Chapter 29: Brown skin

I was momentarily taken aback.

This room was probably unused before I arrived, but it had been decorated in the Faithnum style for me.

Thanks to this, I was able to enjoy a comfortable stay, and the room on the second floor was perfect for me, especially when I went out or visited the business department on the first floor.
However, the fact that someone could climb in through the window might be a bit concerning.

The young man who introduced himself as Gauche had a dark complexion and long, braided black hair.
He was wearing a unique, ethnic vest that I had never seen in the palace before, and he appeared nimble.

If he wanted to keep his name confidential, I would respect his privacy.
If I mentioned a dark-skinned individual walking around, Gwenna might ask me more.

“Excuse me, Claire.
I think we can have pudding for dinner.”

“Gwenna, really? Thank you! Please pass along my gratitude to the kitchen staff.”

I was delighted to hear about the pudding, perhaps I was homesick for the taste of my home country after all.

“By the way, I saw a dark-skinned young man in the garden a while ago.
Lord Balk has a tan, but this one was much darker.”

“Ah, he’s a new member of the castle’s menial staff.
We hired him from a merchant along with some others when we returned the spies to the Faithnum Empire.
He’s from a country that raises silkworms.”

“I see.
We don’t come across many people with black hair in our country, so I was surprised to see his dark skin and long, black hair.
I could tell from a distance that his clothing was different.”

Gwenna nodded with a smile.

“Yes, the workers come here on ten-year contracts.
They have the option to apply for permanent residency, but many choose not to because of their strong cultural ties to their home country.
They can wear whatever they please while they work as laborers, though.”

“I wasn’t aware of that… I need to learn more about sericulture.
This country is big, and if it takes off, it could become quite prevalent.”

“Yes, it will take time to establish, which is why we still import it… You know, Claire-sama’s wedding dress will be made of high-quality silk.”

I was taken aback once again.

A luxurious, high-quality silk wedding dress?

I had seen a piece of silk cloth before as a gift, and it was made into a garment for my father.
It had a beautiful luster and felt incredibly soft to the touch.

And now, I’ll be wearing it as my wedding dress…

While I was in the Faithnum Empire, no one made much of an effort to dress me up.
They just made sure I didn’t look too shabby.

“I’m sure it’ll look stunning on you, Claire-sama.
Of course, it will be expertly embroidered, but I’ll also make a stitch to mark my love and well wishes for your happiness.”

“Is that a tradition?”

“Yes, it is.
When someone close to us is getting married, we put a stitch in the wedding dress to show our feelings.
After all, Claire-sama, we’re close, right?”

“Of course! I’m so happy.
Fufu… Oh, what’s happening… I’m getting too excited.
Is this dizziness?”

Gwenna rushed to my side and helped me to bed, making me comfortable.

“You’ve been staying up late lately.
Please rest well.
I’ll leave the window open so the breeze can come in.”

“Yes, thank you… Good night.”

“Good night.”

I drifted off to sleep, my mind lulled by the softness of my pillow.




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