At this point, Yun Qingwan became the focus in the square without doubt.

Outstanding appearance, first-class inborn basic bone and good family circumstances converged on a girl and formed one thing:


Almost more than half of the young people were looking at Yun Qingwan with high passion at this moment, but the young girls were jealous and envious.

Shangguan Qianzhi’s eyes were full of obvious love.

“In this life I must marry her.
What a wonderful girl! How can Mu Feng, that trash, deserve her?!” Shangguan Qianzhi roared in his heart secretly.

On the terrace of a six-story building beside the square, two figures were looking at the pretty girl who had just stepped into the crowd in the square.

“Is that young girl the daughter of Yun Hai from Family Yun?” Nan Hao, North Prince, looked at Yun Qingwan and asked in a flat voice.

“Yes, Your Highness, that girl is also the fiancee of Mu Feng, but it is said that Yun Hai has called off the engagement,” Duan Qianmou replied aside.

“Ho-ho, Family Yun is clever, has understood the situation and knows to keep clear of Family Mu as soon as possible.
Huh, that Yun Qingwan is pretty good.
Her appearance, endowments and background also almost match with my son – Linger,” Nan Hao laughed and commended Yun Qingwan.

“Your Highness, do you wish to…” Duan Qianmou figured out the meaning of Nan Hao.

“Um, a few days later, you prepare some betrothal gifts to the house of Family Yun to propose the marriage in person.
Family Yun also has strong forces after all, and it may be helpful for our big plan in the future,” Nan Hao waved the spun gold fan in his hand and smiled.

“Yes, I understand.”

Then Nan Hao looked at that boy from Family Mu in the square and said, “Is everybody ready?”

“Don't worry, Your Highnes.
There's nothing wrong this time,” Duan Qianmou smiled with confidence.

“Well, that’s good.
Cut off the grass and take out its roots, or it will grow again in the spring breeze,” Nan Hao gently waved the spun gold fan and said in plat voice filled with intention to kill.

Soon, it was the turn of persons from Family Mu, and the first one from Family Mu to test the bone was Mu Qing.

Mu Qing cut one palm and put it on the milky white testing stele.
The stele absorbed his blood, and suddenly one and another basic line turned bright.

Eight basic lines were bright on the stele in total.

“Mu Qing from Family Mu, eighth-level basic bone, qualified,” the disciple who did paperwork spoke loudly.

“Ha ha, Brother Qing is worthy of the title – the second talent in the family, with eighth-level basic bone, and has the same talent with Shangguan Qianzhi.”

“The second talent? Now he is the No.
Have you forgetten that?”

A young guy from Family Mu winked at Mu Feng standing at the end of the queue.
Another guy suddenly was enlightened and said with a smile, “Yes, the first talent, the first one.”

The young guys from Family Mu were in an uproar, and many people thought about Mu Feng with sympathy or sarcasm.

Mu Qing proudly looked at Mu Feng, sneered and got down from the stage.

“Next one is Mu Kuang!”

“Seventh-level basic bone, qualified.”

The second one was Mu Kuang who owned the seventh-level basic bone which was also a high talent.

The young people from Family Mu took turns to come forward to test their bones.
More than half of them were qualified.
Soon, it was the turn of the last one, Mu Feng!

When it was Mu Feng’s turn, many people had complicated eyes on him.

“Hey, see.
It is Mu Feng.”

“It is said that his basic vein (Qi passageways) and Purple Palace were broken because of the war.
He has become a trash.
I do not know it is true or false.”

“Let’s have a look.
We will know the truth today.”

According to the news spread in the capital now, Mu Feng’s basic vein and Purple Palace were broken and became a waste of space from a genius.
That news, a rumor or a fact, would be clear soon.
So many people looked at Mu Feng.

With all eyes fixed on him, Mu Feng took a breath and tried to keep calm.

He went to the stele and cut one palm with a dagger.
The blood immediately poured into the testing stele.

But at that time, the testing stele changed suddenly and sent out unexpected blood-red light.







Soon, nine basic lines all turned bright!

But it didn’t stop!

The tenth one!

Finally, the tenth basic line lit up, and the whole testing stele emitted a blood-red light.

“What is this!”

“Ten basic lines! This… This is…

The present people became very shocked instantly.
It was well-known that there were generally only nine levels of the basic bone talent! Only nine basic lines could light up.

“It's tenth level! Spiritual bone! It's a spiritual bone, a talent in a million!”

The three elders of the college all stood up at once.
Two of them were very excited, but Zhao Heng was the only one with a sullen look.

“Ten basic lines… What kind of talent he is?”

“That is the legendary spiritual bone.
Mu Feng is a genius in a million.”

People in the square were in an uproar.

Mu Feng was also a bit surprised.
His father had tested him before, and the result was ninth-level basic bone.
How it became the spiritual bone lighting up ten basic lines now?

Had his bone evolved?

One with the spiritual bone talent was the prodigy for cultivation, and could absorb and sense the spiritual energy of heaven and earth several times faster than the people with the basic bone.

“Aha, spiritual bone! Will there be another stunning genius at the college?”

The disciple who did paperwork was also shocked and then spoke loudly, “Mu Feng, spiritual bone talent, qual…”


When that disciple was about to announce that Mu Feng was qualified, a cold voice emerged suddenly.

It was Zhao Heng who spoke.

Zhao Heng walked out, looked at Mu Feng who was still on the stage, and said indifferently, “Mu Feng, I have a question to ask you.
Are your basic vein and Purple Palace broken, aren’t they?

Hearing Zhao Heng's words, all of people quited down in a sudden, looking at the teenager.
They also wanted to know it was the truth or rumor.

“This question is raised after all,” Mu Feng bit his lip and nodded.
“Yes, my basic vein and Purple Palace are really broken.”

Mu Feng's words caused another heated discussion in the crowd.

“They are really broken.”

“Ah, what a pity! What a waste of so good a talent, spiritual bone,” many people sighed.

With the spiritual bone talent, one was very likely to become an overmatch in the Basic Alchemy Realm or above.

“That's right.”

Zhao Heng nodded and ordered the disciple, “Remove Mu Feng's name from the list.
He can't enter the Royal Wushu College!”

Mu Feng’s face turned pale when he heard that, and what worried him most happened anyway, but he had to bite the bullet, cupped his hands and asked immediately, “Could you please tell me why? You have made the rules of the college clear: only age and talent matter.”

“Why?” Zhao Heng sneered and said, “Your basic vein and Purple Palace are all broken.
You should know the reason.
Your talent is good, but it is useless that you cannot become a warrior.
The Royal Wushu College don't recruit a waste of space to spend resources!”

A waste of space!

The sharp and mean words heavily beat the heart of Mu Feng.

Mu Feng clenched his fists and shivered slightly.
Naturally, he wanted to go to the Royal Wushu College.

There were the best teachers, kung fu methods, basic skills, practice platforms from several countries including the Kingdom of Nan Ling, so he naturally wanted to go to the college.

But he knew that the broken basic vein was his greatest weakness.

The things about the ancient Sacred Book of Asura couldn’t be disclosed, otherwise it would be coveted by some people and bring danger to him.

He knew that a man would be hunted because of his treasure.

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