Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 51: An Eternal Soul

“Shopkeeper, just who was that young man? He looked quite young, so I didn’t expect him to have so many valuable goods.”

The servant lady asked curiously.

“I don’t know.
I’ve never seen him before.
I think we should send somebody to check out his family background.
From what I could see, he’s wasn’t just an ordinary young man, as normal teenagers wouldn’t have a Qian Kun ring at his age.
We should be more respectful to him if he comes to our shop again.”

Shopkeeper Lee narrowed his eyes and said.
The corner of his lips curled up slightly when he saw Wang Yue and his men following Mu Feng out of the shop.

With his hands behind his back, Mu Feng glanced at the three guys who were tailing him and smiled.

He then walked into a deserted alley.

Wang Yue and his men were delighted when they saw Mu Feng doing so.
They immediately hurried over and continued to follow him.

After walking deeper into the alley, Mu Feng stopped, turned around to face them, and said calmly: “May I ask why you guys are following me? Is there something that you wish to tell me?”

“Haha, hey kiddo.
I didn’t know that you were that rich.
Since you defied me just now, I’ll tell you a little something that you should probably know.
To be honest with you, I’m actually the second little lord from one of the three upper-ranked families in An Nan city — the Wang family.
I hate to say this, but I’m sure you’re aware of the consequences that come from defying me.
Give me your Tong Bao gold card and we can let bygones be bygones.”

Wang Yue said with a cold laugh.

There were more than 10,000 gold coins in Mu Feng’s Tong Bao gold card, which was not a small amount.
An ordinary person would be able to live wealthily with this amount of money.

Although Wang Yue was a Little Lord, he wasn’t that rich.

Mu Feng laughed and said: “Oh, so that’s the reason why you guys followed me.
You want my Tong Bao gold card? Come and take it then, it’s right here.”

Mu Feng slipped the card between his fingers and said with a laugh.

“Ooh, so you do understand what’s going on.
Go and get it for me.”

Wang Yue was delighted and asked one of his men to retrieve it for him.

The guy was dressed in black robes and it seemed that his cultivation had reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.
He grinned, walked towards Mu Feng, and grabbed him by the collar.

At that moment, Mu Feng grabbed hold of the Tong Bao gold card, and with a flick of his finger, he shot a burst of Vitality out, slicing the guy’s palm.


A trace of golden light flashed across the guy’s palm suddenly.
Surprisingly, the Tong Bao gold card had actually turned into a sharp blade, leaving a long gash across the guy’s palm.


The guy screamed in pain.
Although he narrowly avoided getting his entire palm cut in half, all his fingers except his thumb still ended up being sliced off.
Blood gushed out profusely while he held his hand and continued to scream in pain.

“You brat, how dare you!”

Wang Yue shouted furiously.
The other guy that had come with Wang Yue let out a battle cry, pulled out a knife that was strapped to his waist, and dashed towards Mu Feng.

“Tong Mai Punch!”

The Qi cyclone in Mu Feng’s body began to swirl, and a gush of Vitality instantly poured out from his 12 Meta-pulses, all of it gathering at his fist.

Crack! Crack! Crack…!

Twelve crisp sounds rang out, and a white-colored punch landed right on the guy’s chest.


The guy was sent flying nearly seven meters away, and when he landed he spat out a mouthful of blood.
While looking at Mu Feng in horror, he held his chest and felt that his ribs were broken.

“Zi-Zi Fu level?!”

Wang Yue was stunned, and he also stared at Mu Feng in horror. 

They weren’t stunned because they saw a Zi Fu level cultivator; they were stunned because it was very rare for someone that was Mu Feng’s age to reach the Zi Fu level.

Wang Yue was terrified.
Looking at Mu Feng, who was now approaching him, he immediately took a few steps back.
Wang Yue’s cultivation had only reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky, so he knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance against a Zi Fu level cultivator.


Wang Yue turned and ran for his life.
However, a gush of Vitality burst out from beneath Mu Feng’s feet, propelling him an entire eight meters in just a single leap.
With just a few steps, he caught up to Wang Yue and stopped right in front of him.
He looked at him and said coldly: “Young master, I thought you wanted my Tong Bao gold card?”

“I-I don’t want it anymore.
Do-don’t come near me…”

Terrified, Wang Yue kept retreating.
However, Mu Feng dashed towards him, grabbed him by the neck, and lifted him up in mid-air.
Mu Feng then said coldly: “Next time, be sure to choose the right guy to bully.”

