Chapter 25: Rushed up to the Eight Meridians

“Come over here, boy.”

Mu Zhong waved at Bai Ziyue.

“You… What are you planning to do? Let me tell you first, I’m not interested in that sort of thing.”

Covering his arms over his chest, Bai Ziyue took two steps backward.

Mu Zhong was stunned, but then seemed to understand what he meant and derided: “Damn, what were you thinking, you little brat, just come here when I ask you to!”

He motioned towards Bai Ziyue with his palm, and with a sudden burst of meta-power suction force, Bai Ziyue’s emaciated body was directly drawn to him. 

Mu Zhong slapped his other palm on Bai Ziyue’s head and meta-power started pouring into his body.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang looked on curiously from the side.

“Ouch… Ouch… It hurts!”

Bai Ziyue screamed in pain.
He felt nothing but a sudden swell of pain from his body, as though water was forcefully being poured into his stomach, despite it already being completely filled.

Mu Zhong was quite afraid of hurting Bai Ziyue, so he stopped channeling his energy and began to direct the meta-power that was absorbed by Bai Ziyue instead.

Mu Zhong was shocked to find out that the meta-power that was absorbed by Bai Ziyue had no resistance to Bai Ziyue’s body at all.

“Wait a minute, don’t tell me this is really the legendary type of physique?” 

Mu Zhong’s eyes showed a trace of astonishment.
Subsequently, he manipulated the meta-power in Bai Ziyue’s body that was supposedly his to form a torrent and started a bold experiment.

Suddenly, the meta-power rushed into Bai Ziyue’s second meta-pulse.


Bai Ziyue cried miserably and there was a surge of searing pain from his body.
The meta-power changed into a taper and rushed through his second meta-pulse.
Surprisingly, the second meta-pulse was not only unhurt by the extraordinary meta-power, but was directly opened up instead!

“Uncle Zhong, what are you… Don’t! He will die!”

Mu Feng’s expression changed as though he seemed to know what Mu Zhong was planning to do, and he immediately shouted at him to stop.

“Little lord, it’s alright.
This kid has already opened up his second meta-pulse.”

Mu Zhong waved and quickly stopped Mu Feng who was walking towards him.

“The third meta-pulse, opened!”

Groaning, Mu Zhong manipulated the meta-power to collide directly at Bai Ziyue’s third meta-pulse.

“Ouch… That hurts… You old man, what are you doing, ouch… please save me, brother Feng…”

Bai Ziyue’s face twisted in agony, his face flushed red, and his veins bulged.


He spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang stood by the side and looked on helplessly.

Bai Ziyue continued to howl in pain in the middle of the night, which alarmed some of the family members and prompted them to investigate the courtyard.

“The sound is from Little Lord Feng’s courtyard, is everything okay?”

“What a miserable cry! What are they doing?”

The Mu family members came out chattering in groups, and a group of family guards with knives came up to the courtyard gate.
Hearing the scream, they couldn’t help but shout: “Master Feng, are you alright?”

“I’m alright.
I’m practicing.
Don’t mind me.”

Mu Feng replied loudly.

“Practicing? Is practicing so painful? Don’t tell me they are planning to open up one’s inner power?”

The crowd was stunned, but the family guards dismissed all the onlookers after that.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Bai Ziyue had already become a bloody man who was soaked in blood, and only then did Mu Zhong let him go.

Bai Ziyue’s vision went black, and his legs felt weak.
Looking at Mu Zhong, he scolded: “Damn you…”

After saying that, he fell down weakly.
Mu Feng hurried over to embrace Bai Ziyue who was soaked in blood and glared at Mu Zhong: “What on earth did you do, uncle Zhong?”

Mu Zhong wiped off his sweat, sat down on a chair, and said: “Rest assured, little lord, this kid might really have a gifted physique.
Just now, I forcefully used my meta-power and opened up seven of his meta-pulses, but surprisingly, my meta-power didn’t damage his meta-pulses.”

“What? You used your meta-power to open up his meta-pulses after the first, but there wasn’t any damage?!”

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang were both shocked.
There was a common view in the cultivation realm that, except for the first meta-pulse, the other meta-pulses can only be opened by the person himself because only their own meta-power force would not damage their own meta-pulses.

