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Chapter 55: Throw the Bait to Lure the Fish

Swoosh! Swish! Swoosh!

In the courtyard, Mu Feng pointed his fingers like a sword as he furiously jabbed at a small pot of hot iron sand.
A swirl of Vitality surrounded his fingers.

In the midst of continuous jabbing, impurities that were contained inside the small meridians in the fingers were being discharged due to the friction generated by the iron sand.
Under the nourishment of Vitality, these small meridians were being opened-up one by one.

This was an extremely painful process where one could feel the continuous pain coming from the nerves of one’s fingers.

However, Mu Feng gritted his teeth to endure the pain and kept on cultivating.

There was no such thing as a genius in this world.
To get results, one must put in tremendous effort.

What is a genius? A genius is someone who can endure more pain than the others; a genius is someone who is willing to sacrifice his time and energy.

After an hour of cultivation, Mu Feng’s fingers were covered in blood.
Only then did he stop cultivating and start soaking his fingers in a basin that was filled with medicinal water made of Hu Gu Grass instead.

The medicinal water nourished his fingers, and he instantly felt a numbing, cooling sensation.

After soaking his fingers for half an hour, almost all of the medicinal effect was absorbed, and the water in the basin became crystal clear.

After that, Mu Feng took his knife out and began to cultivate the Tyrant Tiger Knife Skill!

He bent down slightly, like a tiger that was about to pounce on its prey.
Suddenly, he dashed forward with his knife while concentrating his Vitality onto the Weapon Runes that were carved by him onto the Yuan Item.
He then struck down at a training dummy that was wrapped in iron plates.


A golden beam of light instantly struck the dummy, leaving a shallow mark.
The Vitality was then dispersed into thin air.

Mu Feng frowned, as he was not satisfied with the power of the strike.

“It seems that you haven’t understood the underlying meaning of the Tyrant Tiger Knife Skill.
You’ve only assumed the form of a tiger, but you didn’t display the ferociousness and wildness of a tiger.
That’s why you couldn’t exert the real power of this Tyrant Tiger Knife Skill.”

At this moment, Xi Yue said to Mu Feng telepathically.

“I’ve only assumed a tiger form, but didn’t display it’s ferocity…”

Mu Feng thought deeply about that sentence and continued to strike down at the metal dummy, hoping that he would realize the true meaning of the skill.

In the afternoon, he started to cultivate his punching skill, the Nine Flames Punch, which was taught by Xi Yue.

This punching skill was a fire attribute Wudo Form.
Its explosive strength was astounding, and it was an upper-ranked Xuan-class Wudo Form.
It was also the most powerful Wudo Form that Mu Feng have ever learned, so it was very difficult to master as well.

In the morning, he cultivated the fingering technique and the Tyrant Tiger Knife Skill, while in the evening, he cultivated the Nine Flames Punch.
Then, he studied runes for another hour at night.
After that, he meditated, cultivated his inner energy, and even ate a medicinal pill to strengthen his Vitality.
The clock ticked away as he spent a few days of cultivating.

After a few days, Mu Hai came into Mu Feng’s courtyard looking for him.

“Little Feng, I’m very sorry, but I need your help again.
It may take up a few days of your time.”

Mu Hai said with a hint of embarrassment.

“You need my help in rune carving?”

Mu Feng said with a smile.
He knew about Mu Hai’s intentions.

“Yes, that’s right.
We received a large order yesterday, and we’re required to carve 40 Yuan Items.”

Again, Mu Hai said with a hint of embarrassment.

“40 Yuan Items?!”

Mu Feng exclaimed.
He frowned and said: “Uncle Hai, how many were we required to carve in the previous orders?”

“Hmm, in the past, we used to receive around 20 orders a month.
Then, we would send all the orders to a chiseler in An Xi city for rune carving.
What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong?”

Mu Hai asked.

“Back then, we only received about 20 orders or so in a month.
But now, we received 40 orders in just a day.
I think something is up.”

Mu Feng said with a frown.

