Chapter 35: Completion of the Sekisei Sakui Sho

I outlined the reasoning behind the symbol, completed the provisional design, submitted the draft to the government official, and evaluated the added proposal, then returned the draft to the official once more.

Meanwhile, I also sought the advice of the artisan regarding the design of the seal.
The subtle distinctions between wheat and rice can be easily distinguished, and the balance was crafted with precision.
The emblem of the country, the mighty eagle, spreads its wings and rests on the balance.

It is a suitable seal for the nobility guaranteed by the country, which the royal family symbolizes as the representatives of the gods.
It is difficult to replicate.
I plan to make one final adjustment.

After undergoing this process two or three times, the final draft of the Sekisei Sakui Sho, neatly written by the government official, is now in our possession.

Prince Auglia, Lord Balk, and I recorded the names of those involved in this book last, made a copy, and presented it to my father-in-law.

The two-month wait was challenging… no, as a significant project for the country, we did our best.

I quietly toasted Lord Balk and His Highness Auglia in the salon.
Afterwards, as they had more work to attend to, I’ll set out to find a lute to show my gratitude to Gauche.

I sipped on my favorite milk tea, while the two of them drank bitter unsweetened black tea.
The unsweetened black tea had a robust aroma and a crisp taste that seemed to cleanse the palate, and the men appeared to prefer it.

I tried it as well, but found it less refreshing than my comforting, sweet milk tea.
The tea, with its rich aroma reminiscent of pumpkin or sweet potato, flowed smoothly through the mouth without any sweetness.

“…Once it’s established, let’s include it in the employee benefits.”

“What are employee benefits?”

When asked by His Highness Auglia, I realized, “Oh, that’s right.”

In my home country, welfare benefits are defined as a collection of entitlements for employees, including allowances, preferred time off, and sudden sick days.

“It could be a good idea.
Everyone is currently drinking water or plain soup, and having the option to drink tea during work could definitely improve their mood.”

“Yes, that’s correct.
We have maids or servants who prepare the tea for us, but we can’t provide enough staff to make tea for all the offices throughout the country.
We need to come up with a better solution.”

Having personnel solely dedicated to making tea… If that’s the only role, it won’t reach all the employees working in offices across the country, and some may argue that it’s unfair if only those working in the palace receive this benefit.

We have now delegated the responsibility of managing official salaries, allowances, and attendance to the General Affairs Department.
They are currently busy reviewing reports from the office and distributing salaries and allowances.

“In that case, let’s expand the number of departments.
A department that will manage the needs of the people, including those of the Sekisei-shaku.
I knew we would need it eventually, even if we set aside the tea service.”

I smiled at His Highness Auglia and Lord Balk, who appeared intrigued, while holding my cup of milk tea in both hands.

“Let’s take it slow and establish this department once the Sekisei-shaku qualification exam becomes more widespread.
This way, even those with uneven skills, such as those who are good at reading, writing, and arithmetic but not memorization, will be able to secure employment within the palace.
I also have plans to create a study hall, but I don’t want to rush things too much.
Let’s start by establishing a new division, the Personnel Department.”




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