“Yes, I found out that this brat had an almost assimilative tolerance for other people’s meta-power.
My meta-power wasn’t rejected by his body, so I acted boldly and, as a result, it turned out to be successful.
All he has to do now is to train up his own meta-power, then he will be a cultivator with eight opened meta-pulses.
However, his physique is too weak, so I dared not to open up his last meta-pulses as I feared that he would collapse and die from the strain.”

Mu Zhong explained.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang glanced at each other, stared at Bai Ziyue, and still thought that it was simply incredible.

Originally, they thought that training by absorbing blood gas was already somewhat incredible, but to their astonishment, there are people with physiques like Bai Ziyue who could actually borrow other people’s meta-power to directly open up their meta-pulses.

“Well, I’ll have to take back the remaining meta-power that I left in his body, or else I’m afraid that something would happen.
After all, my meta-power is something that you guys shouldn’t be able to bear..”

With that said, Mu Zhong slapped Bai Ziyue’s head and recovered all the remaining meta-power, except for a trace of meta-power, which he left in his first meta-pulse.

Meanwhile, the cultivators of NingGang train in Vitality, which is different from meta-power.

Meta-power is able to be condensed, and does not disperse after leaving the body.
A strong cultivator is able to kill people that are thousands of meters away.

However, Vitality can only strengthen physical attacks from inside the cultivator’s body, and it will be dispersed if it gets even three feet away from the body.

The reason why meta-power was formed was because the cultivators of Ning Gang fused a special kind of energy, called Gang Qi.

There are many types of Gang Qi, such as three six nine.
We will talk about those later. (TLN: You can ignore Gang Qi for now, the author only explains it in ch 141.)

By doing this, Ziyue has now opened up eight of his meta-pulses?

Seeing this, the corners of Mu Feng’s and Mu Kuang’s mouths twitched. 

Damn, this isn’t practice, this is attaining success in a single leap!

“Little lord, you should give him some supplements when he wakes up, but not too much, otherwise his body wouldn’t be able to handle it.
But don’t worry, this young man’s physique is extraordinary, and his talent in cultivation isn’t necessarily worse than yours.
If trained properly, he will be your powerful right arm in the future.”

Mu Zhong said, and Mu Feng nodded.

With Ziyue being so powerful now, it seems that I will have to work hard as well, or else this brat will make fun of me if he overtakes me in the future.

Upon hearing that, Mu Kuang also made a silent vow to himself. 

After that, Mu Zhong went back to his room and Mu Feng carried Bai Ziyue to his room and slept.


The next day, Mu Feng asked his men to boil some supplements for Bai Ziyue so he could slowly regain his energy.

Later, on the same day, a beautiful young girl dressed in a greenish-blue dress came to Mu Feng’s mansion–it was Mu Lan.

Mu Lan was sent by Mu Hai to serve Mu Feng.
Mu Lan’s appearance could be regarded as both beautiful and graceful, and she was quite well known as a genius in her family.
Now that she, as somebody who has opened up eight of her meta-pulses, is being presented as a servant girl to Mu Feng, it can be seen that Mu Hai had already decided to start pleasing Mu Feng.

Surprisingly, Mu Lan did not object to this arrangement.
She readily accepted her role and came to Mu Feng’s mansion as a servant girl, but Mu Feng declined her initially.

“Little lord Feng, do you hate Xiao Lan so much?”

Mu Lan looked at Mu Feng with her slightly reddish eyes that made her look a bit pitiful.

“No, Xiao Lan, I, erm, I treat you all as friends, not servants.
Plus, I can take care of myself and I don’t need a maid whatsoever.
Besides, this will interfere with your training, right?”

“Hmph, I think that you do hate me, and you said that because you don’t like me…”

Saying that, the young girl almost burst into tears.
Mu Feng panicked, as he couldn’t bear to see a girl crying, so he said helplessly: “Well, if you want to stay, then it’s up to you.
I don’t need you to do any miscellaneous work, just do well in your training.”

Only upon hearing these words did Mu Lan smile slightly, a smile which was very beautiful.

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