Chapter 9: Mu Qing

There are energies inside the blood of ordinary humans, wudo exercisers, and animals, the energy inside wudo exercisers are much stronger than others.

Inside the blood of ordinary human beings and animals, there is a substance called blood seed.
Blood seeds are the essence of blood and they are a source of energy.

There are only one or two blood seeds inside an ordinary person.
While the higher the level a wudo exerciser reaches, the more blood seeds his body contains.
If someone loses his blood seeds, the consequences can range from constipation to paralysis and death.

The sacred book of The Almighty Asura can help a man to increase his quantity of blood seeds, which in turn can help in transforming blood into vitality inside the qi passageways to strengthen the wudo exerciser.

Mu Feng stood up, dragging the mummified body to the backyard.
He poured some oils on the body and set it on fire.
A few moments later, the body turned to ashes and become nutrients for the trees.

This was a dog-eat-dog world.
Mu Feng did not think his method was cruel since he has to survive in this cruel world, fighting and killing are inevitable.

If one day in the future he became one of these corpses, he will not regret because this was the path he has chosen.

On the other side of Mu family, a boy dressed in a blue robe with a golden belt around his waist was feeding goldfishes.

The boy was about eighteen years old, though he was a good-looking teenage boy with dashing eyebrows and a straight nose, he conveyed a brittle air.

The boy was Mu Qing, the son of Mu Ye, and the cousin of Mu Feng.

The three servants who escaped from Mu Feng’s courtyard minutes ago were now kneeling beside Mu Qing, describing what had happened.

‘That dead servant fought , but he was beaten to death by a cripple?’

‘That cripple lost his father and all his wudo practices, why is he still so arrogant? It seems he has not realized his position.
Does he still think he is a wudo genius?’

Mu Qing had a sullen look.

‘My little lord, he just totally ignored you.
He killed that servant to belittle you!’

One servant replied angrily.

‘Humh! What does he thinks he is! If uncle did not protect him, I would have kicked him out of this family.
You three, come with me.
I cannot wait to meet my cousin.’

He poured all the fish food into the pool and walked towards Mu Feng’s courtyard with the three servants.

Meanwhile another boy stepped into Mu Feng’s courtyard, he looked strong and  had well toned muscles, the young boy was dressed in a black robe and had short hair.

This was Mu Kuang, he was hot-tempered and was of the same age as Mu Feng whom he respects the most.
As a well-known talented boy among the younger generation of Mu family, His wudo has reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.

‘Brother Feng, are you feeling better now?’

Mu Kuang sat across Mu Feng, asking concernedly.

Mu Feng smiled, ‘Do not worry, I will not die, but my qi passageways…’

‘Don’t worry, the Lord is trying to find a cure, your qi passageways will recover.’

Mu Kuang tried to console him, even though he was not good at consolation.

Just then they heard a yell coming from outside.

Mu Qing and his servants stepped into the courtyard.

‘What are you doing here, Mu Qing?’

Mu Kuang stared at him in the face, sneering.

‘How dare you call me by my name! Do you know your rank? You are just a branch member.’

Mu Qing said coldly.
Mu Kuang did not belong to the immediate family, but only a collateral branch, therefore, his rank was lower than Mu Feng and Mu Qing who were part of immediate family members.


Mu Kuang became furious.

However, Mu Feng grabbed his arms and stopped him, he looked at Mu Qing, saying, ‘Cut the nonsense, what are you doing here? Do you still want this courtyard?’

‘Humh! I do not care about this courtyard.
Mu Feng, you killed my servant, what do you want?’

‘As you just said, he was just a servant, but I am the little lord, if the servant disobeys, I have the right to take his life.
I just did what I should do to warn the others, do not play games with me!’

Mu Feng said with coldness.

‘Haha, well, I heard a rumor that all your qi passageways are broken now, but I do not believe the rumor.
It has been a long time since we exchanged wudo skills, today I want to practice wudo with my cousin.

Mu Qing said.

He took a step back, and suddenly a cycle of white energy appeared around him, raising the dry leaves in the yard, he then striked towards Mu Feng.
His fist swirled by the red energy seemed very powerful.

Mu Feng looked at him solemnly.
He had to step back to dodge the strike, he was not a match for Mu Qing right now.


Mu Kuang utters a furious shout and striked with white energy swirling around his fist.

The two energies collide and explode with a loud sound, producing a strong shock wave.
Mu Kuang fell back with numb arms.

However, Mu Qing appeared calm and stable.

‘Haha, Mu Feng, now you start to hide behind a collateral family member, I, the immediate family, is ashamed of you!’

Mu Feng sneered.

‘Damn it! Don’t you dare hurt him!’

Mu Kuang yelled, he leapt into the air and his movements were so fast that he looked like a flying arrow.
He took another swipe towards Mu Qing.

‘Mu Kuang! Come back!’

Mu Feng wanted to stop him.
But, it was too late.
Mu Qing dodged his punch and then punched him back in his stomach.

Mu Kuang spat out a mouthful blood, but Mu Qing gave another kick to him again in the stomach.

‘Mu Qing! Stop!’

How can Mu Feng tolerate his brother being beaten by Mu Qing.
He was so furious that he began to lose his mind.
He leapt two meters high in the air to strike Mu Qing.

But, Mu Qing crossed his arm in front of his chest, blocking his strike successfully, and then he punched back with his fists covered by the red energy and knocked Mu Feng down.

Mu Feng was forced back three to four meters by the red energy and he fell down on the ground heavily.

Mu Qing then walked towards Mu Feng, but Mu Kuang crawled over and firmly grabbed one of his legs.

‘Feng, leave now! Go and find the lord!’

Mu Kuang shouted.
Mu Qing kicked his head forcibly with his foot and his kick was so heavy that Mu Kuang’s head hit the ground, and blood started to drip down from his nose and mouth.

But, he still held onto Mu Qing’s leg and did not let go.
Mu Qing began to beat him hard with his foot over and over.

‘Mu Qing, get ready to die!’

With eyes blood-red, a burst of murderous intent came from Mu Fang.


A girl shouted, and a whip cracked through the air, striking towards Mu Qing.

The whip hit Mu Qing, knocking him down to the ground, leaving a long wound.

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