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Chapter 56: The Birth of Little Tian

At the same time of his second Qi Cyclone’s creation, there was a strong suction force from the Beast Egg beside Mu Feng.
It started to absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth, and even started absorbing Mu Feng’s Vitality as well.

This Beast Egg was none other than white-colored Jiao Python Egg.
However, after absorbing the Blood Qi that was cultivated by Mu Feng, sanguine stripes began to appear on the glossy egg shell, which made the egg look very beautiful.

The Vitality from Mu Feng’s Qi Cyclones kept channeling into the Beast Egg, and to his surprise, the thumping sound of heartbeat started coming from the egg!

Mu Feng was shocked at first, but he soon started to panic.
Due to the large amount of Vitality that was being absorbed, the newly condensed Qi Cyclone was about to collapse!

If the Qi Cyclone collapsed, it would mean that the past month of hard work would be in vain! His cultivation would also drop down to Zi Fu First Sky!

“This little fellow is about to hatch! Quick, produce a Blood Seed for me, and I will help to keep your body under control!”

Xi Yue said hastily.

Upon hearing her words, Mu Feng quickly bit his tongue.
From his seven Blood Seeds, he moved one to his tongue, and then dripped it out on his palm.

After absorbing the Blood Seed, Xi Yue took control of Mu Feng’s hands and started to draw a type of mysterious looking Yuan Wen onto the egg shell using the Chisel of Shen Wen.

At the same time, Mu Feng swallowed another bottle of Pei Yuan pills and continued cultivating his Vitality.
He then channeled the Vitality he cultivated into his Qi Cyclone to prevent it from collapsing.

Soon, a set of Yuan Wen was carved on the egg shell.
Xi Yue came out from Mu Feng’s body and started observing the egg.

A set of golden Yuan Wen was carved on the egg, and it was still absorbing Vitality.

The egg only stopped absorbing Vitality after Mu Feng gulped down another three bottles of Pei Yuan pills in a row.


Suddenly, the egg shell cracked open slightly.

Mu Feng stared at it curiously, with his eyes wide open.

Crack! Crack!

More cracks appeared, and it seemed that something was pushing the egg shell from within.


A piece of the egg shell fell onto the ground.
A small head popped out from the egg, and it began to observe its surroundings and the first person it saw, Mu Feng.

After a while, it emerged from the egg, and its slender body was soon slithering about in the penetralia.

“It-it’s a Jiao Python?!”

Mu Feng exclaimed.

It was a three-foot-long snake.
It’s whole body was covered in white scales, and there was a sanguine bump on its head, just like a small horn.
There was also a long and beautiful sanguine stripe running from its head to its tail.
Its eyes gleamed with a golden shade, seemingly displaying a trace of intelligence.

The snake started hissing right after it was born, and it soon slithered towards Mu Feng.
Mu Feng held out his hand, and it slithered right up to Mu Feng’s shoulder.
It then rubbed its head against Mu Feng’s cheek.

Mu Feng felt quite comfortable, as its scales were cold and smooth.
The snake even stuck out its tongue to lick his face after a while.

Surprisingly, its tongue was not the usual forked tongue, but it was a small human tongue instead!

“Haha, it’s so clingy towards humans!”

A tender feeling rose up in Mu Feng’s heart as he stroked its smooth scales.

Hiss! Hiss~!

After that, it slithered down from Mu Feng’s body.
It then slithered towards the egg shell and started devouring it.

“Yue Er, this little fellow doesn’t look like an ordinary Jiao Python to me.”

Mu Feng said.

“Hmm, it indeed has a much stronger will to live compared to ordinary Jiao Pythons.
See the sanguine stripe on its back? That’s an indication of the Jiaolong bloodline.
I think this little fellow is a mutant, and it’s very likely to evolve into a real Jiaolong.”

Xi Yue said.

“A Jiaolong?!”

A trace of excitement flashed across Mu Feng’s eyes when he heard what Xi Yue said.
The Jiaolong was a legendary Ling Beast that was one of the most powerful known beasts in existence.

“Oh, by the way, give it a name.”

Xi Yue said.

“Hmm, let’s call it Little Tian.”

Mu Feng said with a smile.
Upon hearing the name, a trace of sadness flashed across Xi Yue’s eyes, as she realized that this name was meant to commemorate his father.

After devouring the whole egg shell, the Jiao Python grew tremendously in size.

It was only three feet long when it was born, but now, it was more than two meters long.
It’s head also looked more like a Jiao Python’s, and the sanguine bump on its head was protruding even more than before.
The bump was obviously its Jiao Horn.

However, when the sanguine stripe on its back squirmed, its size shrunk back to three feet long again.
It then slithered up Mu Feng’s body once again and actually fell asleep in Mu Feng’s arms.
It had already marked Mu Feng’s warm embrace as its nest.

“This is indeed amazing.
It can even change its size.”

Mu Feng said in amazement as he gazed at the curled up snake in his arms.

“It becomes bigger in size when it wants to show-off its power, and smaller in size when it wants to hide from enemies.
Being able to change its size is an inborn talent of the Jiao Python bloodline.
I think it’s safe to assume that this little fellow is not an ordinary Jiao Python, but a Jiao instead.
However, its Blood Stripe will have to evolve once more for it to become a Jiaolong.”

Xi Yue said.

“I see.
Haha, I can’t wait for this little guy to transform into a Jiaolong and take me to fly over the horizon.”

Mu Feng said, his heart full of expectations and hope.
He then ended his cultivation for the day and walked out of the penetralia.

He had already finished making the 40 Yuan Items that were ordered last month.

Just as he walked out of the penetralia, Mu Zhong stepped into his courtyard with something to report.

“Little Lord, Lord Mu Hai wishes to see you.”

Mu Zhong said respectfully.

It seems that he’s prepared to go fishing.
Uncle Zhong, let’s go and meet him together.”

Mu Feng said this with a smile, and both of them started walking towards the main courtyard.

In the living hall.

“Little Feng, have you finished your cultivation?”

Mu Hai ordered the servants to serve tea while asking with a laugh.

Uncle Hai, is it time to make a move? That’s why you wanted to see me, right?”

Mu Feng asked.

“Yeah, I’m about to order the departure of the batch of weapons to An Xi city.”

Mu Hai replied.

“Yeah… According to our estimations, I think it’s the right time to do so.
We will soon find out if there is indeed a trap set-up by the other party.”

Mu Feng nodded.

After that, Mu Hai wrote a letter and sent it to An Xi city.

An Xi city was about 200 kilometers away from An Nan city.
One would have to pass by a few small towns along the way.

Soon enough, there was a small convoy with three carriages that was transporting several big iron boxes setting off from An Nan city towards An Xi city.

The convoy had more than 20 guards.
Most of them were Zi Fu level cultivators, and there were even two Ning Gang level cultivators.
They were all Mu family members.

Seeing that the convoy was headed for An Xi city, a distant figure released two homing pigeons.

In an inn that was more than 30 kilometers away from An Xi city, more than 30 people who wore veils and masks were discussing about something in a private room.

“My Lord, the Mu convoy has just departed.
There are about 20 to 30 escorts, and the fourth and fifth elder are also among them.
It is estimated that they will reach An Xi city later this evening.”

A man dressed in black entered the room and reported.

“Very well.
Remember, spare no lives.

One of the men said coldly.

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