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Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 28: Passing on the Cultivation Methods

As expected, a distance of a little more than 300 miles wasn’t very far.
After the fast horses galloped for more than an hour, the wheat field gradually disappeared.
Mountains and sprawling green hills started to appear in front of everyone.

“Xiao Lan, are those the An Nan mountains in front of us?”

 Mu Feng looked at the stretch of mountains and asked.

“Yes indeed, little lord Feng.
We shouldn’t go too deep in as there are rumors saying that demonic monsters reside further inside the mountains.
We will encounter danger if we go too deep inside.”

Mu Lan said.


Just after Mu Lan said that, a long howl of wolves came from the distant mountains, as if in response to her words.

Mu Feng frowned.
Seeing that the sun had set, he said: “Let’s rest here for the night.
We will go into the mountains tomorrow.”

All of them, of course, listened to Mu Feng, but at that moment, on a distant mountain path, a figure staggered out from the forest and fell down at a place that wasn’t far away from them.  

“Brother Feng, somebody’s there.”

Mu Kuang had sharp eyes and spotted the figure.
He dismounted and ran to the man, with Mu Feng and the others following him.

All they saw was a muscular man with shaggy hair and a dirty face who wore a leather breastplate lying motionless on the floor.
There were blood stains on his body, and it seemed that he was heavily injured.

Mu Feng hurried over to carry the man in his arms and saw that there were claw marks on the man’s chest.
His flesh was exposed and blood was dripping out, as though he was attacked by a large beast.
Touching his neck, Mu Feng felt a pulse.

“He’s still alive.
Mu Kuang, get me some water.”

“Here you go, brother Feng!”

Mu Kuang fetched some water and Mu Feng poured it into the man’s mouth.
After drinking a few mouths of water, the man coughed a few times before waking up.
He was vigilant at first, but after seeing a few human teenagers, he let out a sigh of relief.

“Ahem, thank you, little brothers.
I’m Wang Sheng, thank you so much for saving me.”

The man in his twenties got himself up from Mu Feng’s arms, sat on the ground and clasped hands to Mu Feng and the others.

“You’re welcome, brother Wang Sheng.
What happened to you, why are you in such a state?”

Mu Feng asked, still vigilant.

This man was not an ordinary person.
There was a flow of meta-power in his body.
He was a cultivator, but Mu Feng was not sure which type did he cultivated in.

“Well, I was an herbalist.
I went into the mountains to collect some herbs with my companions, but I ended up encountering a Xue Mao tiger.
Both of my companions were eaten by it, only I managed to escape death’s door.”

Wang Sheng sighed and said.

There were various resources in the An Nan mountains, and there was no lack of precious herbs or even panaceas.
A precious herb would cost tons, up to a thousand gold coins.
As for panaceas, those are extremely precious.
The sale of a precious panacea is enough for ordinary people to live a sedentary life.

Herbalists are people that specialize in collecting herbs, but most of them aren’t strong.

Oftentimes powerful ones would come together to form a group of mercenaries when they went into the mountains to collect herbs, hunt ferocious beasts, and transport weapons.

 “Xue Mao tiger! That’s a Xiong beast!”

Mu Feng was slightly surprised when he heard those words.
The weakest among the beasts were called Man beasts.
Those were ordinary beasts with no meta-power.

Beasts that managed to cultivate meta-power were known as Xiong beasts.
Xiong, as the name implied, meant ferocious.
Xiong beasts were strong.
The weaker ones had inner power, whereas stronger ones had the power to move mountains and seas.

There was another type, known as Yao beasts.
Yao beasts did not look different from Xiong beasts.
The only difference was that Yao beasts could assume human forms, and that was why they were associated with the ‘Yao’ word.
They were also called the Yao clan.

However, the relationship between humans and Yao had always been bad.

“Yeah, that should be a Xiong beast with inner power.
Our strength was only at Tong Mai level, so when we encountered the beast, all we could do is escape.
I managed to escape, but both of my companions were killed by it.”

