Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 41: A Tacit Agreement to Kill

Currently, with Mu Feng and the remaining three men who regained their fighting spirit, they no longer had the upper hand and the situation had changed.

However, at this moment, Mu Feng stepped forward and said with a laugh: “We came to train in the An Nan mountains.
Since there is such a training opportunity, my brother and I will not let it pass.
There is no need for you all to intervene in this fight.”

“What? Little brother, don’t tell me that both of you plan to fight him alone? You can’t do that.
Neither of you have reached Zi Fu level yet, right? This guy had already reached Zi Fu Sixth Sky, you can’t compete with him.”

Zhao Chen’s expression changed as he quickly persuaded them.

“That’s right, don’t be rash.”

Xiao Ting also advised them not to.

“It’s okay.
If we lose, you guys can attack them later.”

Mu Feng laughed and said.

“You little brat, you have crossed the line.
Don’t assume that you are very powerful just because you killed two of my brothers.
I will let you know the difference between the Zi Fu level and the Tong Mai level.”

Wang Liuping said coldly.
He was being looked down upon by the two young men too much.

“I didn’t assume that we are powerful.
It’s just that since we met a scum like you, killing you means that the world will have one less scum dirtying its surface.”

Mu Feng smiled coldly.

“Very well.
If that’s the case, I will use both of your heads as a tribute to my two brothers.
Kill them!”

Just as Wang Liuping finished saying that, he stepped forward and a gush of Vitality broke out under his foot.
He dashed forward like lightning and aimed his sword at Mu Feng’s throat.

The strike was swift and Mu Feng already felt a gush of Sword Qi on his face.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang exchanged a look and jumped away from each other to both sides.
They then dashed forward and aimed their sword and knife at Wang Liuping.


The strike hit Mu Feng’s sword, letting out a crisp sound of metal and creating a small spark.
The explosive force of the strike due to Vitality caused Mu Feng to fall a few steps back.

Wang Liuping’s strike pierced at Mu Feng’s stomach again like a poisonous tongue.
Mu Feng gave a wave of his sword and blocked the attack.
At the same time, he twisted his foot to dodge the next attack.


At this moment, Mu Kuang dashed forward with his knife.
The power of his strike was amazing.
It had definitely exceeded the explosive force of a normal Tong Mai level cultivator.


Wang Liuping raised his sword and blocked the attack.
The enormous strength of Mu Kuang’s strike caused him to step back two steps.


Mu Feng stepped forward and raised his sword above his head.
He then angrily slashed it down towards Wang Liuping.

Wang Liuping slapped the air and the Vitality in his palm created a gold-colored palm print that aimed at Mu Feng.


Mu Feng blocked the attack with his sword, but his body was bounced back due to the force.
Mu Kuang then dashed forward with his sword.

As the three of them fought, the sound of their swords clashing resounded clearly.
Wang Liuping used his Vitality to keep the two of them from getting close to him at the same time.

Meanwhile, everyone else was just watching the battle.

“Brother Zhao, just who exactly are these two young men? Are they really Tong Mai level cultivators? From what I see, both of them had already surpassed the normal power level of Tong Mai.”

Xiao Ting said in astonishment.

“I don’t know.
I think they are outstanding young men from a Wudo cultivation family.
Their cultivation method is not easy.
Look at them, especially the long-haired young man, he is agile and there is a murderous aura emitting from his sword.
Normal people who lived a contented life would not have such a strong murderous aura.
Besides, his sword is a Yuan Item.
Why do I feel that I’ve seen it before?”

Zhao Chen squinted his eyes and said.

“Hmm, after hearing Brother Zhao saying so, I also think that the sword looks like Ma Quan’s sword.”

Da Hu also said in surprise.

“Do you think they can win?”

Xiao Ting asked again.

“It’s hard to tell.
Wang Liuping used up quite a lot of his Vitality when he was fighting against me just now.
If he used up all his Vitality, it’s possible that he can’t win the fight if the two young men team up to attack him.”

During the discussions, the three of them were still fighting viciously.

Damn it, this can’t go on forever.
These two boys are planning to use up all my Vitality.

Wang Liuping had a solemn look on his face.
The strength of these two young men was indeed abnormal, especially Mu Feng.
His explosive force was already comparable to that of a low-ranked Zi Fu level cultivator.

I’ll end this now!

Wang Liuping’s eyes were cold and he channeled most of the remaining Vitality from his veins into the sword in his hands.

“Star Sword Chant!”

Wang Liuping roared angrily.
He stepped forward and stabbed out his sword.
Suddenly, more than 10 golden swords appeared, all of which were aimed at Mu Feng and Mu Kuang.

“Damn it, fall back!”

Mu Feng’s expression changed as he shouted loudly.

Both of them fell back immediately.
Sword Qi can shoot out seven or eight meters away, so both of them used their weapons to block the attacks.

Mu Feng was very agile.
He managed to dodge three swords, but there were still two swords aiming at his head and abdomen.

Swift Wind Steps!

Mu Feng closed his eyes and smelled a trace of death.
At this moment, his body twisted into a zigzag shape according to the position of the two Sword Qi.
The Sword Qi brushed across his nose.
He managed to dodge the two attacks!

He finally managed to cultivate his Swift Wind Steps to the highest level, Yuan Man!

However, Mu Kuang wasn’t as agile as him.
He managed to avoid several attacks, but two of the attacks stabbed at his chest and calf respectively.

Kachakk! Kachakk!

Blood splattered out at two spots of Mu Kuang’s body.
Wang Liuping grinned widely and stabbed towards Mu Feng’s head!

This strike came right after Mu Feng dodged the Sword Qi.
Mu Feng was able to avoid the strike in time, but Wang Liuping slapped his chest with his other palm.


Mu Feng’s chest felt like it was hit by a hammer.
He spat out a mouthful of blood and stepped back a few steps.

“Go to hell, you little brat!”

Wang Liuping shouted angrily and dashed as fast as lightning towards Mu Feng with his sword.
It was difficult for Mu Feng to dodge this attack as he just suffered a blow on his chest.

“Uh oh, be careful!”

The expression on Zhao Chen and his men changed.
They wanted to help, but they felt that it was too late.

“Brother Feng!”

At this moment, Mu Kuang shouted angrily and crashed into Wang Liuping’s body like a bull.


Wang Liuping was sent flying several meters away.
He rolled on the ground briefly and stood back up immediately.
He looked at Mu Kuang in astonishment.

How could he still move about after being stabbed by two Sword Qi? Just what kind of monster is he?

“Gale Knife Chant!”

At the same time, Mu Feng dashed over with his sword in his hand.
His body twisted and rotated swiftly in mid-air while the sword in his hand came striking like a gale.
Each strike was faster than before!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Wang Liuping raised his sword and kept blocking the attacks, but Mu Feng’s strikes were just too fast, it was as if Mu Feng’s blade had turned into a raging storm.
The non-stop attacks made Wang Liuping’s hands numb.

In just one second, Mu Feng struck more than 10 times with his sword.


Finally, under the continuous onslaught of strikes, Wang Liuping’s sword was sent flying.
The last strike came to him instantly.

“Go to hell, you treacherous little man!”


Wang Liuping’s expression changed and there was a flash of blood in his eyes.


The sword struck his head, splitting his skull open.
Blood and cerebrospinal fluid splattered everywhere.


Wang Liuping’s body fell to the ground and the young man’s sword was dripping blood!

“Brother Wang!”

The remaining two men who witnessed the whole scene were stunned, and their eyes were full of horror.
They then looked at the young man who wielded the sword and showed a trace of horror.


They turned and ran away immediately!

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