Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 52: Learning to be a Chiseler

“First, you’ll need to transform the Asura Jade Pendant into the Chisel of Shen Wen.
This is the transformation method.
Here are two level one Yuan Wen, master these first.”

Xi Yue poked at Mu Feng’s forehead and sent a wave of information into Mu Feng’s brain.

After processing the information, Mu Feng channeled his Vitality into the Asura Jade Pendant.
A golden light shone out and circled around the pendant, transforming the Asura Jade pendant into a one-foot-long, sanguine chisel that had a sharp, pointed tip.
A ring of golden-colored runes circled around the chisel.

After that, Mu Feng took out a piece of Beast leather tally paper and dipped the chisel into the Jing Ink.
To his surprise, the chisel started absorbing the Jing Ink.

He then concentrated all of his energy onto the chisel, and a sanguine liquid started leaking out of the chisel.

Not bad.
He could make his own ink on his first attempt.
It seems like he has talent in carving runes.

Xi Yue nodded her head and thought to herself while looking at Mu Feng.

Mu Feng picked up the chisel and started to carve on the piece of Beast leather tally paper.
Due to the fact that it was his first time carving, he couldn’t carve the Yuan Wen according to the method that Xi Yue taught him just now.
His Yuan Wen appeared sloppy, and he even tore the tally paper.

After a while, the first set of Yuan Wen were carved onto the tally paper, but it was obviously unusable.

He then carved another three sets of Yuan Wen, one after another, but none of them were a success.

“Haih, you’re so stupid.
How about this, I’ll enter your body and take control.
Pay close attention to how I do it.”

Xi Yue said with a sigh.

Actually, it wasn’t because Mu Feng was stupid.
Generally, in order to carve a set of Yuan Wen, one needed an immense amount of practice.
So, it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t succeed at his first attempt. 

Xi Yue then transformed into a beam of golden light and entered Mu Feng’s soul.
She was temporarily inhabiting Mu Feng’s body, and because of this she could control his hands to properly carve on the tally paper. 

Unlike Mu Feng’s clumsy attempts, she began to carve smoothly and swiftly.

Soon, an entire Yuan Wen was completely carved.

Mu Feng picked the tally paper up, channeled his Vitality into it, and threw it swiftly at a corner.


A loud boom resounded, and a blue-colored wave burst out from the tally paper with an astonishing force.
This force was even stronger than a punch from a Zi Fu level cultivator!

“Wow! That’s awesome!”

Mu Feng was stunned.

“Hehe, this is only the strength of a level one Water Explosive Yuan Wen.
Do you have a vague idea of just how powerful a chiseler is now? If there comes a day where you can carve Shen Wen, you would have enough power to destroy a whole planet!”

Xi Yue flew out from Mu Feng’s body and said proudly.

“Remember how I carved the Yuan Wen just now, and keep practicing.”

Mu Feng nodded, took out another piece of tally paper, and started carving again.
Although he still failed, he had improved significantly. 

He practiced on his own for a while, and then Xi Yue entered his body and guided him again.
After repeating this several times, the action of carving this Yuan Wen began to feel like muscle memory.

After a while, there were only seven tally papers left out of the initial five dozen.
These five dozen tally papers had cost him hundreds of gold coins, and aside from the ones that were carved by Xi Yue, all of his attempts had failed.

Mu Feng continued to practice by himself, and finally, after many attempts, he was able to carve the Yuan Wen smoothly and swiftly under Xi Yue’s constant guidance.
Strokes of Jing Ink started appearing on the tally paper.

He made the last stroke, and the sanguine Jing Ink actually emitted a blue-colored light, which was then absorbed into the tally paper.

Mu Feng was delighted: “Haha, I did it! Xi Yue, I finally succeeded!”

Mu Feng picked up the piece of tally paper and jumped about excitedly.

