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Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 32: The Zi Fu Level Xiong Beast

Looking at the young man, she remembered a time when she had been like him.
There was even a man who also warned her about the same thing.

Her past felt like a dream, things have changed.
She was not sure how many years had passed, but she wasn’t a noble young woman anymore.
Now, she was just a wandering soul in a Magic Treasure.

“I’m well aware of this.
Also, um, Xi Yue, what exactly is the Asura clan that you mentioned just now?”

Mu Feng asked again suddenly.

“The Asura clan? They are a very powerful race.
Among the many races in the world, the Asura clan is one whose level of strength is among the top 100, and the Asura clansmen are all natural born fighters.
The Asura chant that you are cultivating is the advanced cultivation method of the Asura clan.
It’s useless for you to know more about it now, as your level of strength is too weak.”

Xi Yue explained briefly.
Mu Feng replied with an “oh” and he didn’t continue to ask about it any further.

“Now, you somehow became the master of this Asura jade pendant.
Protect it by yourself and if anything happens, concentrate your Vitality, channel it into the jade pendant, and call out my name.”

When Xi Yue finished saying that, the Asura jade pendant transformed into a beam of sanguine light and flew into Mu Feng’s chest, assimilating into his heart.

Mu Feng patted his chest and let out a look of surprise.
After that, he stayed put beside Mu Kuang and waited for Mu Kuang to wake up.

Gradually, the sun set in the Western Hills and the sky was filled with layers of red clouds the color of a blushing young girl.
The moon had also gradually taken over the sun.


A series of howls rang out from the beasts in Annan Mountains and the nocturnal beasts began coming out to search for food.

Mu Kuang also regained his consciousness.
He woke up and looked around, only to see Mu Feng at the side, skewing two skinless hares on iron sticks.
The aroma of the meat was overflowing.


Upon smelling the aroma, a low growl of hunger came from Mu Kuang’s stomach.

“You’re awake? Here you go, I just finished skewing it.”

Mu Feng took a skewed hare and handed it to Mu Kuang.
Mu Kuang took it and blew on it gently.
Without waiting any longer, Mu Kuang took two bites and mumbled: “Brother Feng, why did I feel so much pain while cultivating the skill just now? I don’t remember seeing you being in so much pain.”

Mu Feng felt slightly awkward when he heard those words.
By teaching him that skill, he had nearly killed his brother.
He laughed and said: “The cultivation method that I taught you wasn’t suitable for you to cultivate Vitality.
It was only suitable for you to cultivate your physical body.”

“Next time when you practise, start by absorbing Blood Qi, but after the Blood Qi enters your body, guide it to assimilate it into your flesh according to the cultivation pathway that I showed you to strengthen your physical body.
This is known as Ti Xiu and it’s another powerful cultivation method.
You can cultivate your physical body to the point where it’s impenetrable by swords and spears and it will ultimately be comparable to a weapon of God.”

“My physical body will be comparable to a weapon of God! That sounds so powerful, but it really hurts like hell.”

Mu Kuang showed a trace of astonishment but he still had a bit of lingering fear when he recalled the pain that he went through.

“What do you want to do? If you want to be stronger than the others, you will have to endure the pain that others can’t.
It’s okay if you choose not to cultivate, I won’t force you.”

Mu Feng said while taking a bite of the roasted hare meat.

“No, I’m not scared of the pain, I want to cultivate.
I must be someone powerful so that I can help you and help avenge uncle Tian and the Mu army!”

“That’s great, brother…”

Mu Feng’s heart was warmed and he did a fist bump with Mu Kuang.
Feeling deeply touched, Mu Feng said with a smile: “It’s not just about the revenge.
You and I must become powerful, become so strong that others will look up to us.
Only then will we be able to protect the Mu family.”



While they spoke, a roar suddenly rang out and a figure that was seven or eight meters away suddenly shot out, dashing towards Mu Kuang.

“Be careful!”

The expression on Mu Feng’s face changed when Mu Kuang suddenly acted.
Just as the figure pounced on him, Mu Kuang turned around and hit it with a punch.


The punch was so powerful that it sent the figure flying five or six meters away.

By the light of the fire, both of them managed to clearly see what it was.

It was a black panther that was about two meters long with sharp claws and teeth.
Its black fur acted as the best camouflage in the night and it stared at both of them with a coldness in its eyes.
It let out a soft roar and its sharp saber-tooth was protruding out from its mouth.

“Be careful, it’s a Night Panther.
Just look at it, it’s a Zi Fu level Xiong Beast! How could there be a Zi Fu level Xiong Beast here?”

Mu Feng’s face sank immediately and he gripped harder on the knife in his hand.

The beast in front of him wasn’t a Man Beast, it was a Xiong Beast that had managed to cultivate Vitality.

The power of a Xiong Beast and a powerful Man Beast are two different concepts.

Mu Kuang was also slightly amazed.
He clenched his fist and felt that his punch was much stronger than before.
He actually managed to send a Zi Fu level Xiong Beast flying with just one punch.

Both of them retreated and observed the black panther vigilantly.
At the same time, the panther was also observing both of them.

It was searching for food in the forest quite far away from them but it was attracted by the aroma of meat.

This happened due to Mu Feng’s lack of experience in jungle survival.

“Brother Feng, what now?”

Mu Kuang asked while holding a knife in his hand.

“We will never outrun it, so we can only attack.
Later, we will attack from both sides and we will attack it simultaneously.
We will focus on attacking its eyes and legs, and as long as it suffers heavy injuries in these two areas, it will be easy for us to deal with it.”



Just when Mu Feng finished his sentence, the Night Panther let out a roar and pounced on Mu Kuang.
It was smart and had sensed that Mu Kuang had a higher amount of Vitality, so it decided to finish off Mu Kuang first.

Both of them darted to both sides at the same time.
Mu Kuang did a donkey flip and evaded the attack.
After dodging the attack, Mu Feng balanced himself and struck down directly onto the Night Panther’s skull. (EN: A donkey flip is when you do a backflip, but halfway through your hands touch the ground to propel you back onto your feet.
In the future, I’ll be adding notes to describe terms that I believe to be more uncommon amongst English speakers.)

The Night Panther leaped away agilely, and his strike landed on the ground.


Just when it leaped away, Mu Kuang also struck down towards the panther.
The timing of the strike came just in time and the Night Panther didn’t manage to dodge it.

However, at the same time, the Night Panther’s claws were shining with a black light–it was its Vitality!

It pounced on Mu Kuang’s knife and made a clanging noise.
The powerful force pushed away Mu Kuang’s knife and it gave a swipe of its other claw.


The swipe of its claw was swift and powerful.
The claw that was six-inches long ripped apart Mu Kuang’s chest.


Mu Kuang let out a scream and kept on retreating.
The swipe of its claw left four bloody gashes on his chest.
Blood dripped out and his rib bones and flesh were exposed.


Mu Feng covered his chest and it was so painful that his face turned white.
The Night Panther pounced on Mu Kuang once more.

“Tong Mai Punch!”

In the meantime, Mu Feng who struck nothing didn’t retreat either.
He clenched his fist, concentrated his Vitality from his meta-pulses into his fist and punched forward, making a loud noise.


The punch landed directly on the Night Panther’s skull, causing it to whine and fall to the side.


Without focusing on the pain, Mu Kuang also swung his knife at the panther.

However, the panther dodged away agilely, and at the same time, it concentrated a beam of black-colored light in its mouth and pounced on Mu Kuang once more!

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