Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 62: A Magical Panacea

“Father, you must help me out this time.”

At this moment, a young man dressed in black robes stormed into the hall and said furiously.

He was Wang Bin’s son, Wang Yue.

“What’s the matter again?”

Lord Wang asked with a frown.

“A few days ago, I was beaten up by a brat.
He even injured two of my guards.
After some investigation, I found out that his name is Mu Feng, from the Mu family.
You have to teach him a lesson on my behalf, otherwise the others would think that our family is scared of the Mu family.”

Wang Yue said coldly.

“A Mu disciple, you say?”

Upon hearing his words, Lord Wang asked with a frown.

“Yeah, why?”

Wang Yue asked in confusement.

“My Lord, we could use this as an opportunity to look into the Mu family.”

The Wang disciple said softly.

“Yeah, I was thinking of doing so as well.”

Lord Wang nodded and said.

“Oh, by the way, my shifu is here.
I’ll make sure that that brat will kneel down before me and apologize!”

Wang Yue gritted his teeth and said.

“What?! Zhou shifu is here? Where is he? Quick, go and escort him inside!”
Lord Wang panicked when he heard his son’s words.

He was very protective of his son, because his son’s Soul Energy was very strong.
One could easily see that he was a potential chiseler, so he found him a level one chiseler as his shifu.

“Haha, long time no see, Lord Wang.”

At this moment, a clear laugh rang out from outside, and a muscular man dressed in a chiseler’s robe stepped into the hall.

The man looked like he was in his thirties and he had a long face.

His identity was revealed by the chiseler’s robe that he was wearing.
He was a level one chiseler.

Although he was only a level-one chiseler, he’s considered very powerful in small places like An Nan city.

“Master Zhou.”

Lord Wang bowed down respectfully at this man.
Although Lord Wang was a Ning Gang Sixth Sky cultivator, because of his high social status as a chiseler, Lord Wang had to treat him with utmost respect.
It was the same even if you were a Ning Gang Ninth Sky cultivator.

“Well, isn’t the Lord of the Wang family polite?”

Chiseler Zhou clasped hands and replied with a hint of superiority in his tone.

“Please have a seat, Master Zhou.
Serve us tea.”

Lord Wang immediately ordered his servants to serve tea while they sat down at their seats.
Lord Wang then asked with a laugh: “Master Zhou, what brings you here in An Nan city? You should have told me earlier, so that I could prepare a feast.”

“Hehe, I was planning to bring Wang Yue back to the Temple of Chiselers so that he could learn more in-depth about runes.
His Soul Energy actually reached level seven.
It’s obvious that he has the potential.”

Chiseler Zhou said with a laugh.

A person who had a level seven Soul Energy was considered qualified to become a chiseler.

In actuality, Chiseler Zhou wasn’t allowed to recruit any disciples.
He was just recruiting talents all over the kingdom on the behalf of the Temple.

By having a level seven Soul Energy, one could become a level two, or even a level three chiseler in the future.
All he needed was lots of practice.

“That’s great news! Oh, by the way, do accept this small gift of mine.”

Lord Wang took out a gold card from his sleeve and handed it to Chiseler Zhou.

“Hahaha, that’s so generous of you, Lord Wang.
I’m just doing my job.”

Chiseler Zhou accepted his gift without hesitation and thought of him as a sensible person.

“By the way, I heard that a brat in An Nan city offended Yue Er a few days ago.
Since I’m here, I’ll have to lend him a hand.”

Chiseler Zhou volunteered to help.

Lord Wang was delighted to hear his proposal.
He immediately said: “That’s right.
Master Zhou, that brat is from the Mu family.
You must help me to teach him a lesson.
Only then I can send Yue Er to the Temple of Chiselers without having to worry about him.”

“The Mu family? Okay, sure.
It’s just a Mu family anyway, and they don’t mean anything to me.
I’ll help you to kill that brat.
Even if the main Mu family in the capital finds out about it, they wouldn’t dare to mess with the Temple of Chiselers.
Take me to him now.”

