Chapter 65: Begging for Recruitment

“El-elder Qian, you’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re telling me that this brat is a chiseler genius?! A level one chiseler?! That’s impossible!”

Zhou Wu exclaimed.

“Impossible? Nothing’s impossible.
It’s not like he’s the only one who can become a chiseler.”

Mu Feng frowned at his words.
He then pointed at Wang Yue and said sarcastically.

“You… I do not believe that you’re a chiseler, you little brat.
In order to become a chiseler, one must first open-up his Soul Energy, and his Soul Energy must meet certain requirements too.
What proof do you have that you’re a chiseler?”

Wang Yue stepped forward and said furiously.

He originally thought that he was the one that Elder Qian was looking for.
Now that he knew about Mu Feng being a chiseler, he simply couldn’t accept the fact.

“Oh? You want proof?”

Mu Feng said calmly.

“That’s right.”

Wang Yue gritted his teeth and said.

“Haha, well isn’t this the perfect time to do so? It so happens that I actually have a Soul Stone with me today, so we could use it to test your Soul Energy.
Hey kiddo, since you said that you have the potential to become a chiseler, let me test whether you’re qualified to join the Temple of Chiselers or not.”

Elder Qian laughed and said.
A light shone on his Qian Kun ring and a green crystal suddenly appeared in his hand.

Some Yuan Wen were carved on this crystal as well.

This was a Soul Stone which could be used to test whether one had opened-up their Soul Energy or not.
It could also be used to test one’s Soul Energy level.

To become a chiseler, the basic requirement was that one must first open up their Soul Energy.

Regarding this requirement alone, it was already difficult to find one out of 100 people whose Soul Energy was already opened.

The second requirement was about one’s Soul Energy level.
Only those whose Soul Energy was level six or above could become a chiseler.

As for this requirement, it was said to find one in 1000 people.

Of course, one could also open up their Soul Energy if one had reached the peak of cultivation, but that was by acquired cultivation, and not congenital.

“Sure, I’ll test it first.”

Wang Yue said and placed his hand on the Soul Stone while concentrating his thoughts on it.

He had done this test before, so that was why Zhou Wu knew that he had the potential to become a chiseler.

Golden rings on the Soul Stone started lighting up.
One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings… In the end, seven rings lit up!

“Well, not bad.
You have a level seven Soul Energy, so you’re indeed qualified to join the Temple of Chiselers.”

Elder Qian with a tinge of admiration.
With a level seven Soul Energy, it was highly possible for him to become a level two chiseler after some practice.

Wang Yue pulled his hand back and said to Mu Feng proudly: “Kiddo, it’s your turn.”

Mu Feng smiled and placed his hand on the Soul Stone while concentrating his thoughts on it.

Buzz! Buzz!

To one’s surprise, the Soul Stone started buzzing!

One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings…

Golden rings of light lit up continuously and soon surpassed Wang Yue’s record.
The rings continued to light up until the ninth ring!

Elder Qian stared at the golden rings and said excitedly, his body trembling slightly: “Level nine Soul Energy! He has a level nine Soul Energy! He’s a genius! A real genius!”

“Wh-what?! Level Nine Soul Energy?! Th-that’s impossible!”

Wang Yue gritted his teeth and stared at the nine golden rings.
He then looked at Mu Feng in disbelief.

Mu Feng’s level nine Soul Energy was much more powerful than his own!

“Level nine Soul Energy?!”

Upon seeing the golden rings, Wang Bin exclaimed and helplessly slumped back into his chair.

“He has a level nine Soul Energy?! I didn’t expect the Mu family to have a genius!”

Shopkeeper Lee stared at Mu Feng in disbelief as well, because with this level of Soul Energy, he could easily become a level four chiseler!

Just how high was the social status of a level four chiseler? Well, in Nan Ling kingdom, one of the branch leaders in the Temple of Chiselers was a level four chiseler as well, and he was worshipped by the King himself.

“Hahahaha, level nine Soul Energy! That’s amazing! Awesome!”

