We changed carriages at the border.

Naturally, because our countries’ capitals are so far apart, I had packed my belongings for the long journey.

I was told to only bring the clothes on my back, but I didn’t want to be inconvenienced if I didn’t have a change of clothes, so, being a princess, I brought a lot of clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

I really wanted to bring at least one copy of the book, but the Fatenam Empire had prohibited anyone from bringing any knowledge into the Kingdom of Vallatenear since the time it colonized the kingdom a few generations ago.
To put it another way, bringing in any books to Vallatenear is forbidden.

It was thanks to the word of mouth of those who came as colonists and the existing knowledge of the Vallatenear Kingdom itself, that the kingdom grew, learned military strategies and tactics, and won its freedom.

If I had free access to books and documents in the Kingdom of Vallatenear, I would have certainly run for this marriage myself.

While I was thinking about this, the transshipment of the luggage was finished, and I prepared to board the carriage, knowing that my life was now in the hands of the Kingdom of Vallatenear.


“Welcome to Vallatenear, Claire! I couldn’t wait to come and pick you up since I knew you were coming to our country.”

For a servant, he looked well-dressed and attractive.
His skin was white, with short red hair, and eyes the color of the setting sun.
He also appeared to be a few years older than me, who was 17 right now.

Even when seated, his tall and toned physique was hard to hide.
He also spoke in the Fatenam Empire’s language without any accent.

Seeing that I had frozen at the entrance to the carriage, he gently took my hand and, strangely enough, with ease, put his hand around my waist and lifted me up to sit across from him

It was a strange sensation, without any kind of load.
As if I’m floating lightly.
And then I found myself seated down firmly in front of him.

“Forgive me for the late introduction.
I am Aglia Vallatenear, the crown prince of this country and your husband-to-be.
It’s a pleasure to meet you, Claire.”

“… I’m not sure if I’m catching up on everything, but are you really His Highness Aglia? The crown prince? Does that mean I’m going to be the crown princess?”

I expected to marry the second prince or anyone who would not succeed to the throne, but here I am, the future queen.
Hearing that I would be marrying the handsome man in front of me, I was really surprised, as I had no confidence in my education or amiability.

If that’s the case, my older sister Bianca and younger sister Lilia would have happily married into this country in my place.
Though, why do I feel like he’s awfully friendly and welcoming?

Am I not a hostage? Or am I a sacrifice to be killed as a warning that if Fatenam breaks the peace again, they will kill my entire family the next time?

And he talked as if he knew I was coming.

“Um… How did you know I was coming?”

“Claire is basically a celebrity in my country.
I really wanted to request for you, but, well, you know, my country wants to get information from your country.
Isn’t that also why your country sent you here? That’s just how those people work.”

“Um, yes… It’s an unspoken agreement… Eh?”

The carriage began to move forward without regard to my confusion.
This area was near the national border and had once served as a battlefield (of course, some of the lands were taken by the Kingdom of Vallatenear), and although it looked like it was made of solidified soil, the road was even enough.

This carriage too, if anything, was better than the one that sent me off.
And so, as I sat inside the less shaky carriage, facing the crown prince, His Royal Highness Prince Aglia, the man who would become my husband… I let out an awkward smile.

“The journey will take a few days, but I will not inconvenience you.
So, Claire, just take your time getting accustomed.
In the meantime, I’d be delighted to have a conversation with you so that we can get to know one another.”

“Thank… you…?”

Huh, I guess I am not a hostage or a sacrifice… And yet, he wanted to request me?

I couldn’t grasp his intentions, but for the time being, I seemed to be welcomed here.

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