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Chapter 44: Back to the Zi Fu Level


An angry roar rang out from the forest.
With swords in their hands, two young men encountered a sanguine furred tiger in the depths of the An Nan mountains.

The tiger was 10 feet long with bloody red fur.
It let out a ferocious roar and had two dagger-like saber teeth that made people shudder at the look of it.

A Zi Fu level Xiong Beast, the Blood Tiger!

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang exchanged a glance.
They then charged towards the Blood Tiger from both sides at the same time.

The Blood Tiger watched the two of them charging forward with a disdainful look in its golden eyes.
It then leapt towards Mu Feng.

It managed to fly seven or eight meters in just one leap.
The Blood Tiger opened its big mouth and prepared to swallow these two guys who provoked its dignity up whole.

Mu Feng suddenly jumped back, causing the Blood Tiger to bite nothing but thin air.
At the same time, he struck his sword down heavily on the Blood Tiger.

The Blood Tiger gave Mu Feng a swipe of its claw but its swipe was blocked by Mu Feng’s sword, creating a clanging sound of metal.

The huge strength of the Blood Tiger caused Mu Feng to stumble a few steps back.

“Kill it!”

At this moment, Mu Kuang also struck down on the Blood Tiger’s head with his knife.
The strike was very powerful.

However, the Blood Tiger’s tail swept at Mu Kuang’s chest like a steel whip, ripping his shirt apart.
A bloody gash was formed on Mu Kuang’s chest, and the huge force sent him flying.

“Gale Knife Chant!”

At this point, Mu Feng raised his knife and jumped up.
He twisted his body in mid-air by using his waist muscles and struck down at the Blood Tiger.

In the end, the Blood Tiger was not a human being, so it didn’t know how to block complex Wudo Form attacks.
Several gashes were formed on its body, causing it to roar in pain.

“Tong Mai Punch!”

Suddenly, Mu Feng kept his sword and threw out a punch instead.
He channeled the Vitality from his Meta-Pulses into his fist and viciously punched the Blood Tiger’s head.
The punch emitted a white light and the sound of his bones cracking was heard.


The punch sent the 400 kilogram Blood Tiger flying almost five meters away.
It spat out a mouthful of blood and would not be able to get up for a while.

“Kill it now!”

Mu Feng brutally stabbed his sword into the Blood Tiger’s skull, instantly ending its life and its suffering.

Mu Kuang stood up, patted the dust and dirt off of himself, and looked at Mu Feng in shock.
He was completely fine even after suffering a blow from the tiger’s swipe on his chest.

“Brother Feng, the strength of your punch is so terrifying.
I’m afraid that even a Zi Fu Third Sky cultivator would suffer serious injuries, if they didn’t die, after being hit by one of your punches.”

Mu Kuang exclaimed.

Mu Feng smiled faintly.
The explosive force from the Vitality in his twelve Meta-Pulses was already much stronger than that of a normal Zi Fu level cultivator.

However, his Vitality can only be released up to a certain distance.

“I’ll make good use of this Blood Tiger.”

Mu Feng said with a laugh.
Mu Kuang nodded and had no objections.
He then stood guard for Mu Feng.

Mu Feng was eager to increase his strength.
He began absorbing the Blood Tiger’s Blood Qi immediately.
At the same time, he took out the white egg and put it aside.

Most of the Blood Qi that was cultivated entered Mu Feng’s body.
The remaining small portion of the Blood Qi was absorbed by the white colored Jiao Python egg.

Meanwhile, the damaged Zi Fu Dantian that was located in Mu Feng’s abdomen started to recover under the nourishment of the Blood Qi…

Both of them stayed in the An Nan mountains for another half a month.
They managed to hunt and kill several Xiong Beasts.
With the help of the Qing Yuan fruit, Mu Kuang managed to reach a higher ranked Zi Fu level than he expected.
He was very happy for quite some time.

His higher ranking Zi Fu Dantian was thanks to the Blood-burning Body cultivation method that he trained in.

The Zi Fu Dantian was further divided into a few classes.
The highest rank was known as Ji Pin, followed by upper, middle, and lower ranks.

