because Albert managed to dodge quickly, Ignas shot only destroyed a wall of the building where Albert was.

Albert dashed quickly over the collapsed building to go to the building next door, while Wilhelm threw all the large ruins at Ignas. The rubble turned to dust when it hit an invisible shield protecting Ignas.

Ignas fired his flash of lightning at Albert, but his attack was dodged by him.

”Looks like Ive found his weakness, ” thought Albert, seeing the reaction his enemy had just made.

Ignas shot several flashes of lightning at Albert, but he dodged them and dangled from the elastic steel wire from one building to another.

”Wilhelm, material attacks don work, attack with your firepower! ”

”I understand. ” Wilhelm then shot out jets of dark blue flame from the tip of his index finger. The fire blazed and burned everything in its path.

Ignas ran and dodged the attacks from Albert and Wilhelm. He jumped at Wilhelm and gave a kick to his stomach, so Wilhelm was blown away.

Albert creates both swords with his electric power, and he attacks Ignas. That person dodged every slash of the electric sword that Albert launched. His movements were very agile, even though he was already fifty-three years old.

e great too, you. Strestcan realize the weakness of my ability quickly, ” said Ignas, the man who was fifty-three years old.

”That defense doesn work against lightning and fire elemental attacks. Thats its biggest weakness. ” Albert made a long electric whip and attacked his enemy, but Ignas was able to dodge the attack perfectly.

Wilhelm immediately got up, and he fought against dozens of Lithuanian soldiers. The man opened fire on his enemies and slit their throats. When already on the battlefield, someone will be brutal and indiscriminate in eliminating their enemies.

The Russian T-72 tank fired its shell at Ignas, but the bullet was destroyed by the invisible shield.

Ignas shot at the turret of the tank, and the bullets he fired smashed the tank into pieces.

”Go away, you damn intruder! ” he said in a cold voice.

Wilhelm was raging and going mad. He killed all the enemies he encountered. The Lithuanian soldiers and the African mercenaries fell down with holes in their heads and hearts, as well as their heads separated from their bodies.

Wilhelm took the enemys MANPADS and fired missiles at Ignas, though the missiles he fired didn kill him.

”Your attacks won work, ” he said, looking down at Wilhelm.

Ignas dodged Alberts electric fist. He held Alberts hand and slammed his body, then twisted both of Alberts hands and broke his bones.

Albert screamed in pain, his body now weak and helpless. Ignas then stepped on his left foot and crushed his shin.

”Albert! ” shouted Wilhelm, who immediately moved quickly to the place where Ignas was.

Wilhelm moved at a faster speed than before and immediately delivered a raw bombardment right at Ignas nose. Not to mention, Wilhelm threw seven sarin gas grenades he had stolen from several enemy soldiers at Ignas.

He immediately put on the gas mask and put the gas mask on Alberts face. Wilhelm immediately ran while carrying the helpless Albert.

The seven sarin gas grenades then exploded when they hit the invisible shield protecting Ignas. The shield became his masters feeding weapon and the large volume of sarin gas killed him instantly.

As strong and as great as a Mages strength, he will fall when his body is exposed to toxic and dangerous chemicals.



Humans create chemicals to protect and kill themselves.

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