Chapter 15: Seeds of anxiety

Now, His Majesty and Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Auglia, and I were all in the salon, looking serious in front of a letter from my father, the Emperor of the Faithnum Empire.”

I knew from the start that there were spies in this country, and I had stood out too much.

“…Therefore, as the wedding ceremony with the imperial princess, who was supposed to have been married off, has not been concluded, it is assumed that there is a defect in the second imperial princess, and a request is made to exchange her with the third imperial princess as someone without the intention of marriage with the second princess… Ridiculous! We can’t let Claire get married before the country is ready!”

“Please calm down.”

His Majesty, who is always gentle and calm, raised his voice.

Certainly, I came as a bride, but I have not yet officially married.
I knew that, as the post-war chaos had not subsided and the disorder in the palace departments was evident.

I am indeed engaged to Prince Auglia, but the reason for such sophistry being raised is probably due to technological innovations such as sericulture and paper-making, as well as the associated maps, illustrations, notes, and books.

The more flamboyantly I move in the palace, the more easily it catches the eye of spies.
I had forgotten about that.

However, before I get married, I wanted to improve the foundation of this country even a little.
Wars are won and lost, but they leave scars.

We have to Increase the people’s jobs even a little, create some leeway, gradually start introducing medicine and books, establish schools… This country excels in trade and agriculture.
There are plenty of literate people, so there is no need to worry about it, and there is a need to replenish the reserves that were depleted in the war.

In order to do that, it is necessary to understand what is needed where in the royal palace, but if the information within the country is disrupted due to war and comes in on wooden tablets, the amount of information is limited and takes up space.
It is natural that it cannot be handled.

Regarding my abilities and what I have studied, My father did not even pay attention.
With the idea that women should be beautiful and men should be promoted, he married me, who was the most inferior by that standard, to a victorious country.

I thought I could die.

However, as soon as he judged that my abilities could be used, this happened.
It is too early to assume that there was no intention of marriage, and the timing is too perfect.

Just as the department has started to move anew.
Despite being inexperienced, there is sericulture and papermaking, new trade with other countries, agriculture, fishing, negotiations with merchants, and map production.

From now on, with the ability to make paper, we should be able to transcribe and sell books purchased from other countries, and the training of doctors should also begin.

Is it necessary to introduce such difficult problems and prevent progress by bringing in new ideas? Wouldn’t things have been different if I had lived a miserable life where none of my opinions mattered?

I was about to shrink back, but His Highness Auglia, who was next to me, hugged my shoulders.

“I only want Claire.
What’s the point if I don’t drink to that request?”

As I looked at His Highness, who firmly declared his intentions, my eyes became teary.
I, too, had no intention of wanting anyone other than His Highness, but my composure disappeared with the next words from His Majesty.

“If there is no justifiable reason for not responding to our request within a month, we are also considering going to war.
The reason is said to be the insulting treatment of our country’s princess… Damn, should we have married them off first, even if it was just a formality?”

“Claire is our country’s benefactor and a living source of knowledge.
We cannot offer a celebration without heartfelt feelings… Not for now, at least.”

“Your Highness…!”

However, it would be pointless if a war broke out because of me.

Moreover, the reason Baratonia Kingdom won the war last year was that they took advantage of Faithnum Empire’s exhaustion from a subjugation war that occurred six months prior.

It has been one year since the war.
Food and soldiers have not fully recovered yet.
If we lose, we will become a subject nation again and be used as pawns.

I can’t allow that.
I desperately thought about a plan.

“Your Majesty, please give me three days.
I will definitely come up with a good plan within those three days.”

I straightened my back and clearly stated it.

This is not the time to be submissive.


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