Chapter 14: General Affairs Department established!

In the end, regarding the map, the seven chambers gathered and cooperated to create and update it annually at the Chamber of Commerce.
The rights and name were under the Chamber of Commerce, while the paper and ink sales were distributed nationwide at the same price.
The transportation work was paid to the respective chambers that had done the work, and this was settled.

It seemed like Lord Balk had intended it from the beginning, and he marveled at how it would spread quickly.

I realized negotiations like this were not my strong suit, so I left it to capable people and focused on the work at the palace and interacting with various workshops.

The paper inventory left over in the workshops was also brought along, and we immediately distributed it to the main cities’ city halls and the palace.
I wrote many samples that summarized the content written on wooden tablets and parchment, following the example.

It was a painful task to draw the paper with gridlines for money, and we arranged for a workshop to make and print templates to unify the format.
Eventually, they will create and print the maps themselves.

I summarized these drafts and established the General Affairs Department.
We carried out various tasks, from menial work to checking the materials that came up and submitting them to His Highness and His Majesty.

Paper and ink are managed in stock by the General Affairs Department, and if they run out, they request more from the General Affairs Department.
A disadvantage of paper is that forged documents can be easily created.

There is one department called the Tax Department, which is responsible for managing a personnel roster and land allocation, calculating taxes from the roster and land, conducting business such as a trade guild, and managing tariffs related to public welfare.

The Finance Department is responsible for creating budget proposals every quarter based on taxes, allocating surplus funds to areas in need, and keeping detailed records of the flow of national funds.

The Management Department includes a department that turns historical records and wooden tablets into books, a department that compiles requests from various local offices, and a department that distributes necessary items to all departments through the General Affairs Department and messengers.

Finally, there is a newly established General Affairs Department.

(I did as much as I could in one month…)

After that, we will continue to refine things over the course of a year while listening to feedback from the field.
We will add necessary things where needed and eliminate unnecessary things.

Since I have never been involved in practical work related to these things, I did them while consulting with His Majesty, His Highness, and Lord Balk.

I may be mistaken, but I have done what I thought was necessary in my eyes.

I started work at 10 in the morning, and His Highness said that I have to have dinner at 7 pm every day, so he didn’t make me work beyond that.
Despite the fact that many civil servants who are staying overnight at the palace are working beyond my orders… but I took advantage of his words.

I know that His Highness has dinner with me, drinks tea with me, and then goes back to work.
But I don’t work at night.

I came to this country and became one of its people, but I am a foreigner.

There must be some people who are dissatisfied with only working under my orders during the day.
I need to blow off some steam… or rather, it’s okay for them to complain about me somewhere I don’t know.

I know that they are working hard.
Because I suddenly changed the old system, there must be complaints from His Highness, the king, and Lord Balk.

I prepared for bed, sent Melissa, Gwenna, and Millie home, and sat by the window.
Leaning on the cushion, I stared blankly at my pale face reflected in the window at night.

I have dark circles.
Actually, I haven’t been able to sleep much because I’m worried.
During the day, Millie covers my dark circles with her excellent makeup skills.

I am currently drinking chamomile tea, which has a gentle sweetness and a relaxing effect.

(I wonder what is making me so anxious…)

His Highness is kind.
I’m also fulfilling my work.
I’m used to being criticized, and it’s natural to start new things.

What is my source of concern?

I found out the answer the next day when a letter arrived from my homeland, the Faithnum Empire.



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