Chapter 30: Secret Intruders

“Hey…hey, wake up.”

I was abruptly jolted from my slumber by a voice that was unfamiliar but recognizable.
I was momentarily disoriented, but then realized it was a man’s voice.

Standing beside my bed was a young man named Gauche.

The situation was so surreal that I thought I must be dreaming, but there was no evidence that he had touched me.
If his intention was to harm me, he could have easily gagged me and stripped me while I was asleep.

“I’m sorry about earlier.
I didn’t know this was the young lady’s room.
I came here because the pay is good, but I tend to finish my work quickly and then become lazy.
Now that we’ve met, I wanted to know your name before I leave.
I’m sorry for entering your room uninvited, but the window was open and I thought no one was here.”

“Uh, yes…um, my name is Claire.
Gauche-san, you shouldn’t enter a woman’s room, especially when she’s alone.
It’s not appropriate.”

I wanted to make sure he understood the seriousness of his actions, even if he didn’t seem to realize it himself.

“Ah, really? In my home country, it was considered acceptable to enter if the doors or windows were open.
I’m still getting used to this country, so I apologize.
I’ll leave now, Young Lady Claire.”

I couldn’t help but wonder if he was unaware of my status as a member of the royal family.
This was the first time someone had referred to me as “Young Lady Claire.” I had not given my last name, as I am still in the process of adopting the surname ‘Baratonia’.

“You speak Faithnum language very beautifully.”

“Thanks, but it’s not like it’s useful in my line of work.
Words are easy to learn.
If you observe someone and listen to what they’re saying, you can understand the meaning.”

I can tell he’s quite intelligent.
If I teach him how to read and write, he’ll probably pick it up quickly.
Plus, it’s great that he doesn’t have any strange biases towards me.
I’m starting to feel a bit intrigued by this young man named Gauche and would like to get to know him better.

“Hey, if you’re free between morning and evening, you can still use that tree branch.
I’m rarely in my room, so the maids won’t notice.
Also, if we happen to run into each other… oh, by the way, can you tell me about your country?”

“About Nejia? Is there anything specific you want to know?”

“No, anything is fine.
Would it be okay if I turned it into a book?”

Gauche cocked his head and scratched his head, seeming uninterested, but after a moment of contemplation, he lifted the corners of his mouth in a smile and replied, “I don’t mind.
Turning it into a book is an interesting idea.
If we have the opportunity to meet again, I’ll be happy to share more with you.”

“Thank you! But if we talk, it has to be through the window and you must run away immediately if any maids are present.
I have a high social status, and you might get caught.”

“Wow, so it’s not just Young Lady Claire, but Claire-sama? Either way is fine with me.”

“It’s a bit sad, but if you’re ever discovered, you’ll probably get scolded if I’m referred to as that.”

Despite his obvious annoyance, Gauche seemed to be enjoying our conversation.

“All right, Claire-sama.
I’ll keep my promise and share everything I know about the Nejia country with you.
And if I take a liking to you, I might even reveal some secrets that aren’t meant for the pages of a book.”

Secrets that can’t be written in a book? My curiosity was now peaked.

From an outsider’s viewpoint, it might seem like an improper relationship, but I often work with male civil servants.
If I claim that I am gathering information for a book, even if someone were to catch us, it should be okay.
It’s clear to anyone who sees us that there is no hint of wrongdoing between us… or so I hope.
I’m not very good at detecting subtleties, so I’m not entirely sure.

“Well, I must be on my way now.
Sorry for waking you up.
This is a medicine from Nejia, it’s a nutrient supplement.
I came to give it to you, Claire-sama, because you looked a bit under the weather.

With that, he placed the package wrapped in a small leaf next to my pillow and leapt out the window with impressive agility.

I opened the leaf warily and found a small, black pill with a pungent odor that made my nose tingle.

Even though it’s called a nutrient supplement… I wonder if I should take it.
I have a strong stomach, but… Will it be okay?

Before going back to sleep, I filled a glass with water from the pitcher and swallowed the pill.
It had a very mild taste, but I felt a warm sensation deep within my body.

I put the package in the chest of drawers, where it wouldn’t transfer its scent, and then lay back down on the bed.


TL: BTW this is not a harem genre, Spoilers: they’re blood related




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