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Chapter 31: The Jade Pendant of Asura

Mu Kuang’s teeth chattered as the Blood Qi assimilated into his flesh and quenched his body.

Slowly, a black layer of sweat, which was the dirt in his body, was discharged from the pores on the surface of his skin.

After Mu Kuang endured pain that felt like somebody was pouring hot oil on his body for half an hour, he finished the absorption of the essence from the wild boar’s flesh.

The severe pain in Mu Kuang’s body also vanished instantly.
He stopped straining himself and blacked-out immediately.

“Xiao Kuang!”

Mu Feng panicked and hurried over to embrace him, ignoring the fishy smell that Mu Kuang’s body was emitting.

It was the smell of dirt that was discharged from his body.

“Stop wailing, he’s just unconscious and will be okay when he wakes up.
Your brother’s willpower isn’t weaker than yours, in fact, he is capable of cultivating in Ti Xiu.”

The voice of the jade pendant rang out.

Upon hearing this, Mu Feng heaved a sigh of relief and asked: “Ti Xiu? What is Ti Xiu?”

“What? You don’t know what Ti Xiu is? Well, I guess that’s normal, as the cultivation training in this crappy area that you are in is so behind.
It’s normal if you haven’t heard about Ti Xiu before.”

There was a trace of astonishment in the womanly voice of the jade pendant at first, followed by a hint of disdain.

“Ti Xiu is another type of cultivation that focuses on cultivating the physical body.
It toughens the physical body with Vitality and cultivates the body until it is trained into something that is comparable to a weapon of God.
However, Ti Xiu requires the cultivators to have strong willpower.
In a real Sect, if a disciple has poor talent in Yuan Gu, they can choose the path of Ti Xiu.
This path is more challenging, more painful, and is a path that requires strong willpower.
However, if they succeed in their cultivation, they will have few rivals within their rank.”

“The cultivation method that I taught you just now is a body cultivation method from the sacred book of Asura known as the blood-burning body cultivation method.
The heaven and earth act as the furnace, the body as the material, and the blood as the hammer.
By burning Blood Qi to fuel the cultivation, powerful body refinement can then be achieved.”

The voice of the jade pendant explained.

“That friend of yours didn’t have Blood Qi passageways, so he couldn’t transform the Blood Qi into Vitality, but could only use the Blood Qi to refine his physical body.
Kiddo, you mustn’t simply teach these cultivation methods in the future, especially the advanced level cultivation skills.
Cultivators must meet the criteria to cultivate these methods, and not everybody is able to do that.”

The voice of the jade pendant said in a slightly angry tone.

Upon hearing this, Mu Feng smiled awkwardly, as he had indeed nearly killed his brother.

“By the way, who are you and why are you in my jade pendant?”

Mu Feng asked the question immediately when he came back to his senses.

“I’m Xi Yue, you can treat me as a Magic Spirit of the Asura jade pendant.”

The voice of the woman rang out softly.

“The Asura jade pendant? This is the name of my jade pendant? Magic Spirits? What are Magic Spirits?”

Mu Feng asked confusingly.

“You don’t even know what Magic Spirits are? Eh, let me ask you, do you know about the hierarchy of weapons and magic tools in the world?”

Xi Yue asked.

“Well, I know about Yuan Items and Spirit Items, but I don’t know about the others.”

Mu Feng replied after thinking for a while.
His father’s Fire War Spear was a low-grade Spirit Item and was also one of the valuable heirlooms of the Mu family.

However, the war spear was lost during the battle.

“That’s correct, but on top of Spirit Items, there are Magic Items, and above Magic Items, there are Legendary Items which are the most powerful among them all.”

Xi Yue said softly.

“So what you mean is… This jade pendant that my mother left me is actually a Spirit Item?”

Mu Feng asked in astonishment.

“No, it’s a Legendary Item.”

Xi Yue’s answer caused Mu Feng to be astounded.

