Chapter 12: Mapping

The capital of the Kingdom of Baratonia is located near the sea for trade, and the distance to the port city is close enough to make a round trip in a day.

As expected, there were many paper mills in Seanapse to which Lord Balk sent a letter.

Originally, the materials were imported from the Kingdom of Baratonia, and it seemed like a good deal to the struggling mills for the cost of relocating the machinery, advance wages, housing, and living expenses.

10 wanted to build a factory in the Kingdom of Baratonia.
Of the over 100 paper mills in Seanapse, 30% of them raised their hands.
It was necessary to combine several similar mills into a large one and produce paper urgently.

Although Seanapse also needed paper, there were some mills that were behind on their taxes due to too many producers.
By actively recruiting these mills and paying the delinquent taxes in this country, the process went smoothly.

So, I was in the port city, but as usual, this country has no map.

We need to find someone who can make a map, but starting from scratch will take too long.
It requires exceptional sense of direction and topographical skills, taking into account elevation differences, and someone who knows many different roads, especially in places where people gather in towns and villages.

I visited the port to witness the arrival of craftsmen and machines and to decide where to go next.
I suspected that there would be a merchant who dispatched carriages throughout the country from the port town, making it an ideal place to create a map and search for a suitable person to transport goods.

“It’s hard to find someone suitable…”

“More likely, they are hesitant.
Being in charge of transportation is an important job.
They are valuable personnel who have been trained to carry and protect goods and money.
We don’t have much to offer as negotiation materials.”

Lord Balk, who was both a guide and a bodyguard, was right.
I had underestimated the situation.

I was considering what would move the merchants.
The port was well-maintained with warehouses lined up, and large ships were constantly arriving and departing from the sea.

Of course, the products that spread throughout the country were predetermined.
Fish and its processed products.
In the future, there would be paper or rather, the transportation of various documents.

While I was silent under the iron mask, Lord Balk remained silent behind me.

“…! I found it! A candidate!”

Lord Balk looked surprised when I suddenly turned around.

“Let’s go to the Chamber of Commerce.
Which merchant will bid for this material… Um, I’m not good at negotiations, so could you guide me?”

Although I spoke boldly, I have never won an argument even with my family.

Lord Balk widened his eyes for the second time and chuckled softly.

“Haa… that’s really a shame.
If you weren’t the prince’s fiancee… No, let’s hear the details now.”

I wondered why he thought I was such a shame, but I talked to Lord Balk about the negotiating material that I was sure would make a map if I got that concession.

Lord Balk nodded and gave me confidence.

I requested that the representatives of the nationwide trading companies be gathered urgently at the Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting was scheduled for three days later.


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