Chapter 6: The Awakening Asura


Mu Feng shakes his head, he looks at Yu Hai and says, ‘Uncle Yun, you are right.
I am now nothing but a crippled man who lost all of his wudo, but life has its ups and downs, my future may look dim but I will hold onto my dreams.
I will prove myself with my actions!”

There is no trace of decadence in his words but full of unwavering faith.

As a soldier who fought and killed enemies and slept in a pile of dead bodies since he was very young while his peers were sleeping in the comfort of their parents, he cannot be defeated easily!

His father once told him, the true warrior, dares to face the bleak life, dares to face dripping blood.

Yun Hai also looks at this young man in front of him, he actually adores him, this boy possesses many good qualities that are hard to find on the other wealthy family playboys.

However, he must face the fact, the crippled boy now has no future.

‘You want to break off the betrothal, I won’t go against you because I love Wan Qing, but you have to promise me one thing.’

Mu Feng has agreed to break off their engagement, and his decision surprises both Mu Chen and Yun Hai.

But, no one knew his heart was dripping blood inside.

‘I’m all ears, I will promise you if I can do it.’

Yun Hai sighs.

‘You cannot marry Wan Qing to Shang Guan Qian Zhi, you are clear what kind of man Shang Guan Qian Zhi is and how many girls he has played with, you know clearly Wan Qing will live a miserable life if she marries him! If Wan Qing gets hurt by that man, I will hunt down and kill you and Shang Guan Qian Zhi till my last gasp!”

After a moment of silence, Yun Hai nods, ‘I promise you, I won’t marry Wan Qing into the Shang Guan family for now, but I can only delay the marriage for two years.
But, I forbid you to see my daughter from now on, she must forget you!”

He breaks off this engagement because of the pressure from the Shang Guan family , his family cannot have any conflicts with the Shang Guan family .

But, the real reason is, he does not want his own daughter to be involved in this chaos.

Mu Feng seems to be very clear of the reason, and he agrees.

Mu Feng cares for her and he will not allow her to suffer.

He once asked his father what responsibility means, his father clapped his shoulder and replied, this is responsibility, you shoulder all the burdens that are put on you.

‘Two years…’

Mu Feng holds his fists and nods.
Yun Hai holds his fists too, greeting, ‘Since we have reached an agreement, brother Mu, now I should leave.’

Mu Chen snorts and does not greet back.

Yun Hai walks straight but he stops when he passes Mu Feng, ‘Be a true man, Mu Feng.’

Mu Feng holds his fists in front of his chest, ‘I will.’

Yun Hai leaves the hall.

Mu Feng stares at his back, gripping his fists so tightly that his nails are deep in his flesh, he bites his lip.

‘I’m sorry, Wan Qing…’

The human world is as turbulent as battle, living in it, people suffer either mentally or physically.
The world is changing constantly, the crippled are doomed to say farewell to their beloved.

‘Feng, you…’

Mu Cheng looks at his nephew, worrying.

‘Uncle, I’m fine.’

Mu Feng shakes his head and walks out of the hall.
His receding figure looks so lonely and sad.

‘Haha, 20,000 gold coins! This can release our financial burden for a while.’

The others only focus on the gold coins!

Mu Feng says with a sneer, ‘Where is your conscience! Do you really understand what these gold coins cost? If my brother sacrificed his life for this degraded country and greedy people, his sacrifice was all in vain.
You all should feel ashamed!’

After heard Mu Chen’s shouts, their faces turn red and become speechless.
Mu Chen leaves angrily.

But, Mu Ye looks at his back, maintaining a silence.

Mu Feng returns to his courtyard, this courtyard is beautifully decorated with a big jacaranda tree growing in the garden.
Mu Feng looks at the tree, on the trunk of which someone caved a few words.

The leaf will go anywhere the breeze blows.


Mu Feng punches the tree heavily, the blood start dripping from his fists.

‘Wan Qing…’

His eyes are full of pain, he is forced to leave his lover, the excruciating pain he feels in his heart is overwhelming, he loves her so much.


He howls to the sky, his eyes turn into a blood red, and then he sits cross-legged on the ground, he places his hands on his knees and begins to meditate.

‘Two years, two years! I do not believe I will be a cripple forever.’

Mu Feng begins to insanely practice the family mantra, the mantra of iron blood.

The mantra of iron blood is the family mantra passed on for generations, and it’s a yellow level mantra.

Mantras, has five recognized levels, sky, earth, mystery, yellow, and ordinary.

The sky level is the highest level while the ordinary level is the lowest level, each level includes three stages, upper stage, middle stage and lower stage.

The mantra of iron blood is the upper stages of level yellow, it’s a precious book that is hard to buy.

A strand of white spirits of the sky and earth enter Mu Feng’s body, once they reach the broken Qi passageways, pain sweeps throughout his entire body.

It is so painful that his face turns pale and cold sweat runs from his forehead, he gnashes his teeth and he holds it in.
However, when the Qi runs through the passageways, it disappears and therefore cannot turn into Yuan Qi.

The Qi passageways are like pipes, once they begin leaking, they cannot store water.

Mu Feng spits out one mouthful blood, his practice now begins to backfire.

‘I do not believe this, I do not believe this…’

Mu Feng yells, and he starts practicing again, but the outcome is the same, he spits out more blood.

He passes out due to the lack of blood.

All of sudden, inside his body, sanguine energy pours out from the jade implanted in his heart, this energy then is injected into his broken Qi passageways.

The first passageway starts to heal, and the color of the healed passageways is not the normal white but is blood-red like blood vessels.
The newly-grew Qi passageway is strong and powerful, and its strength is ten times that of an ordinary one.

A huge roar rushes through his head and says,

“Resurrect after being broken, refining all the spirits in the universe with blood, the sacred book of the almighty Asura!”

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