Sitting inside the rocking carriage, I let out a sigh.
I don’t think I’ll ever return to this country again, and honestly, I don’t even know if I’ll live to see it.


Still, I have to go.
Because I am the second princess of this country.


Last year, our Fatenam Empire and the neighboring Kingdom of Vallatenear had a war, and Vallatenear won.


Since it was not a war of conquest, a peace treaty was signed, and one of the clauses of the treaty was to send a princess from the Fatenam Empire as a bride.


I was the second princess, with my eldest sister being the first princess and my younger sister the third.
In addition to them, I also have two older brothers.
The First Prince and the Second Prince.


The Kingdom of Vallatenear only has two princes, so naturally, the two princes were excluded.
And among the three princesses, I, Claire Fatenam, was chosen.


I know why I was chosen.


My older sister, Bianca, who was two years older than me, was praised as immensely beautiful, charismatic, and a perfectly educated lady.
I’m not sure about her personality… But it wouldn’t be a problem if she were to marry off to a high-ranking noble.


And my younger sister, Lilia, who was one year younger than me, was lovely and charming, and her ladylike education was perfect too.
Her personality… Well, it was dubious… But, there wouldn’t be any problem if she marries a high-ranking noble or into a vassal state of our empire.


As for me, I am not particularly beautiful or cute, and I have the most difficult personality as a result of the disapproving looks I’ve received from above and below for as long as I can remember.
I have no affection or charm.
The deadpan expression on my face could be said to be a setback for my ladylike education and to be honest, my posture was not good either, that my tutor even gave up on me.


So instead of continuing that ladylike education, I became absorbed in my studies.
My parents, two brothers, and sisters told me that although I had read most of the books in the royal library and had dabbled in books from

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