Chapter 5: The Guest from the Yun Family

In the hall of Mu family , Mu Chen is sitting in the seat of honor, while a middle-aged man with a pale face and long hair is sitting beside him.
The man is dressed in a white silk robe.

A group of Mu elders are also sitting in the hall.

“Haha, my brother, it’s been a long time since your last visit.”

Mu Chen smiles while one servant girl serves some tea on the table.

The man in the white silk robe is the lord of family Yun, father of Yun Wan Qing.

“Family business has been heavy after the battle, as the lord of the Mu family, you must understand my difficulties, please forgive me, my brother.”

Yun Hai sighs, but with Mu Chen feeling despair and his third brother General Mu, dead in the battle along with 20,000 Mu soldiers, they were the elite army of the Mu family .

Mu Chen does not say anything, he sips some tea from his teacup.

Of course, Yun Hai is aware of the current situation of the Mu family , so he does not continue the topic further.

They exchange some small talk, and then Yun Hai asks cautiously, “I heard Feng’s qi passageways have been broken, all his wudo has lost, is it true?”

Mu Chen remains expressionless, but he nods, “The news is true, we do not know the reason, but we are seeking the cure.”

There are eyes hiding inside each upper-class Family, Mu Chen knows they cannot hide the news, so he admits it.

“A cure? Is there any other cure except for the legendary panacea? I am afraid my nephew has become crippled.” Says a middle-aged man in a black robe who sits among the elders on the left.

His name is Mu Ye, the younger brother of Mu Chen and Mu Tian, he and Mu Tian do not usually see eye to eye on many things ever since childhood.

His words are full of sarcasm, Mu Chen glares at him and he backs down.

“General Mu and I were once best friends, now he has left and Feng lost his wudo, heaven is indeed unfair.”

Yun Hai sighs, it cannot tell whether the sadness in his eyes is sincere or not.
He then claps his hands and calls for his servants.

“Bring them!”

The servants of family Yun enter the hall with two huge wooden cases, they put the cases on the ground and a rattle of metal can be heard coming from the cases.

Everyone in the hall is watching curiously as the servants then open the cases.

These two huge wooden cases are full of shining gold coins!

“That’s a lot of gold coins…”

“Maybe more than 20,000 gold coins in there.”

All the elders look surprised and a little greedy when they see the gold.

The gold coin is a currency used in this continent, ten bronze coins equal one silver coin, and ten silver coins equal one gold coin.

The daily income of an ordinary man is only one silver coin.

The gold coins inside these two wooden cases are no less than 20,000 gold coins, and these coins can buy a very good scripture of Wudo.

“My brother, what is this?”

Mu Chen frowns.

“There are 20,000 gold coins inside.
I know the situation your family now faces, and since your family and mine has a long history of friendship, these gold coins are my gift to you.”

Yun Hai says with a smile and the elders of family Mu seems very pleased.

“Their high morality has reached up to the clouds.”

“It’s our family’s lucky to have such generous friend.”


The elders’ eyes cannot move away from the gold coins.

“Brother, the gift is too much that I don’t know if we should accept.”

Mu Chen is grateful, and Yun Hai says, “Of course, you can take it.”

Finally, Mu Chen accepts his gift, he does not want to owe any debt, but the situation they face is quite difficult and they need money.

20,000 gold coins are not a small number, it almost the six months expenditure of the whole family.

“There is one thing, my brother, a request from me.”

After Mu Feng accepted his gift, Yun Hai says awkwardly.

“What kind of request, my brother, I’m all ears.”

“The marriage of my daughter and Mu Feng should wait, or I mean, we should better make it void from now on.”


Mu Feng’s face looks mute and blue now, “Brother Yun, what do you mean by making the marriage void?”

A bitter smile appears at the corner of his mouth, “Frankly my brother, the Shang Guan family has proposed marriage to my daughter a few days ago, for his son Shang Guan Qian Zhi.
As you have already known, Shang Guan family is a favorite with the king now, and they have the full support of Prince Nan Hao, they are so powerful that our family cannot refuse their proposal.”

“Humph! It’s none of our business, but you cannot forget, the engagement was arranged by you! Not my brother! Now my brother is gone, Feng became crippled, and you want to cancel their engagement? You know they are in love! How dare you!”

Mu Chen rises to his feet and looks so angry.

“Yes, their engagement was arranged by me but now I want to call off this engagement.
If our price is not high enough, I can give you another 10,000 gold coins.”

Yun Hai also stands up.

They glared at each other, the atmosphere suddenly becomes frozen, a flaming red energy swirls inside Mu Feng’s body.

It is the strength of Yuan Dan!

But, the blue energy swirling around Yun Hai is as strong as Mu Feng’s, the two energy collides, shredding the table between them.

The elders of family Mu are trying to calm them down.

At the same time, a boy dressed in black silk robe steps into the hall, he is expressionless.

The boy is Mu Feng,


Mu Feng bows to them.
The two weaken their energies when they see the boy.

‘Uncle, I heard what you have said.’

Although he is expressionless, deep down inside, he is furious.

‘Since you have heard what I said, then I have nothing to hide.
Mu Feng, you are clear what the situation your family into, and you must understand there is no future for you and my daughter.’

Yun Hai looks at Mu Feng and says.
He feels a bit of pity, the boy was once a wudo talent.
But, now he is crippled.

If he didn’t break all his qi passageways and was still a wudo talent, even if there family now faces a difficult situation, he wouldn’t call off the engagement.

But, now he has to.

‘You shut up!’

Mu Chen shouts at Yun Hai, he does not want Yun Hai to hurt his nephew anymore.

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