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Chapter 43: The Demon’s Blood

At the boundaries of the Nan Ling Kingdom, Tian Feng Kingdom, and Da Yuan Kingdom, there was a place called Tian Yun valley.

Tian Yun valley was hundreds of meters wide and a hundred miles long.
In Tian Yun valley, there was a Wudo academy that was well-known among the three kingdoms called the Royal Wudo Academy.

The Royal Wudo Academy was one of the most famous academies among the three kingdoms, with tens of thousands of students studying there.
There were many remarkable students in the academy.
It was a top-notch academy among the three kingdoms that taught cultivation methods and Wudo Forms.
Every year, a large number of disciples was recruited from the three kingdoms to undergo Wudo cultivation in the academy.

Every single disciple was considered a rare talent and, as long as one was not expelled and could graduate normally from the Royal Wudo Academy, every graduate would be eagerly sought by the three kingdoms.

Inside the academy, magnificent buildings and terraces stood tall, just like a small city of its own.

A girl dressed in a blue-colored martial arts dress was standing outside an exquisitely designed monastery.
She bit her lip and there was a trace of hesitation in her eyes.
However, as soon as she thought of the determined look on the young man’s face, she decided to knock on the door.

“Come in.”

A woman’s voice rang out from the courtyard.
Mu Linger pushed the door open and smelled a strange fragrance.

The courtyard was very large and had several medicinal gardens in it.
There were many precious herbs growing from each of these medicinal gardens.
There were many kinds of herbs, and together they formed canvas of many colors.
Each and every one of them was a valuable medicinal herb that was very hard to find outside.

Mu Linger entered the courtyard and slowly walked towards the room inside.
An old lady dressed in grey was slowly practicing a set of martial arts.

The old lady had a thin face and grey hair.
There was a faint shade of green in her eyes.
The skin on her face looked like dried orange, and she looked a bit scary.

“I wish to seek an audience with the cold pharmacist.”

Mu Linger bowed and said with the utmost respect.

“Oh, it’s Linger.
What’s the matter? Have you thought about my condition?”

The old lady stopped her practice, looked at Linger, and asked.
Her voice was hoarse and unpleasant.

“As long as you can give me the panacea for the restoration of meta-pulses, I-I’m willing to cultivate that cultivation method.”

Mu Linger bit her teeth and said.

“Very well.
This is the Yang Mai pill, a sixth-ranked panacea.
There aren’t many of these in the whole Bei Yuan region.

Upon hearing her words, the old lady smiled.
Her wrinkles gathered together like a chrysanthemum flower.
She then took out a jade-white bottle from her Qian Kun ring and gave it to Mu Linger.

Mu Linger took it and opened the bottle.
Inside the bottle, there was a thumb-sized, green colored pill that had six twisted red lines on it.
It was indeed a sixth-ranked panacea.
A sixth-ranked panacea was probably worth no less than a million gold coins.

“It really is a sixth-ranked panacea! Little Feng, there’s hope for your injury.”

Mu Linger was very excited.
She then put the medicine away and bowed down to the old lady. 

“Okay, now that you have the pill, follow me.”

The old lady said.
After that, she turned and walked into the room.
Mu Linger hurried after her and stepped into a black stone chamber.

Inside the stone chamber, there was a pond filled with water.
The liquid inside the pond was dark red in color and was furiously bubbling.
It looked quite scary.

“Take off your clothes and step into the pond.
No matter how painful it is, you must bear it and cultivate according to the method that I taught you.”

The old lady said calmly.

Mu Linger nodded and took off her belt and robe.
Her fair skin was revealed and her slim body was exposed to the air.

Mu Linger walked towards the pond with her slender legs.
She endured the gross feeling and stepped into the blood red pond.

She sat cross-legged in the blood pond and immediately felt very hot, as though she was sitting in boiling water.

Mu Linger clenched her teeth and started to cultivate her Vitality according to the cultivation method that she had learned from the old lady.

The old lady took out a jade bottle and poured out a drop of liquid.
A drop of dark gold colored liquid dripped into the pond.
It was a Blood Seed!

This drop of Blood Seed contained extremely powerful energy.
As soon as it dripped into the pond, the dark red liquid instantly started to boil even more rapidly.

A gush of sanguine energy started channeling into Mu Linger’s body.
All Mu Linger felt was as though hot oil was pouring into her body, and she felt excruciating pain.


Her terrifying scream echoed in the stone chamber, as she could not bear the pain.

“Bear with it, if you fail, I will take back the pill that I gave you!”

The old lady said coldly.

“I-I can still endure it.
Please don’t take back the panacea, I need it to save my little brother.”

Upon hearing her words, Mu Linger gritted her teeth and continued her cultivation.

The energy from the Blood Seed in the pond poured into Mu Linger’s body.
She felt so much pain that her beautiful face was distorted in agony.

However, she thought of him, the determined young man, the little brother whom she loved the most.
It acted as a strong mental support for her.

She wanted to save him.
God had taken away his parents, but she would not let God deprive him the hope of becoming stronger.

As I expected, she’s able to absorb it.
This young girl was indeed born with a demonic spirit.
It’s a shame to see that this kind of demonic spirit was born in a human being.
I will now completely change your pulses, hehehe…

The old lady muttered to herself and grinned widely.


Drops of blood started to leak out from the surface of Mu Linger’s body and the sanguine liquid in the blood pond entered her body, replacing her original blood.
The drop of Blood Seed was also absorbed into her body.

“Cold pharmacist, it hurts a lot, what is this, ah…”

Mu Linger screamed and curled up in the blood pond.
One who had seen her trembling body would definitely pity her.

“This is the noblest blood among all races.
You will be completely reborn.
Enjoy yourself.”

The old lady laughed coldly.

Mu Linger’s blood was drained out and replaced by a sanguine liquid.
After some time, the sanguine liquid in the pond was completely absorbed by Mu Linger.

To one’s surprise, there were several black lines on her snow-white skin that looked terrifying.
Her nails had also transformed into sharp claws.
She felt a sharp pain in her back as her back muscles tore apart.
She now has a pair of black wings, and her hair became dark-red as well.

At the same time, her cultivation had leaped from Zi Fu Fourth Sky to Zi Fu Ninth Sky!

Mu Linger stared at her pair of black wings in horror and was stunned when she saw her nails that were sharp like claws. 

“Wh-why did I become like this? This isn’t me, it’s not me, it’s not me…”

Mu Linger could not believe the changes made to her body.
She held her knees and cried in the blood pond…

“Hahaha, it’s a success! I succeeded in transforming her blood!”

Meanwhile, the old lady looked at Mu Linger who was crying and burst out in laughter.
She looked at Mu Linger and said: “Don’t cry, my darling.
This is demon’s blood; it’s much nobler than the blood of a human being.”

She was thrilled and started talking nonsense.
She looked at Mu Linger intently with her fiery eyes.

Why did the old lady use the words ‘human being’? Who exactly was she?

On the other hand, Mu Feng had no idea what his sister had gone through in order to save him.

There is a kind of emotion, known as familial love.
This kind of affection can cause people to sacrifice unconditionally for a person…  

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