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Chapter 38: The Eggs of the Jiao Python

After Mu Feng finished his cultivation, he and Mu Kuang dug a pit to bury the corpse of the middle-aged man.
They didn’t leave the corpse out in the wilderness.

Only then did Mu Feng and Mu Kuang open up the leather backpack of the middle-aged man.

Inside the backpack were three beast eggs that were slightly larger than a human fist.
Two of them were green in color while the other one was jade white.

Besides these three eggs, there were also some bottles, cans, and a golden colored token.

The three eggs were the eggs of the Jiao Python.
As for the bottles and cans, those were some healing medicines, hemostatic drugs, and antidotes.

As for the gold-colored token, it was about the size of a palm and was engraved with the words ‘Tong Bao’.

The token is a transaction card issued by the China Nan Ling Chamber of Commerce and Banking Union.
It was similar to a credit card that had a Yuan Wen engraved on it.
It could record the amount of money that you deposited in the bank, and it could also be used in transactions.

As long as there were more than a thousand gold coins in your bank account, you would get one of these tokens.

Mu Feng also had one of these gold-colored Tong Bao cards.

Apart from these things, there was also a sword inside.

The sword was one palm wide and five feet long.
It emitted a cold and icy light, and a beam of light circulated around it.
It weighed around 50 kilograms.

Mu Feng’s eyes shone in excitement when he saw the sword.
He picked up the sword and realized that he could actually channel his Vitality into it.
The sword emitted a white-colored light.

“It’s a Yuan Item!”

Mu Feng was delighted.
Only a Yuan Item could channel Vitality and meta-power, so this sword was obviously a Yuan Item.

However, this sword was only a lower class Yuan Item.
Even if it was only a lower class Yuan Item, it was still worth more than a thousand gold coins.

On the other hand, Mu Feng’s knife was only a normal steel knife and not a Yuan Item.

However, the true power of a Yuan Item could only be displayed by cultivators who had reached the Zi Fu level.
In the hands of a Tong Mai level cultivator, it was only a sharp sword.

“Haha, no wonder some people are willing to take the risk to become thieves.
Brother Feng, we received a windfall this time.”

Knowing that there were so many valuable items, Mu Kuang couldn’t help but smile widely.
He didn’t care much about his murder anymore.

“People get rich because of side income.” This saying is very true.

Mu Feng said with a laugh.
He took out the beast eggs and started to observe them carefully.

These must be the Jiao Python’s eggs.

Mu Feng said to himself.
The beast egg was cold in his hands and it felt smooth and glossy when he touched it.

“Brother Feng, these are the eggs of the Jiao Python, right?”

Mu Kuang asked while he took out one as well.

“Yeah, I think so.
He must have stolen the eggs, that’s why he was being chased after by the Jiao Python.”

“What’s so amazing about these eggs? Why did he want them so desperately?”

Mu Kuang wasn’t aware of how much they were worth.

“The Jiao Python is a Ning Gang level Xiong Beast.
Its eggs are rich in Yuan essence, which can be cultivated into valuable medicines by a medicinal practitioner.
If these eggs hatch, one can also breed their own war beast.”

Mu Feng explained.
His level of knowledge was obviously higher than Mu Kuang’s.

“Oh, I see.
What should we do about these three beast eggs then?”

“Well, we could sell them and get some money to buy some medicine that’s useful for our cultivation.”

Mu Feng picked up the white-colored egg while talking.

The color of this beast egg was more beautiful than that of the two green ones.
The color of the eggshell was jade white and it emitted a white-colored light.


A woman’s voice rang out in Mu Feng’s mind.

“Yue Er, what’s wrong?”

Mu Feng asked curiously.

“Who gave you permission to call me Yue Er?!”

Xi Yue didn’t reply but was bothered by this matter instead.
Her voice sounded a bit strange.

“Hehe, don’t you think that me calling you Yue Er makes us feel closer? You are in my body anyway.”

Mu Feng smiled and asked: “Is there anything wrong?”

Fine, just call me what you like.
I feel that this white-colored egg is slightly different from the other two.”

Xi Yue said softly.

“Different? There’s nothing different except the color, no?”

Mu Feng didn’t feel the difference.

“You aren’t able to feel it.
The essence in this egg is much purer and richer than that of the other two eggs.
Although it’s a Jiao Python egg as well, it’s different in terms of its color and the amount of essence it contains.
It may be a mutant egg.
You shouldn’t sell this egg, you should try hatching it instead.
Maybe you will hatch something interesting.”

Xi Yue expressed her interest in this egg.

“Hatching it? How do I hatch it? I’m not a beast trainer, I don’t know how to hatch it.”

Mu Feng said helplessly.

This beast egg was different than that of a chicken egg.
Just like there was a specific temperature to hatch chicken eggs, there was also a specific method to hatch beast eggs.

Normal people who do not know the method can’t hatch it.
Only beast trainers who specialized in this field knew about all the various methods to hatch and train a beast.

“It’s easy.
The Asura Blood Qi nourishes all living things, and Xiong Beast are originally bloodthirsty animals.
All you have to do is to channel some Blood Qi into the egg when you cultivate.
By doing this, you can alter its constitution beforehand.
If you are lucky, you will stimulate the hidden Jiao Long blood in the egg and may be able to breed a Ling Jiao in the future.”

Xi Yue said telepathically.
Upon hearing her explanation, Mu Feng was slightly amazed and nodded slightly.
He decided not to sell it, but to hatch it himself instead.

Mu Feng stored all these items in his Qian Kun ring, which was much convenient than carrying around a big backpack.

“By the way, Yue Er, since you are a magical spirit of the Asura jade pendant, are there any cultivation methods recorded inside it? Such as some powerful Wudo Forms?”

Mu Feng smiled and asked hopefully.

“Yes there are, but with your current cultivation skills, you won’t be able to practice these Wudo Forms.
Hmm, let me see, for now, you can only cultivate Huang Level Wudo Forms…”

Xi Yue was silent for a moment.
Soon, her voice rang out again: “Aha, there are two knife skills, one fingering technique, one boxing technique, and one sword skill.
All these skills are classified as the higher rank of the Huang level.
Which one do you want to cultivate?”

“What are the names of the knife skills?”

Mu Feng asked.
He majored in two kinds of weapons, knives and spears!

The knife was his preferred weapon for close combat, whereas the spear was used in combat while he was riding on a horse.

However, for general combat, he preferred to use the knife as it’s more flexible.
The knife is also known as the king of weapons.

“One of the skills is known as the ‘Tyrant Tiger Knife skill’.
This is an explosive knife skill.
One strike of the knife is very powerful as cultivators need to channel all of their Vitality into the knife.
It consumes a lot of Vitality.
The other skill is known as the ‘Wave Breaker Nine Knives skill’.
It’s a middle-ranked knife skill, and its explosive force isn’t that strong.
However, it doesn’t consume that much of Vitality.”

“I suggest that you cultivate the Tyrant Tiger Knife Skill, as your Vitality is purer and you have more than the others.
It’s an explosive skill which can be used to your advantage.
The Tyrant Tiger Knife Skill can maximize this advantage of yours.”

Xi Yue said.

“Okay then, I will cultivate the Tyrant Tiger Knife Skill.
By the way, what’s the fingering technique about?”

 Mu Feng asked curiously.

“The fingering technique is a Concentric Fingering Technique that trains one’s fingers.
One can cultivate one’s fingers until they’re as tough as iron and steel.
When you cultivate it to perfection, you could even exert a powerful finger force instead of using a sword.”

Mu Feng’s eyes shone with excitement upon hearing those words.
This fingering technique is definitely the best method to launch a surprise attack.

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