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Chapter 40: Bloody and Cruel

Wang Liuping grinned lustfully.
It was obvious that he had already taken a liking to the girl named Xiao Ting.

The six people laughed evilly and encircled the four people.
The remaining three people who could still fight had already made up their mind to fight to their deaths.

“Ahem, ahem.
Sorry to interrupt, but it seems quite unfair to fight when you are outnumbered.”

At this moment, a clear voice rang out.
Two young men walked out from the forest and one of them said cooly.

The two young men looked like they were only about 15 or 16 years old.
One of them was born handsome, with sharp cheekbones and straight eyebrows.
There was a scar between his eyebrows and he wore a black shirt with a sword on his back.
Although he looked young, he did not seem to be childish like his peers.
The scar between his eyebrows added a touch of manliness and there was a trace of sanguine light in his eyes.

The other young man was muscular and had inch-length hair.
He also wore a black shirt with a sword on his back.
He had a resolute face but also a trace of childishness.

Both of them walked out slowly from the woods and towards the crowd.

Wang Liuping and his men stopped.
Wang Liuping frowned and sneered coldly: “Where did these two brats come from? Even children like you want to be heroes and meddle in our affairs?”

“Haha, we are not aiming to be heroes, we are just irritated by the way you guys do things, that’s all.”

Mu Feng stopped about 10 meters away and said with a laugh.
At such a young age, he already had the kind of calmness that would persist even if it was the end of the world.

“My dear brothers, this is none of your business.
We appreciate your kindness but please leave now and don’t get involved.”

Zhao Chen was delighted to see that somebody stood up for them, but his hope vanished when he saw that it was actually two young men.
He persuaded them to leave.

“Don’t worry about us, brother.
We just wanted to say something fair.
If nobody stood up to suppress despicable people like them, they will only become worse in the future.”

Mu Feng smiled calmly.

Zhao Chen frowned.
He tried to persuade them to leave, but they didn’t understand what he meant.

“Kiddo, we really appreciate your help.
Make your leave now as they, the Yellow Tiger Regiment, are not kind-hearted people.”

The girl named Xiao Ting also attempted to persuade them to leave.

“Hehe, it’s too late for you two to leave now.
You two, go and have fun with them.
I want them to know the consequence of pretending to be heroes.”

Wang Liuping sneered.

“Sure thing.”

All of a sudden, two men from the Yellow Tiger Regiment gave an evil smile, walked towards Mu Feng and Mu Kuang, and suddenly dashed towards them.
Both of them were cultivators who had reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang exchanged a look.
In an instant, they pulled out their weapons and dashed towards them.

“Kiddo, be prepared to die!”

One of the men stabbed towards Mu Feng fiercely and swiftly.
The strike was aimed for Mu Feng’s throat.
He did not go easy on his opponent just because he was young.

However, Mu Feng’s body swayed and dodged the attack instantly.
At the same time, he stepped back, positioned his sword, and stabbed towards the man furiously.

He channeled the Vitality from twelve of his Xue Ling pulses into the sword and it emitted a white light.

The man was stunned for a while when he saw that Mu Feng was able to dodge his attack.
When he came back to his senses, he immediately tried to block the attack with his sword.

However, his face changed immediately when he tried to block the attack.


The steel sword in his hand let out a crisp sound of metal and broke into two due to the large explosive force of the sword that contained Vitality from a Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivator.


The sword struck down directly into his skull, splitting the man into two halves.
Blood gushed out and the scene was very bloody.


Wang Liuping, Zhao Chen, and their men were all shocked.
The girl stared at the bloody corpse with her big eyes and her mouth gaped open.
She then turned her head and vomited on the ground.

On the other side, Mu Kuang caused his opponent to fall back with just a strike of his knife.
The power of his strike caused the man to retreat as his both hands were numb.
Mu Kuang then dashed forward as fast as lightning and swiftly made several strikes with his knife.

Dang~! Dang~! Dang~!

Several strikes were made, causing his opponent’s hands to be numb.
He could no longer hold his sword, so his sword fell to the ground.
He did not expect the young man to have such strength.
It was as though he was a Man Beast who assumed a human form.


Mu Kuang seized the opportunity and dashed forward with his knife.
During this moment, the man couldn’t help but to imagine that he was facing a Man Beast that was hunting in the forest.


The man closed his eyes and all he felt next was a coolness behind his neck and that the world revolving around him.
A headless corpse laid on the ground and blood splattered out.

He looks so familiar.

One last thought flashed through his mind before he died.

A big head fell onto the ground, splattering blood all over Mu Kuang’s body.

He killed a same-level cultivator with a few strikes of his knife that were as fast as lightning.

Previously, Mu Kuang did not have such a powerful explosive strength.
However, he became much more powerful than before after he trained his body according to the Ti Xiu cultivation method in the Asura chant.

Mu Kuang’s face was slightly pale.
It was the second time that he killed a person and he wasn’t used to it yet.

On the other hand, Mu Feng looked calmly at the remaining men with blood on his hands and his sword.
His eyes were terrifyingly calm, and it seemed that killing the man did not affect him at all.
He even emitted a murderous aura.

The remaining men went cold.
Even they themselves could not reach the level where one could remain so calm and steady after a kill.
It was definite that the murderous aura was trained amidst countless murders and deaths.

These young men are terrifying!

The thought flashed through their minds instantly.

One of them chopped a man into two with just one strike of his sword, whereas the other killed a man with several lightning strikes.
This caused the situation to be dead quiet.

Both of the men also deserved to die.
They looked down on their opponent when they saw that they were two young men.
If they had taken them seriously, Mu Feng and Mu Kuang wouldn’t have been able to kill them so easily.

“Bo-both of them are so powerful…”

The man named Da Hu said in astonishment.

Zhao Chen also had to take them more seriously now, especially Mu Feng.
His calmness while killing shocked him greatly.

The one who was most surprised and furious was none other than Wang Liuping.
He was in a rage.
He looked at the two bloody corpses and then looked at the two young men and said: “You brats, don’t even think about leaving the An Nan mountains alive.”

After saying that, he took his sword and walked slowly towards them.
He planned to finish them off himself.

He was a Zi Fu Sixth Sky cultivator, so it wasn’t a problem for him to deal with four or five cultivators who had reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky by himself.

“Wang Liuping, don’t ignore us if you plan to deal with these two young men!”

At this moment, Zhao Chen also came forward and said coldly.

“That’s right, don’t forget that we are here as well!”

The other two men also came forward and said coldly.
Mu Feng and Mu Kuang came to their rescue, so naturally, they would not let them deal with Wang Liuping alone.

Upon hearing these words, Wang Liuping’s expression turned even darker.
He looked at the other two men and thought to himself.

Oh yeah, that’s right.
There’s still Zhao Chen, who is almost as strong as me, and other two Tong Mai level cultivators as well.

Damn it! Don’t tell me that two of my men died in vain today!

Wang Liuping gritted his teeth in anger and he planned to fall back for now.

“You guys can stand down!”

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