Chapter 36: Benefits and Human Resources

Despite having a precious break time, the three of us are all workaholics.

As they seemed to be deeply interested, I decided to explain the basic functioning.
If I were to start a new project abruptly, there wouldn’t be enough personnel and the wedding ceremony would have to be delayed.

“Currently, the local offices and the palace gather self-reported work hours, which are then summarized by a designated individual in the General Affairs Department.
This information is used to calculate salaries based on each employee’s position, using funds allocated by the Finance Department.
The Personnel Department oversees one individual assigned to each office, who holds the pre-determined funds from the Finance Department and the allowance, and distributes salaries within the office.
In essence, this department manages timekeeping, salary payments, and employee benefits, including tea-making services.”

Prince Auglia and Lord Balk exchanged glances and began conversing.

Though we’ve been busy with work lately, it brings me joy to be able to work alongside my passionate husband.

The person in charge listens attentively and considers my words.
He possesses flexible thinking and quick wit, excels with a sword, and has a pleasing appearance.

…Am I being biased? I’m not sure.

My first love was His Highness Auglia, so if asked about my preferences, I can only answer with his name.

His Highness failed to notice my intense gaze as he conversed with Lord Balk, who, in turn, was observing me with a sad smile.
I was unaware of this.

As the clock on the mantlepiece chimed, we both went back to our respective tasks.

“Dinner will be served at 7 o’clock again today.
See you later.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Despite that, my task for the day was to search for a lute.

When I inquired about the musical instrument with Melissa and Gwenna, they informed me that they had no knowledge of it.

Apparently, the instrument was not commonly used in the palace, as confirmed by Melissa after speaking with the manager in charge of musical instruments.

“Claire-sama, how about it? Would you like to go out to the city?”

“That sounds great! Claire-sama has only gone out for work and has never explored the city.
Why don’t we sneak out for some fun?”

The city! I had been to places like the port town and the printing workshop for work, but I had never seen the sights of the city.
I also wanted to go shopping… but then I remembered.

“I don’t have any money…”

At my disappointed tone, Gwenna and Melissa exchanged glances.

“Uh, Claire-sama? Have you heard about your budget?”

“And your salary for the past few months has also been released.
Well, it’s more like compensation.”

“W-What?! That was there?!”

The defeat of ladylike education…I had a fleeting thought, but the things to be adorned were already prepared in abundance and I never imagined I would get a salary.

“Is this enough to purchase a musical instrument?”

“It’s enough to purchase an entire orchestra.”

I was shocked to learn the exact amount, as I had accumulated a substantial sum without realizing it.

In my homeland, the management of such funds was handled for me, and I never paid attention to the amount because it was considered unfitting for royalty to concern themselves with finances.

“In that case, with the funds to buy an instrument and some pocket money, let’s go on a shopping trip tomorrow, the three of us?”

Gwenna and Melissa eagerly agreed with my suggestion.





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