“Legendary… Legendary Item…”

Mu Feng’s mouth gaped wide open.
Looking at the heart-shaped jade pendant, he was unable to utter a word.

Although he didn’t have any idea how powerful a Legendary Item was, he knew very well just how powerful his father’s Fire War Spear was.

By fueling the spear with meta-power, it could unleash a powerful meta-power fire attack.

Unfortunately, the war spear was taken by the enemy.

As for this jade pendant, it wasn’t a Magic Item which was a grade higher than Spirit Item, but it was a Legendary Item! 

“Just be aware of it and don’t tell anyone about it.
Otherwise, your small kingdom will fall into total chaos.
With your level of strength, you can’t even protect a Yuan Item, let alone a Legendary Item.”

Xi Yue warned solemnly.

Mu Feng’s expression tensed up and he nodded.
Mu Feng was well aware of the principle of “the people weren’t found guilty until they hid the jade”. 

“Well, what’s the use of this Legendary Item then? And why did my mother have this Legendary Item? By the way, have you heard of any news about my mother?”

Mu Feng asked several questions in a row.

“You little brat, why do you have so many questions? This Asura jade pendant is the most valuable treasure in the Asura family.
If used together with the sacred book of Asura, it can help you to cultivate Blood Qi more quickly.
When you reach the Zi Fu level, you won’t need to cultivate foolishly by using corpses anymore.
You can use Vitality to make it absorb Blood Qi directly and store it within the space inside the jade pendant.
You can absorb the Blood Qi whenever you want to cultivate.
That’s one function.
As for the other functions, it’ll be useless even if you know about them now.”

“As for who your mother is, I do not know.
I also don’t know how your mother ended up having the Asura jade pendant.
I just woke up not long ago.
Besides, you Asura jade pendant isn’t fully intact, it has been badly damaged before this.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to be its master.”

Xi Yue answered, feeling rather annoyed.

Upon hearing these words, Mu Feng squinted his eyes and thought thoroughly about what Xi Yue had said.
He felt that something was off.

Since she said that she was a Magic Spirit, then why did she kept referring the jade pendant as ‘it’ and not ‘I’? This point made Mu Feng feel that something was amiss.

However, it was already weird enough that a jade could actually talk, so he didn’t want to take unnecessary pains dwelling on her choice of words.

“By the way, can I also cultivate the blood-burning body cultivation method that my brother could?”

Mu Feng asked suddenly.
He wouldn’t simply give up on ways that could make him stronger.

“Of course, but you have seen the pain that you would have to endure during cultivation, and there aren’t many people who can bear with that.
You have great talent in Yuan Xiu, so there is no need for you to waste your time to cultivate in Ti Xiu.
Although you won’t be wasting too much time since you have the Asura jade pendant, ordinary people really can’t endure that kind of pain.”

Xi Yue said.


Upon hearing that, Mu Feng laughed and said with a deep look: “Physical pain is nothing compared to the pain in my heart.
If the pain can make me grow up, make me stronger, let me avenge my father’s death as well as the deaths of 20,000 Mu army men, let me to have the strength to protect the girl that I love, and give me the power to protect the Mu family, I dare to challenge and endure all the pain in this world.”

Although he had the looks of a 15-year-old teenage boy, his eyes were filled with determination and a sense of maturity which is hard to find, even in adults.

Upon hearing this, Xi Yue didn’t say anything else.
She awakened when Mu Feng was in battle and she had been observing the character and morals of this young man.

Self-reliance, optimism, tenacity, and having a strong sense of righteousness are all the qualities that Xi Yue was fond of.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have bothered to help Mu Feng when Mu Kuang was in a pinch today.

“The path of the powerful isn’t only about being able to suffer.
Talent and opportunities are also part of the journey.
Sometimes, you must learn to be versatile, learn to let go, and even learn to deceive one another.
The cruelty in this big world is beyond your imagination.”

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