A higher class meant a larger volume to store Vitality.

For example, the amount of Vitality that a lower ranked Zi Fu Dantian was able to store was only enough to use a Wudo Form three times.
A middle rank Zi Fu Dantian would be able to use the same Wudo Form six times, as the storage capacity of the middle rank was twice that of the lower rank.
For an upper ranked Zi Fu Dantian, the storage volume was three times as much, and a Ji Pin ranked Zi Fu Dantian could hold four times as much as a lower ranked cultivator.

Previously, Mu Feng had an upper ranked Zi Fu Dantian.

The Zi Fu Dantian rank that one could reach depended on their cultivation method, the grade of their Yuan Gu, and their individual physique.

A cultivator who had a level three or four Yuan Gu would not reach a high ranking, even if he managed to reach Zi Fu Ninth Sky.
The highest rank that he could get would be a lower rank Zi Fu Dantian.

According to this, Mu Kuang was only capable of having a middle ranked Zi Fu Dantian, but he had an upper-ranked Zi Fu Dantian instead.
That’s the reason why he was overjoyed.

By reaching the Zi Fu level, Mu Kuang could be said to have formally stepped on the path of cultivation to become a real Wudo cultivator.
He could now release Vitality from his body and kill a person without actually touching them.

On the other hand, Mu Feng had reached Tong Mai Twelfth Sky and, after absorbing the Blood Qi of three Xiong Beats and several Man Beats, finally restored his Zi Fu Dantian.

There was a purplish area that stored Vitality inside Mu Feng’s Dantian.
The storage volume was four times that of a normal Zi Fu level cultivator!

As expected, his Zi Fu Dantian was restored to a higher rank than it was before.
He had a Ji Pin ranked Dantian!

Even so, he was still just a Zi Fu First Sky cultivator.
The Vitality in his twelve Meta-Pulses flooded out like water from a broken dam and poured into the storage area of his Zi Fu Dantian.
A white-colored gas whirled within it!

Now, he had reached Zi Fu First Sky.

Zi Fu level, one whirl for one sky!

What did that mean? It meant that when a cultivator advanced a Sky level, he would have another Qi Cyclone.
If a cultivator reached the Ninth Sky, he would have nine Qi Cyclones in his Dantian. 

For Mu Feng, his Qi Cyclone was obviously much bigger and denser than a normal one.
This was because his Zi Fu dantian was a higher rank and his cultivation skills were better.


Two beams of white-colored light flashed across Mu Feng’s eyes when he opened them.

A wide smile spread across Mu Feng’s resolute face.

The Zi Fu level.
I, Mu Feng, have finally returned back to this level.
Wan Er, did you know? Once again, I’m at Zi Fu level.
Zhao Heng, you’ll have to apologize to me in the future.

Mu Feng clenched his fist in excitement.

“Brother Feng, your Zi Fu Dantian is restored?”

Mu Kuang also asked with a hint of excitement.


Mu Feng smiled and nodded.

After that, he took out a lower-ranked Yuan Sword.
The Qi Cyclone in his Zi Fu Dantian whirled, and a gush of Vitality was channeled into his Meta-Pulses.
He raised his sword and struck at a thigh-thick pine tree that was two meters away.

“Blazing Knife Chant!”

The Vitality started burning inside his Meta-Pulses, turning into red flames.
A gush of red-colored Vitality chopped towards the pine tree.


The pine tree was directly chopped in half.
Even though the gush of red-colored Vitality had just cut a tree in half, it still managed to travel another three meters before dissipating!

“What a powerful force!”

Mu Feng was slightly shocked.
The power of his strike was much stronger than that of a normal Zi Fu level cultivator.

The Blazing Knife Chant was a Huang class, lower-ranked fire attribute chant that Mu Feng had practiced before.
Along with class and rank, Wudo Forms were also categorized by their attributes.
The Vitality emitted when executing a Wudo Form would change according to the attribute that the Wudo Form was classified as.

Vitality itself didn’t have its an attribute, hence it could be transformed into any other attribute in order to match with a Wudo Form.

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