Mu Hai laughed out loud as he too didn’t expect that Mu Feng’s Soul Energy was that high.

The other Mu family members were also dumbfounded.
They felt very proud of their own Little Lord as he had once again brought fame to the family.

“Here, Elder Qian.
You can have it back.”

Mu Feng gave back the Soul Stone to Elder Qian.
Elder Qian took it, his body still trembling slightly.
He then took Mu Feng’s hand and said in excitement: “Little brother Mu, you are officially invited to study at the Temple of Chiselers.
As long as you accept this offer, we will definitely go all out to provide you the best training.”
Elder Qian said sincerely.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Wu’s face twitched and quietly backed down into a corner.
With that being said, he was in no position to say anything else.

He had reached his limit by becoming a level one chiseler as his Soul Energy was only level five.

As for Mu Feng, there were no limits to his future at all.

Meanwhile, Wang Yue also felt dizzy and nearly fell down.

Not being used to Elder Qian holding his hand, Mu Feng smiled and said akwardly: “Thank you so much for the offer, Elder Qian.
However, I already have a shifu.
Besides, I don’t want to go to the Temple of Chiselers just yet.
I want to improve my cultivation first.”

“Haih, it’s okay if you already have a shifu.
It’s not like you can’t have two shifu at the same time.
Besides, you can still cultivate when you’re at the Temple of Chiselers.
We can provide you even better resources there.”

Elder Qian said.
At this point, all he wanted was to recruit Mu Feng into the Temple of Chiselers so that Mu Feng could be one of them.

“Erm, it’s quite inconvenient for me to study there now.”

Mu Feng said akwardly.

Upon hearing Mu Feng’s reply, Wang Bin nearly vomited blood.
Elder Qian was basically pleading him to join, but what about him?! He was actually declining the offer?!

Mu Feng’s reply was like a slap on the face.

At this moment, nobody took note of Wang Yue anymore.

“Little Lord, quick, accept his offer!”

Mu Hai and the others were also starting to panick.
The Temple of Chiselers was a very great support for him.
If Mu Feng managed to secure a place in the Temple of Chiselers, even the royals would not dare to mess with him anymore.

“To be honest, I actually planned to study at the Royal Wudo Academy in two years time, so… I’m really sorry.”

Mu Feng declined the offer once again.

Well, he already had Yue Er as his shifu, and there were complete sets of runes in the Asura Jade Pendant.
It was obvious that he didn’t need to study at the Temple of Chiselers anymore.

Besides, Wan Er is waiting for him in the Royal Wudo Academy, so he had to go there.

“Haih… alright then.”

Seeing that Mu Feng kept declining the offer, Elder Qian could only sigh deeply.
Suddenly, his eyes gleamed in delight and said: “Oh, by the way, since you’re already a chiseler, can you just register at the Temple of Chiselers? I hope that you can join our group, the Tally Runes chiselers.
Don’t worry, we won’t limit what you want to do.
Besides, you’ll get a discount when you buy things from Wan Bao Ju in the future.
All you have to do is to carve some runes for the Temple every year.”

“Erm, I think that’s fine with me.”

Mu Feng hesitated briefly and replied with a smile.

“Haha, that’s great! I’ll write a recommendation letter for you when I get back.
Just bring the letter to the Temple of Chiselers, and you’ll officially be a chiseler.”

Elder Qian said with a laugh.
As long as Mu Feng joined their group, he would be an official member of the Tally Runes chiseler’s group in the future.

It was said that there was competition among the different groups within the Temple of Chiselers.

“Elder Qian, wh-what about me?”

Only at this moment did Wang Yue stepped forward and asked helplessly.


Elder Qian frowned and asked: “Would you like to join our group as well?”

“Yes, of course!”

Wang Yue replied immediately.

“Well, alright then.
You can follow Zhou Wu, and start studying at the Temple of Chiselers once you pass the examination.”

Elder Qian said calmly.
One could see that there was a vast difference in his attitude towards Mu Feng and Wang Yue.

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