Chapter 4: The Boy’s Tear

Leaves turned yellow and fluttered to the ground in the breeze.
It is autumn.
Some leaves fell on the newly-built white marble tombs, instilling a feeling of gloom and desolation.

All sons with ranks who died in the battlefield are buried in family Mu’s cemetery.

In front of a big gravestone marked General Mu, a boy dressed in white, mourning kneels and he throws some paper ghost money into a basin.

“Father, why did you leave our family so soon? Father, you are the man I admired most, but I never thought you would leave me one day.”

Mu Feng kneels in front of the gravestone, he looks at it and cries.
He is a boy that almost never cries, but now he can’t stop his tears from falling out.

“You told me once, every soldier should be proud of dying on the battlefield.
But, that baseman Nan Hao framed us! It is him that led us to fail and he is responsible for all the lives of our soldiers.
It is him that killed you!”

“Father, I promise, one day, I will bring honor back to you, to the 20,000 soldiers, I shall not be a true man until I kill that baseman!”

The boy says with the gnashing of his teeth, his words are full of hatred and murderous intent.

The black ring on his finger emits a light and a bottle of wine suddenly appears.

This ring is a low-ranked ring of Qian Kun, it is a very special ring forged by a blacksmith, there is a universe inside of the ring.

A low-ranked ring of Qian Kun is worth thousands of gold, they are only owned by the rich.

He pours two bowls of wine and puts them in front of the gravestone.
Then he picks up one bowl and stands up.
He looks around at the numerous newly-build tombstones, growling in a sad tone, “Rest in peace, all the brothers of Mu’s army.”

He drinks half of the wine in his bowl and spills the other half on the ground, “Mu’s army will never lose a battle, we only kill, kill and kill!”

The first kill shows great sorrow,

The second kill reveals unyielding spine,

The third kill means no regret even if we die nine times!

Mu Feng picks up the second bowl, “the second bowl is for my father, thank you for teaching me how to be a good man, for teaching me the meaning of a true man, the meaning of responsibility.
Father, please rest in peace, I will avenge you and all the brothers of Mu’s army.”

Mu Feng smashes the bowl on the ground, and he yells at the sky.

The Mu’s followers who are waiting outside the cemetery hears his sad growling, some cry, and some sigh.

“God, why do you treat me like this, why do you keep me alive but brake all my qi passageways? How can I revenge all the dead brothers with this broken body? You tell me how!”

Mu Feng punches the ground hard, and blood drips from his hand, his eyes are full of grudges.

He already knows that his, qi passageways are all broken.
The wudo exercisers depend on the qi passageways to absorb the spirits of the universe and practice their Qi.
Without the qi passageways, he is a crippled man.

The starting level of the journey of wudo exercise is called Tong Mai, there are twelve qi passageways in humans body, if a man can connect nine of them, he can reach the second level Zi Fu by storing much more Qi in his body.

The third level is Level of Ning Zhi, and the highest level is Yuan Dan, these four levels are levels acknowledged by many.
But, people are not sure if there is an existence of any other higher levels.
Each level includes nine skies.

Mu Feng once connected all the nine qi passageways at age 12 and reached the second sky of the level of Zi Fu at age 15, he is a well-known wudo genius.

But now, all his qi passageways are broken, all his wudo have been lost, and years of practice vanished.

“Why? What I have done to deserve this punishment?”

The young man punches the ground over and over again, he cries out, and only at this moment, he looks like a helpless teenage boy.

“Feng, please stop hurting yourself!”

The young man was embraced from behind by a pretty girl dressed in a white gown.
The girl is about 16 years old.

Her name is Yun Wan Qing, she and Mu Feng have been betrothal since the childhood.

“Wan Qing……“

Mu Feng calls her name softly, “what should I do? How can I avenge with this broken body?”

Mu Feng cries in her embrace, she has never seen him this fragile before.

“No, my dear, you have me.
No matter what happens, I will stay by your side and never leave, you are the breeze and I am a leaf in the air, the leaf will go anywhere the breeze blows.
Feng, hold up, you once said you will conquer a world for me, and I am still waiting.”

Yun Wan Qing sweeps his tears and embraces the broken boy, feeling like her heart is broken as well.


A young boy aged 17-18 years old comes, he wears a blue robe and has a handsome face.
He frowns when he sees this scene.

“Brother, why are you here?” Wan Qing is surprised by his presence.

This young man is Yun Yi, he is the little lord of Family Yun and the brother of Yun Wan Qing.

“Father wants you at home.”

He approaches her and starts to pull his sister away from Mu Feng.
He doesn’t even look at him.

Yun Wan Qing shakes off his hand and says firmly.

“No, I don’t want to leave!”
Yun Yi looks at Mu Feng disdainfully, and then firmly says, grasping his sister’s hand and this time she cannot shake it off.

“Stay with him? A crippled man? Father ordered me to bring you back!”

“Why? Father has permitted me to stay in the Mu family, I won’t leave!”

“Let her go!”

Mu Feng stands up and stars at Yun Yi, “Even if you are her brother, you have no right to force her to leave!”

Yun Yi laughs, “Mu Feng, there is no place here for you to say something, what are you going to do if I want to take her away from you? Are you still thinking you are the man you used to be? You are a cripple now, your relationship with my sister is over!”

Mu Feng used to overshadow Yun Yi, and Yun Yi always hated him for that.

“You are a loser now!”

Mu Feng is agitated by what he said, he punches him in the face, but Yun Yi dodges his fist easily, and then he kicks Mu Feng in the abdomen.
This kick is so hard that it forces Mu Feng to step back.

“Look, what a crippled man you have turned into, you can’t even stand up one kick of mine.
I didn’t even use my Qi!”

He says with a sneer.

“Mu Feng, you’d better understand your situation is now, the Mu’s Family situation now.
The prince of Nan Hao has an eye on your family.
My sister will not end up well if she continues staying in your family, and if you really care about her, leave her!”

He drags the weeping and struggling Wan Qing to leave, Mu Feng does not move, what Yun Yi said is like a knife stabbing into his heart, he grips his fists so tightly that his nails are cutting his flesh causing blood to drip down.

“There is no crippled man in the Mu family , the men of iron and blood will never yield, Wan Qing, I promise you I will never give up!”

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