Upon hearing his words, Mu Hai fell silent, drowned in his thoughts.
He was overjoyed when he heard that they had received so many orders, so it didn’t occur to him that something fishy might be going on.
After hearing what Mu Feng said, he too felt that something was up.

“Wait a minute, could it be…”

Mu Hai’s eyes gleamed and he seemed to realize something.

“It’s possible.”

Mu Feng nodded, squinted his eyes, and said: “Uncle Hai, I’m sure you’ve suspected that it was somebody from An Nan city who was behind the robbery a while ago, right?”

Mu Hai said: “Yeah, I suspect that the mastermind behind the robbery is from one of the upper-class families, but I can’t be sure.
If it really is like you said, this round of orders is very likely bait that is meant to lure us into a trap.”

Mu Feng nodded and said: “Yes, that’s what I thought.
There is no other explanation for the large order that we just received.”

“Hmph, just who do they think they are? They’ve already robbed us once, don’t tell me they plan to do it again?”

Mu Hai sneered coldly.

“Hehe, don’t be surprised, it’s very likely that that’s what they planned to do.
A long time ago, when I was in the army, my father once used the same method to defeat his enemy twice.
Why did the same method worked twice? That’s because the enemy thought that we wouldn’t reuse the same method in our next attack.”

“The same thing applies to this situation.
We were robbed once, so, as a result, we would definitely be more vigilant in the future.
Normally, people tend to think that their enemy wouldn’t use the same tactic twice, but it is that mentality itself that makes them careless, and it could even cause them to suffer another round of losses.”

Mu Feng said with a smile.
Although he was still young, his thinking was already very mature.
Upon hearing his words, Mu Hai can’t help but respect him even more.
Just like his father, who was the mightiest general in the Nan Ling kingdom, the young man himself was very wise and intelligent as well.

“Such wise thinking, Little Lord Feng.
I’m afraid that they’ve made a huge mistake trying to lure us out this time.
I will not send this batch of weapons to An Xi city anymore.”

Mu Hai said with a smile.

“No, we should still send the weapons to An Xi city like usual.
Since they plan to trick us like this, why don’t we use their plans against them? We may even find out who the mastermind behind all this is.”

A sly grin spread across Mu Feng’s face.

Mu Hai immediately understood what he meant and said: “I see.
If that’s the case, these orders…”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of it.
We need to be prepared for every scenario, since there’s still a chance that it’s not a trap.”

Mu Feng nodded and said.

I’ll take my leave now.”

Mu Hai clasped hands and left the courtyard.
He didn’t even realise that he was treating Mu Feng with even more respect now.

“Although I don’t like to play dirty tricks, it seems that I have no other choice.
To those who hurt my family, I, Mu Feng, will make sure that you suffer even more…” 


A golden light gleamed in Mu Feng’s eyes.

Conspiracies and dirty tricks were unavoidable in this world.
Although Mu Feng was a straight and honest young man, it didn’t mean that he didn’t know how to change.

The battle in Jiu Quan city had greatly influenced him.

A few days later, the Mu family loaded some weapon molds onto a cart and escorted them to An Xi city.
Meanwhile, Mu Feng spent most of his time carving, creating at least one weapon per day.
The success rate of his rune carving also improved significantly.

Whenever he was free, he would ride to the An Nan mountains with Mu Zhong and hunt down a few Xiong Beasts.
He would then absorb their Blood Qi and cultivate Vitality.
Mu Feng also channeled a portion of Vitality into the Beast Egg every time he cultivated.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed, and soon, it was the month of festivals.

Today, Mu Feng was cultivating in the penetralia.

Mu Feng was able to absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth at a much faster rate because he had just swallowed a whole bottle Pei Yuan pills.
There were a total of 10 pills in one bottle.
He soon managed to cultivate a tremendous amount of Vitality.

Meanwhile, the second Qi Cyclone is his Zi Fu dantian finally condensed!

This meant that his cultivation had reached Zi Fu Second Sky!

However, at this moment, something strange happened!

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