Just after Mu Feng finished his sentence, he gave Wang Yue a tight slap on his face and threw him seven or eight meters away.
Mu Feng then left the scene.

“You brat…”


A hint of hatred flashed across Wang Yue’s eyes while he crawled on the floor, looking at Mu Feng’s receding figure.

Meanwhile, at a nearby corner, a trace of fear flashed across the eyes of a man who was ordered to keep an eye on Mu Feng.

After the incident, Mu Feng finally returned back to the branch family’s mansion.
He gave Mu Kuang, Bai Ziyue, and Mu Lan each a bottle of Pei Yuan pills.

There were only 10 pills inside a bottle, but four bottles of Pei Yuan pills costed more than 1,000 gold coins.
One could see just how valuable the Pei Yuan pills were.
As for the remaining money in the Tong Bao gold card, Mu Feng gave Mu Kuang and Bai Ziyue 2,000 gold coins each.
He then went into the penetralia inside his room and began to learn about runes.

Right after Mu Feng channeled his Vitality into the Asura Jade Pendant, the pendant started emitting sanguine light, and a golden beam shot out of the pendant.
A figure appeared inside the penetralia.

Looking at the figure, Mu Feng was dumbfounded. 

What a gorgeous looking lady!

Standing before him was a lady dressed in a long, white dress.
She had a photogenic, oval face that framed a pair of eyes that were enticing, yet still crystal clear, and her complexion had an impeccable snow-white hue.
She looked very elegant, which caused people to both admire her and feel ashamed at the same time.
Apart from her elegance, she had a cold and arrogant look that had a hint of intelligence, which could also make men fall head over heels for her.

Looking at Mu Feng who couldn’t avert his gaze from her, a trace of complacency flashed across Xi Yue’s face.

“Yu-Yue Er?”

After quite some time, Mu Feng finally asked her.

“Yes, it’s me!”

“You’re so beautiful.
Are you really just a Magical Spirit of the Asura Jade Pendant?”

Mu Feng asked in a daze.

“Well, to be honest, I wasn’t a Magical Spirit at first, but I could say that I am one now, I guess.”

Xi Yue hesitated for a moment before replying.

Mu Feng was confused and asked: “What do you mean by that? You weren’t a Magical Spirit back then, but now you are?”

“The Asura Jade Pendant was seriously damaged before, so the real Magical Spirit was destroyed.
As for me, I’m just a Primordial Spirit who lives in the Asura Jade Pendant, and I can only alter some of the basic functions of the pendant.”

Xi Yue explained.

“I still don’t really understand what you mean.”

Mu Feng shook his head.

“There will be a day where you’ll understand.
Mu Feng, can you promise me something?”

Xi Yue bit her lip and said.

“What’s that? Just tell me.”

“If there comes a day where you have reached the peak of cultivation, and you have also reached level eight in your Rune cultivation, can you help me to condense a physical body?”

Xi Yue said.

“Haha, of course! If I, Mu Feng, reach the peak of cultivation one day, I swear that I’ll help you, no matter what!”

Mu Feng said with a laugh, his eyes gleaming with determination.

One day, I must reach the peak of cultivation!

“That’s great to know.
Thanks in advance.”

Xi Yue smiled warmly.
Her smile was like a breeze of spring in the penetralia, melting Mu Feng’s heart once again.

“Yo-you’re welcome.”

Mu Feng returned to his senses and said awkwardly.

“Well, now then, let me test your Soul Energy level and we shall see whether you’re able to carve runes or not.”

With that being said, Xi Yue placed her porcelain palm on top of Mu Feng’s head and channeled her Spiritual Energy into Mu Feng’s soul.

Mu Feng instantly felt a sharp pain from his head.
Suprisingly, nine golden rings shone out from his soul.
After a short while, the rings vanished.

A trace of excitement flashed across Xi Yue’s face, and she pulled back her hand.

“So, how was it? Can I become a chiseler?”

Mu Feng asked hopefully.

“Yes, you can.
Your Soul Energy is very powerful.
Beginners like you are only required to reach level six, but yours has reached level nine.”

Xi Yue said with a laugh.

Upon hearing the results, Mu Feng was delighted and said: “If that’s the case, please teach me right now!”

He couldn’t wait to learn how to carve runes.

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