Master Zhou said proudly and rose from his seat.

“As you wish.
This way, please.”

Lord Wang and his men then escorted Chiseler Zhou to the Mu family.

Mu family mansion, in Mu Feng’s courtyard.

Mu Feng was amazed at the sanguine pill that was only about the size of his thumb.

“Yue Er, is this the Blood Pill that you were saying?”

Mu Feng asked.

“Yup, that’s right.
After absorbing such a large amount of Blood Qi, the Asura Jade Pendant is now able to use some of its functions.
One of its functions is to cultivate a Blood Pill from Blood Seeds.
This is a level three Blood Pill that is cultivated from the Blood Seeds of a Ning Gang level cultivator.
A huge amount of Vitality is stored in the Blood Pill, so after you swallow it, you would be able to absorb the Vitality directly.”

Xi Yue said.

“A level three panacea?!”

Mu Feng eyes shone in excitement and said: “According to what you said just now, do you mean that the Blood Seeds of a Tong Mai level cultivator could cultivate a level one Blood Pill, and that of a Zi Fu level cultivator could cultivate a level two Blood Pill?”

“Yeah, that’s right.
With the current amount of Blood Qi absorbed by the Asura Jade Pendant, the maximum level of a Blood Pill that could be cultivated is level three.”

Xi Yue nodded and replied.

“Hahaha, that’s awesome! With these Blood Pills, I wouldn’t have to buy Pei Yuan Pills to aid in my cultivation anymore! By the way, how many Blood Pills are cultivated up to this point?”

Mu Feng asked.

“Well, the Asura Jade Pendant has absorbed the Blood Qi and Blood Seeds of seven Ning Gang level cultivators and tens of that of Zi Fu level cultivators.
Half of the energy absorbed was stored, while the remaining half was being cultivated into Blood Pills.
Among them, there are a total of nine level three Blood Pills, 20 level two Blood Pills and 60 over level one Blood Pills.”

Xi Yue replied.
Upon hearing her words, there were stars in Mu Feng’s eyes.
Such a large quantity of Blood Pills meant a hefty sum of money.

“Hehe, I won’t have to worry about finding panaceas in the future anymore.
This Asura Jade Pendant is indeed badass.”

Mu Feng touched the Asura Jade Pendant and said with a laugh.
However, his laugh gradually turned to a tinge of sadness.

This Asura Jade Pendant was actually given to him by his mother, but he had never seen his mother before since birth.

In Mu Feng’s mind, his mother was just like a warm and gentle figure which was beyond his reach.

“What’s wrong?”

Looking at his sad expression, Xi Yue can’t help but ask worryingly.

“Yue Er, since you’ve always been in the Asura Jade Pendant, have you met my mother before?”

Mu Feng asked.

Xi Yue was slightly startled when she heard his question.
After a brief moment of silence, she finally nodded and said: “Yes, I’ve met her before.”

“Oh? Will you tell me how is she like? Is she beautiful? Is she kind and gentle? Do you know where is she now? I miss her so much…”

Mu Feng stroked the Asura Jade Pendant and tears began to swell up in his eyes.

It was true that he had fought in many viscious battles and killed hundreds, but he was still a 16-year-old teenager after all.

Many people of this age were still living under the warm shelter of their parents.

As for him, he had never seen his mother before and his father died in battle.
There was even blood on his hands since he was 15 years old.

“She’s very kind, and very beautiful too.
I would say she’s the most beautiful person in the world.”
Looking at Mu Feng’s sad expression which was rarely shown, Xi Yue replied with a smile and her ached in pain as well.

After all, he’s just a child.

Xi Yue said to herself and sighed deeply.

“Where is she then? Why did she left me? Why didn’t she want me? I never blamed her before.
I always tell myself that my mother is alive, and she left me because she had her own problems, but I just miss her so much…”

In the face of Mu Feng’s questioning, Xi Yue was silent again…

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