“Not bad.
By knowing at least one type of Yuan Wen, you could say that you’ve finally started your journey as a chiseler.
Go and get some weapons, I will now teach you how to carve runes on weapons.
To be a qualified level one chiseler, you must learn how to do that.”

Xi Yue nodded and said.

If somebody else knew about Mu Feng’s progress rate, they would probably be shocked to death.
It was impossible for someone to learn how to carve a type of Yuan Wen in just one day.
Other people might have to spend months, and a hefty sum of money too.

Anyways, this was because Mu Feng’s teacher, Xi Yue, was really extraordinary, as she could actually enter his body and guide him.
In addition, he had outstanding comprehension, which was another important factor that contributed to his success.

Mu Feng nodded and finished carving the rest of the tally papers.
Right when the last set of Yuan Wen was carved out, Mu Feng blacked out and fainted in the penetralia.

Rune carving consumed a lot of energy.
It was only possible for Mu Feng to carve five dozen pieces of Yuan Wen in one sitting because he had powerful Soul Energy.

A warm smile spread across Xi Yue’s face as she looked at Mu Feng who was sleeping soundly in the penetralia.
This trace of warmth seemed to have a hint of familial affection… or maybe not.

“Aunt Xin, please rest assured.
Feng will definitely become a good man in the future…”

The next day, Mu Feng woke up and did some stretching exercises.
After a good night’s sleep, he was as energetic as before.
He then walked out of the penetralia, went to a weapon shop in An Nan city, and bought more than 10 types of high quality weapons.

These weapons used up most of his remaining gold coins.

After buying the weapons, he went back into his penetralia, and Xi Yue began to teach him how to carve runes on weapons.

He then made deep marks on the weapons, as the chisel was very sharp, and the Jing Ink started flowing into the marks.

After he finished carving, the snow-white sword he was carving on actually snapped in half!

As expected, he failed on his first attempt.

Xi Yue entered Mu Feng’s body once again and showed him how to carve runes on weapons.
The main function of these level one Weapon Runes was to enhance the Vitality that was being channeled into the weapons.
With the enhancement of Vitality, the attack power of a weapon was greatly increased.

As time ticked away, one weapon after another ended up a failure.
However, Mu Feng persevered and kept on carving until he was too tired to continue.
He then meditated and rested for a short while.
Once he regained some energy, he continued to carve the rest of the weapons.

In one of the weapon shops in An Nan city.

 “Hey, what the hell is wrong with the Mu family?! Why are the weapons that I ordered long ago not here yet?! Are you lying to me? I’ve already paid the deposit! Give me back my money!”

There was a commotion outside one of the Mu family’s weapons shop.

“I’m so sorry, everyone.
I promise that your weapons will arrive soon, can you please wait for a few more days? Just a few more days…”

A middle-aged man dressed in grey said apologetically.

“Bullshit! I’ve already waited for more than half a month! Could it be that the Mu family actually plans to steal our money?! I demand a refund! Give me back my money!”


A muscular middle-aged man grabbed the middle-aged shopkeeper by the collar and shouted furiously.

“We demand a refund!”

The others shouted as well.

Outside the weapons shop, in a private room on the second floor of a teahouse, a one-armed young man was hugging a beautiful girl while looking at the ruckus below.
A trace of coldness flashed across his eyes and he smiled.

“The Mu family… Don’t think that our Huang family doesn’t dare to deal with you.
So what if you have the support from a powerful main family? I will make sure that you guys can no longer do business in An Nan city.
This is what you get by offending the Huang family.
You reap what you sow.”

The young man said coldly and his eyes gleamed with hatred and evilness.

At the same time, there was another commotion in front of a  Mu family herbal medicine shop. 


“Hmph, I will give you a grace period of three more days.
If I still don’t get my weapons by then, I will smash your shop into pieces!”

After a series of curses and rants, the group of people eventually left the shop.
The middle-aged man tugged at his clothes and sighed deeply.

“If those weapons are still not here by then, it seems that our family’s reputation in An Nan city will be damaged forever.”

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