Chapter 10: Mu Ling

A girl stepped into the courtyard.

She was dressed in a blue mini skirt.
She had a pair of round, expressive eyes and healthy brown skin color.
Her long ponytail shook as she walked.
But, it was her plump upper body and long, slender legs that made her such an attractive woman.

She angrily walked into the courtyard with a blue leather whip in her hand..

This girl was Mu Chen’s nineteen-year-old daughter, Mu Ling.
She enrolled in the Royal Wudo College at age eighteen, her Wudo has reached Zi Fu Fourth Sky.

She was a beautiful girl and a Wudo talent, and thus many big families came to the Mu Family to propose marriage every year.
However, she is hot-tempered, and once she even whipped a pursuer until he was badly bruised.
No one in the Mu Family would want to mess with her.

‘Sister Ling.’ Mu Feng smiled at her.

‘Mu Qing, why are you here?’ Mu Ling scolded, her finger pointing at Mu Qing like a dragon lady.

‘Sister Mu Ling, I was just…playing with them.
We are fine.
I am going to leave now.’

He explained and rushed out quickly with his three servants.

Mu Kuang stood up.
His face was swollen and bruised.
Mu Feng stepped forward and held onto him to keep his body steady.

‘Are you OK?’, Mu Ling asked.

‘I am fine, thank you, sister Mu Ling.’

Mu Ling took out a small white bottle, poured some green liquid out and applied it to his face.
Its cooling effect relieved the pain and Mu Kuang felt much better just in a few seconds.

‘Why are you back?’ Mu Feng asked, as she is supposed to be in the Royal Wudo College now.

‘I came back to see you.’ She replies.

Mu Feng and Mu Ling had a very close relationship, they were like siblings.

‘Well, your swelling will be reduced soon.’ She cleaned her hand with a handkerchief while speaking to Mu Kuang.

‘Thanks, I will leave the room for you two to catch up.’

Mu Kuang replied shyly as his face turned red.
He then left the courtyard.

‘I heard your Qi passageways have all broken and you lost your wudo of Zi Fu.
Is this true?’

Mu Ling bit her lips and asked Mu Feng.

Mu Feng nodded.

Hearing it, Mu Ling’s eyes watered, she then went close to hug and console him.
She knew how sad and pained Mu Feng had felt since his father died, now his Qi passageways were broken and the Yun Family had also called off his marriage.

Whenever Mu Ling thought about what he was been going through, her heart hurts.

‘Sister, do not cry, I am ok.
You look really ugly when crying, you will drive all your pursuers away.’

Mu Feng joked.

She took a swing at his arm and pushed him away, ‘Who said I am ugly.’

‘Who said such a stupid thing? I must kick his ass when I find out! My sister is beautiful and that guy must be blind.’

Mu Feng joked again, pretending he didn’t know.
Mu Ling smiled controlling her tears.

‘Ok, Ok, lets be serious.
I heard in the college that your Qi passageways are broken, is there any healing method?’

She had a worried look.

However, Mu Feng couldn’t disclose any details about how the sacred book of The Almighty Asura reconstructs Qi passageways through killing.
So, he said, ‘I heard the doctor said only the panacea of Liu Jie can heal me.’

‘The panacea of Liu Jie!’

She knew how hard it was to obtain this panacea, maybe finding even one in the whole kingdom of Nan Ling would be considered lucky.

‘Don’t worry, there is always hope.
I think I will find a way, and I have this feeling that my Qi passageways will recover one day.
Your cousin is a genius.’

A bright smile appeared on his face.
‘He is so positive’, Mu Ling thought, however her heart ached looking at him.

He had no mother since he was young, now he has lost both his father and his Wudo practices.

‘Wait, maybe there is someone who can help!’ She suddenly thought of someone, simultaneously making a decision in her mind.

On the other hand, Mu Feng changed the topic and talked about other things.
He did not her to worry anymore.


While at this moment, inside a huge and luxurious mansion guarded by armored soldiers on the other side of the city, a man dressed in a silk robe was standing in the garden, feeding a rare canary in a cage.

He was Nan Hao, the Prince of the kingdom of Nan Ling.

A young man with a long beard and high cheekbones was standing beside him.

‘Qian Mou, have you wiped out all the traces of the Battle in Jiu Quan City?’

Nan Hao asked while feeding the canary.

Duan Qian Mou, who was the adviser to the Prince, smiled, ‘Yes, I have.
Only our men in the army know the truth, but…’

‘But what?’

‘One soldier from Mu’s army survived, Mu Feng, Mu Tian’s son.’

Nan Hao frowned, ‘Mu Feng, I’ve heard of him.
He is the talented boy that Royal Wudo College wants.
We can’t leave him alive!’

Nan Hao said with murderous intent.

‘Yes, please don’t worry, my Lord.
According to the rumor, although that kid did not die on the battlefield, all his Qi passageways have been broken and his Wudo is also gone.
He is now a cripple and cannot achieve anything.’

Duan Qian Mou replied.

‘He lost his Qi passageways and Wudo?’

Nan Hao was surprised at first and then he sneered, ‘Heaven indeed wants to end the Mu Family.
But a little leak will sink a great ship, a dead body is much safer than a cripple.’

‘Yes, I understand, my Lord.’

‘Do it fast and leave no trace.
The Mu Family may have lost Mu Tian and his army, but even though it is a toothless tiger, they can still fight.’

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