Wang Sheng showed a trace of sadness and gulped down a few mouthfuls of water.

“Sigh, you have my deepest condolences, brother.”

Mu Feng gave a pat on his shoulder and gave him a meat pie.
Wang Sheng wolfed it down and regained some strength.

Wang Sheng said to Mu Feng: “I can see that you all aren’t ordinary people as well.
You all are from a cultivator’s family, right? If you intend to train in the mountains, you’d better not go deeper than 30 miles, as there aren’t any beasts in the first 30 miles.
If you go too deep, there will be beasts.
Thanks for the food and water.
I will take my leave now.”

Wang Sheng stood up, clasped hands to Mu Feng and the others, and staggered away.

While Mu Feng and the others saw him off, Mu Lan started to feel a bit scared.

“Little lord, are we still going into the mountains?”

“Yeah, brother Feng, with our level of strength right now, I don’t think we stand a chance against the beasts.”

Mu Kuang was also a bit worried.

“I am going to train in the mountains.
How about this, Xiao Lan, Ziyue, both of you head back first.
Ziyue, you don’t have actual combat experience, and you haven’t trained your meta-power to fill up your meta-pulses yet.
It is indeed dangerous to go into the mountains, so only Mu Kuang and I will stay to cultivate.”

Mu Feng frowned and said.
He did not agree to Bai Ziyue and Mu Lan’s company in the first place.

“No, brother Feng, I want to accompany you.
If there is danger, we will both die together.”

Bai Ziyue insisted.

“I won’t leave if you don’t.”

Mu Lan also said.

Feeling somewhat helpless, Mu Feng scolded jokingly: “Die? I didn’t come here to die.
It’s just that, with your strength, both of you are really not suitable to come here.
In case of danger, you both will be dead weight to Mu Kuang and me, and that will kill all of us instead.
Listen to me, head back first and I’ll bring you guys here when you manage to cultivate until all of your nine meta-pulses are opened.”

After listening to his advice, both of them left, leaving only Mu Feng and Mu Kuang.

Both of them sat down on a big rock beside the mountain path, gathered some wood and built a bonfire.
Mu Feng looked solemnly at Mu Kuang and said: “Xiao Kuang, both of us only have two years time.
If we aim to surpass the students in the academy in two years time, we will have to put in more effort, do you understand?”

“I understand, brother Feng.”

Mu Kuang nodded.
Mu Feng hesitated and said: “I’ll teach you a cultivation chant and a cultivation method, but you mustn’t tell anyone else, or else our lives will be in danger, do you understand?”

Mu Feng intended to teach Mu Kuang the Ning Gang’s level cultivation method of pre-transforming blood into Qi stated in the book of Asura.

 “The cultivation method?”

Mu Kuang was stunned.

“Yes, close your eyes and remember the route of how I direct the Qi in your body.”

Mu Feng nodded, pressed his palms on Mu Kuang’s back, and the Qi in Mu Feng’s body started to rush into Mu Kuang’s back according to the cultivation route stated in the book of Asura.

Mu Feng channelled the energy along the route for a few times before teaching Mu Kuang the cultivation chant.

“Brother Feng, what cultivation method is this? Why is it different from our family’s Tie Xue Dan Xin chant? This feels so complicated.”

Mu Kuang asked curiously.

“Hehe, as for what cultivation method is this, you will find out tomorrow.
You will know what it is when you follow me into the mountains.”

Mu Feng smiled mysteriously and they sat cross-legged at the same spot.
Mu Feng began to cultivate and started to absorb the meta-power found in the Qi of Heaven and Earth, whereas Mu Kuang slept like a log with his back leaning against a rock.

The next day, the first ray of sunlight shone on the mountains and the dew sparkled in the light.
The deep green colored An Nan mountains were stacked in thousands, overlapping one another.

Tying the horse to a tree, Mu Kuang slung his sword over his shoulder, and both of them headed for the boundless mountains of An Nan… 

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