want to stay at Uncle Leopolds house. Fifteen minutes ago, Father brought us here, ” said Anastasya.

”I see, ” Athena replied curtly.

Athena walked over to her father, who was sitting with her stepmother while watching the opera. He hugged them both from behind.

”Im home, Father and Mother. ”

”Welcome home, Athena, ” they both said.

”Charlemagne has pizza on the table and a glass of warm lemon drink, ” Elizabeth continued.

”Thank you, Mom. ” Athena then kissed her stepmothers cheek.

Although not related by blood, Athena loves Elizabeth, who is her stepmother. Likewise, with Elizabeth, who loves her three children and all her nieces and nephews, Athena entered the bathroom and washed her whole body with warm water mixed with a very fragrant rose liquid.

”Ah, I can believe the time has passed so quickly. I have become a mother, as well as an aunt, ” said Eli.

”You want us to have another child, ” Leopold said, with his mischievous grin.

”Im old and had a miscarriage. How could I get pregnant again? Besides, taking care of the nephews is also enough for me, ” replied Eli.

”Hm, at least the house feels crowded when there are three of them and their children, Stadtholder Nikolaus and Princess Juliana Victoria, ” said Leopold.

Elizabeths body suddenly fell into his lap. She fell asleep like a sleeping princess, waiting for the prince to come. Leopold looked at his wife, who was fast asleep in his lap.

”You are indeed beautiful, although Nikolaus always taunts you with an ulcer, ” said Leopold, gently stroking his wifes face.

Franceque Claude Elizabeth Malherbe, although she has a face that is neither pretty nor ugly, However, Leopolds heart was anchored to the woman with round face and wavy brownish blonde hair. Elizabeth has been an orphan since the age of eight, when her father, who is an aircraft technician, and her mother, who is a farmer, died as a result of the bomb explosion in Potsdam City carried out by the Neo-Nazi terrorist group. Elizabeth suffered burns to her body, so Nikolaus always mocked her as a scar.

The trio of Frederick, Charla, and Charlemagne whistled to tease the Uncle, who was alone with his wife, making the Chancellor uncomfortable.

Charla and Charlemagne laughed softly when they saw their fathers slightly clumsy behavior when they teased him.

Athena just smiled in her bathroom when she sensed that her two stepsisters were teasing and bullying her father.

Leopold immediately picked up his wife and carried her into his room. Meanwhile, the five of them clapped their hands wildly to see the Chancellors romantic actions.

”Charlemagne, may I sleep with you? ” asked Gustav.

”Please, Gustav. Lets get some rest. ” The two men walked towards the room located at the far end.

”Charla, ” they both pleaded, with pitiful expressions.

”Okay, but don play games. Its late, ” Charla replied.

”Fun, ” they both said, jumping up and down happily. They both jumped up and carried Charla.

Charla walked to her room, holding the Fredericka Juliana sisters.

Athena came out of her bathroom while wiping her hair, which was still wet. He was wearing only black shorts and an orange t-shirt. The woman walked towards the dining table, where a still warm pizza and a warm lemon drink awaited her.

”Charlemagnes pizza is delicious, ” Athena said happily. He finished his pizza and hot lemonade.

Athena walked towards Charlas room. He saw his stepsister sleeping with the Fredericka Juliana brothers in his arms. He brought his stepbrothers laptop, which was in the corner of Charlas room, to play the classic Resident Evil 4 game.

Athena puts Charlas laptop on her desk and plays Resident Evil 4.

Athena, who played Leon S. Kennedy, who was shooting ganados in a village, said, ”At least this is much better than killing civilians. ”



”Wheres Mom and Dad? ” asked Athena, who staggered out of her room. He just woke up, after staying up late playing games. At the dining table were Charla, Charlemagne, Margareth, Anastasya, and Gustav, who were having lunch with a bowl of whole-grain cereal and chocolate milk.

”They both just left for Konigsberg, ” Charla replied. ”Father is on a working visit to the Province of East Prussia for the next three days. ”

”Athena, how about we go to Jungfernsee Lake? I happen to have the key to my family villa, ” suggested Anastasya, showing an orange key.

”Good suggestion, Anastasya, ” said Charlemagne.

”What about the equipment? ” Athena asked.

”Don worry. Weve been planning to go to the villa for a long time, ” replied Charla. ”Just take a shower and we will prepare your equipment. ”

”Thank you, Charla. Ill take a shower first, okay? ” Athena said, walking to her bathroom.

”All right, well have a party to our hearts content at Villa Jungfernseem, ” Margareth said happily.

After Athena finished bathing, The six of them set off in a black BMW Jeep, where Charlemagne was the driver, with Charla sitting next to him, the triplets sitting in the middle, and Athena sitting in the back.

The black BMW Jeep stopped at several mini markets to buy some food and drinks.

Along the way, Charla and Athena talked casually with the three twins. Athena tells the story of the battlefield during her war in Belarus. Meanwhile, Charla talks about technological developments that continue to develop every second.

After an hour of traveling, they arrived at the Villa with Byzantine Revivalism architecture. It turned out that at the Villa, Maximilian and Beatrix had arrived with the T-84 Tank beside the Villa.

”Hello, everyone. Welcome to Villa Jungfernseem, ” Maximilian greeted the six of them.

The three twins were shocked and could not believe that their twin sisters had arrived at Villa Jungfernseem first.

”Maxi, Bea, since when did you- ” Margareths words were cut off when something strange happened to them all. They are in a strange place, where the lake water is blood red and smells rancid. The Byzantine Revivalism style villa is also absent, replaced by a chapel filled with green moss with many bloodstains.

”Everyone calm down and don panic! ” Maximilian exclaimed as he surveyed his surroundings.

Beatrix drew the sword that she was carrying, as did Athena, who was holding an AK-47 rifle.

”Bea, you get into the Tank, ” Maximilian ordered.

”Okay. ” The woman with long wavy black hair entered the T-84 Tank.

They were thrown into another world with a strange sight where tall trees towered without leaves, blood-red water, and a strong rancid smell. The atmosphere was very quiet and scary.

”Weve been thrown into another world, even though its not Urasekai Picnic, ” Charla muttered, looking around her with a terrified expression on her face.

”You three calm down, and well all be fine, ” said Charlemagne, calming the three twins.

Horrifying monster voices resounded around the bloody lake.

”Everyone doesn worry. Lets fight and work together to get out of this cursed place! ” Athena exclaimed in a firm tone. ”Lets explore this place, find a way, and return home safely! ”

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