Chapter 32: Sekisei Sakui

Starting from the next day, Lord Balk, His Highness, and I dedicated time to frequently work on the draft of the Sekisei Sakui Sho.

The first page contained something that I deemed essential and requested that it remain unchanged.
I proposed the following three lines to be included:

To bear responsibility for overseeing the agreement

To adhere to the law in a correct manner

To acknowledge the relationships between individuals

These are the principles that individuals who attain the rank of Sekisei-shaku should follow, serving as a constant reminder of the most important duty of Sekisei-shaku.
To create this page, one must open the book, flip to the inside cover, and write only these three lines, followed by a signature line.
After studying from the book and obtaining the rank, one must sign the page and receive a certificate of guarantee from the country, albeit not a royal seal.

The book serves as a reference for obtaining the qualification and turns into a license once awarded.
It is recommended to create an intricate seal that cannot be duplicated.

“Once a title is bestowed, nobles receive a seal.
Should a Sekisei-shaku seal be created as well?”

“Well… What do you think, Your Highness?”

“I concur.
Since many individuals will hold the title, it would be appropriate to create a new seal to stamp on the book as evidence of the rank, even if the seal itself is not provided.
Something that symbolizes fairness or a sense of obligation would represent Sekisei-shaku well.”

I pondered for a while.
Those who receive a title are literate, but the Sekisei-shaku is also necessary for those who are not.
At first glance, anyone can grasp its general meaning.

“Is the scale widely used in this country?”

“Yes, of course.
There is a lot of trade in crops, you see.
They use it to exchange equal amounts of rice and wheat, as well as for larger transactions and monetary exchanges.”

“That’s right.
They use the scales along with weights of specified measurements to determine the amount of meat they want to purchase, and sell it accordingly.”

“I believe it’s present in every village.
It’s a convenient and familiar tool in daily life.”

“Then, let’s use the scale.
To better understand the concept of a balanced agreement or justifiable reasons for terminating the agreement, a balanced scale design would be appropriate.”

At my suggestion, Lord Balk and Prince Auglia exchanged glances, perhaps due to the scale’s widespread usage in daily life.
They had a brief conversation about its perceived cheapness.

As I listened, I also considered this point.
Its familiarity might detract from its credibility.
Is there a way to add prestige to the scale? This is a difficult problem to solve.
If something is placed on the scale, it might detract from the impression that the Sekisei-shaku is just a simple scale, and the agreement itself is determined by mutual benefits and drawbacks.

“Let’s bring this discussion to a close.
Regarding the seal, it serves as a valid certificate when stamped with vermilion ink on items like book covers.
The other points have been addressed, so I’ll have a civil servant review it.
If there are any additional details, please provide them in writing.”

“Lord Balk, I trust you to handle this matter.
Thank you for your time, Your Highness.
I will also give some thought to the seal.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.
I’m sure you’re still feeling fatigued.
Take some rest in your room until dinner.
We have a busy schedule ahead of us later.”

“Yes, I understand.
Thank you for your concern.”

I’m grateful that he’s worried about me, but sometimes I feel like His Highness is being overly protective.
But when I consider how much he values me, my heart swells with emotion, and the discomfort subsides.

His Highness gives me a pat on the head, indicating it’s time for me to leave.
He likely still has something to discuss with Lord Balk.
I bid them both farewell and make my way back to my room.

But even though the seal is widely used, I can’t shake the feeling that it is too plain and cheap looking.
I ruminate on this all the way back to my room, trying to come up with creative solutions.

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