Chapter 8: The One Who Humiliates My Mother Must Die!

The door was thrown open and four muscled servants stepped into the courtyard.

Mu Feng frowned and shouted at them, ‘Who are you? Who allowed you to enter my courtyard?!’

‘Little Lord Feng’.

The one who looked strongest and was as tall as 6’2 crossed his fists in front of his chest and said, ‘We are under the order of Little Lord Qing to move stuff here.’

‘Stuff? What kind of stuff?’

‘Of course, it is your stuff.
Little Lord Qing says this courtyard is for the most talented man in the Mu Family and it is not for some crippled man.
Little Lord Qing will move into this courtyard tomorrow.
As for your rooms, he has already arranged them to the east side of guesthouses.’

The man said with a greasy smile.

Mu Feng narrowed his eyes.

Little Lord Qing is Mu Qing, the son of his third uncle, he was two to three years older than him and had reached the level of Zi Fu First Sky..
They have not seen eye to eye ever since childhood.

Maybe because of their parents – Mu Feng’s father Mu Tian had always been the best wudo exerciser, so Mu Feng had always been more talented than Mu Qing since childhood.

The courtyard he lived in is the best compared to his peers in the Mu Family, it had four rooms – one dining room, one studying room, one exercising room, a front yard and a backyard.

But, Mu Feng had lived in the army for a long time thus the courtyard was usually empty, so there was no servant allocated to the courtyard.

The guest houses were ordinary rooms, they cannot be compare with this courtyard.

Now Mu Qing cannot wait to push him down a well and drop rocks on him.

‘Let’s start moving stuff.’

The servants started to move Mu Feng’s stuff.


Mu Feng shouted, grabbing the servant’s hand and punching him in the face.

‘How dare you! Mu Feng, you really think you are a big deal?’

The punch was so powerful that it knocked a tooth out of his mouth, the servant spat out a mouthful blood and one side of his face started to swell.

Maybe the servant was agitated by Mu Feng, he sneered and said, ‘Little Lord, I respect you because you are the Little Lord, and I disrespect you because you are a cripple without parents.
You shameless cripple! Move!’

The servant gave the order and the other three continued.

His red eyes were glittering with coldness.

The servant sneered and passed by.
All of a sudden, Mu Feng quickly moved, kicking him in the chest, forcing the servant to step back.

He moved so fast that his body was like a flying arrow.
There was a strand of white energy, swirling around his index and middle fingers, stabbing into the servant’s throat.

The servant grabbed Mu Feng’s hand, he gazed at Mu Feng, with a totally stunne.
The blood kept running down from the bloody hole in his throat, he never thought Mu Feng would kill him abruptly.

After watching what just happened, the other three servants stopped and looked at Mu Feng with fear.

Mu Feng choked the man’s neck,the blood kept dripping down along his arm.
He stared at the man with red eyes.

‘Did you know, you did not have to die today.
However, what I hate most in my life, is someone humiliating my parents.
So, you must die today!!’

Mu Feng whispered in the servant’s ear.
One click, and the servant’s neck was crushed in his hand.

There were two wounds in his heart, one regarding his mother, who he never saw since he was born.
No one knew how jealous he was when he saw other kids nestling in the arms of their parents.

When he was a child, he always asked his father, ‘Dad, why do I not have a mother?’

Each time his father remained in silence, he would touch his son’s head and have more wine.
When Mu Feng grew older, he could see the sadness inside his father’s eyes and he stopped asking that question.

If his mother was Mu Feng’s old wound, then his father’s death was his new wound.
What the servant said tore up his wounds, it was no wonder he wanted to kill him.

Mu Feng threw the servant’s body on the ground, he shook off the blood on his hands and looked at the other three servants.

They were terrified by what they saw.
The murderous look and the coldness in his eyes did not belong to a fifteen year old boy.

But, that boy at that moment he looked like someone who went through iron and blood, someone who had fought with thousands of enemies on a battlefield.

‘Little Lord Feng, please spare our lives, please spare our lives.’

The other three knelt in front of Mu Feng and started begging.

In fact, these three servants were all wudo exercisers, they had reached Tong Mai Sixth or Seventh Sky, but they were terrified by Mu Feng and they had never killed a man before.

‘Get lost! Tell Mu Qing to save his stupid tricks!’

The three servants stood up and carried the dead body with shaking hands.
When they were about to leave the courtyard, Mu Feng stopped them.

‘Wait! Leave the body.’

Mu Feng said grimly, and the three servants looked at each other, not knowing how to react.

‘Why does Little Lord want the body?’

Although they felt confused, they dropped the body and ran out of the courtyard.

Mu Feng closed the door and dragged the body into the exercising room.
The body left a long blood trail on the ground.

He closed the door of exercising room.
The room was built with hard rocks, even a master of the Ning Zhi Level could not break through.

The room was simply furnished, with a set of a table and chairs, a sandal wood furnace, and a rush cushion.

But, the blood from the dead body stained the things inside the room.

Mu Feng sat on the rush cushion, he closed his eyes and began to meditate.
After he gained inner peace, he placed his hand on the body and started the mantra of The Almighty Asura.

The Qi rushed from his palm and entered the corpse.
The blood inside the dead body suddenly boiled and then turned into blood vapor, rising up into the air.

The blood vapor then entered into Mu Feng’s body and poured into his fourth broken qi passageway.

With the nurturing of blood vapor the qi passageway began to start healing.

After a while, the corpse became mummified, even the blood stains on the ground disappeared, leaving only skins and bones.

Mu Feng took a long breath, as he was excited.

One-third of his fourth qi passageway is recovered now.

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