Chapter 2: The Base Man

Some officers from Mu’s army yell that they do not take orders from the king but General Mu.

Nan Hao ignores the curses of Mu’s army, he laughs grimly and say to Mu Tian,” General Mu, we cannot open the gate, if it is opened, the enemy will charge in and enter the city, they will slaughter millions of civilians in Jiu Quan city.
So General, please hold on, the backup is on their way.

What this man said has angered Mu’s army, some soldiers have already raised their bows and pointed at Nan Hao, but they are stopped by the General.

“General, this base man just wants us to die!”

“Let’s force into the city, General.”

General Mu stares at Nan Hao, and speaks in a very cold voice, “Son, remember the face of this guy!”

There is a coldness inside the eyes of Mu Feng, he nods.

And then, Mu Tian turns around, shouting, “Let’s kill!”

The remaining Mu soldiers see their General’s movement and they are silent for a second, but still follow their superior.
General Mu fights beside his son, killing all the enemies around them.

This young man’s armor and face is dyed with blood.

The heart-shaped jade pendant on his neck is also covered with blood.

The outcome is obvious, the outnumbered Mu’s family was trapped in the middle, surrounded by the enemies.

And the number of remaining soldiers are no more than 1,000.

Mu Tian has lost one of his arms in the battle, he is soaked in blood.
His horse has already been killed.

General Mu’s armor is shattered, a long and deep wound on his chest, but despite the serious injury, his eyes are still sharp and steady, like his son’s, they are fearless.

The remaining Mu soldiers are also deeply wounded, but there is no trace of fear on their faces.

On the other side, there is big man wearing a black armor and red cape, riding on a tiger, he gazes at the Mu soldiers, he feels a bit respect for them.

‘Mu Tian, surrender yourself now.
The kingdom of Nan Ling has abandoned you, why not choose to join us? I can promise you, our Kingdom of Tian Feng will treat a strong and loyal man like you much better.”

The man starts to persuade them.


Mu Tian laughs.

“The men of the Mu family have been soldiers generation after generation, and there is no surrender in our books.
We protect our home, we sharpen our wudo skills and vow to never give up.
Brothers, are we going to surrender?”

“We’d rather be dead in the field!”

All the Mu’s soldiers shout, killing with bloody eyes.

There is tears in the eyes of Mu Tian, as he looks at Mu Feng, he presses his forehead against his son’s and whispers with self-blame.

“I’m sorry, son.
You have followed me for a long time but I never gave you as much love as other fathers did,I was too strict to you.
Now I have lead you into this trap and I am so sorry that I’m not a good father.“

Mu Tian tears.
Who said the man of iron and blood will never cry, they also have demotions buried deep down in their heart but they never show them until a moment like this.

Mu Feng smiles, he has no regrets and hatred, he says,” Father, for me, you are the best father in this world, and I have always been proud of you since I was young.
I wanted to become a man like you.
All the strictness is good for me.”

“I am so glad I have a son like you.”

Mu Tian laughs with sadness, he looks at his soldiers and kneels in front of them.

And all the soldier kneels as well.

“brothers of Mu’s army, Mu Tian owes an apology to you all, it’s my mistake to walk you into this situation, it’s my mistake to let you die.”


“On the day we joined Mu’s army, we vowed to fight besides the General to protect our homes, and we vowed to follow General till the end of our lives.
Even when our dead bodies are wrapped by straw mats, we won’t regret!”

“Even when our dead bodies are wrapped by straw mat, we won’t regret!”

Thousands of officers and soldiers burst into tears.

“Haha, very well! You are truly my brothers, you are the best soldiers in this era.
I am proud to be your general.
If there were a second life, we would be brothers again.
I will never regret in the cycle of life and death.”

General Mu then stands up, and he picks up his pike, and shouts, ”Mu’s army!”



Mu tian runs towards tens of thousands of enemies on the other side, and behind him, a thousand wounded and tired Mu’s soldiers follows.

A thousand people, like moths flying into the flame to burning its own body, chose to fight to the last breath with no regrets at all.

While, up on the walls of Jiu Quan city faraway, many soldiers teared when they saw what just happened, gripping their weapons tighter.

However, Nan Hao still sneers while watching this scene.

“Well, well, well, you stupid people, don’t blame me for your death……“

Finally, all Mu’s army are killed outside the Jiu Quan city, and General Mu’s body was pierced by a sword of the enemy general.

“Mu Tian, there are only few people in this world that I respect, and you are one of them.”

This enemy general says as he pulled out his weapon, General Mu falling in front of him.

At this moment, the backup army just received their order and they have waited in a valley behind the Jiu Quan city for a long time.

The backup army along with the soldiers inside the city charge into the battlefield, but the enemy retreats and leave with the body of General Mu.

In the pile of the corpses, the body of a young man lies still, his heart pierced by an arrow, his body stone cold.

But suddenly, the heart-shaped sanguine jade pendant turns into a blood-red light and flows into his broken heart.
The young man’s heart starts to heal.

The heart emits a dim sanguine light, and then it starts to beat slowly, a strong energy swirling inside the young man’s body expanding and ravaging his 12 qi passageways, this energy is strong and blood-red.

“look, someone is still alive!”

“Isn’t he the son of General Mu?”

“Yes, it’s him.
Let’s hide him first, we can’t let the king know.
General Mu is a man worthy of our respect, and we can’t let his son just die.”

These soldiers then sneak Mu Feng into the Kingdom of Nan Ling.

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