Chapter 37: Ninja(incognito/shinobi) Style

I informed His Highness Auglia about my plans to take a day off from work last night during dinner.


Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter,…



Once we are married, my face will become widely recognized, so I requested to walk around the castle town incognito and His Highness Auglia agreed happily.

I apologize for imposing on His Highness Auglia who has been working hard, but it seems that we will take a long break after the wedding ceremony is over.
He said he wants to travel with me.

That evening, we spent dinner discussing our travel plans and even our tea time was dedicated to choosing our destination.

“Claire, if you’re going out tomorrow, you need to get some rest soon.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Just be careful not to follow anyone if they try to hit on you.”

“I won’t be hit on!”

Why is he so worried? I can understand his concern if it were Lord Balk or His Highness Julius, but when it comes to commoners, I doubt they would have the audacity to approach me.

I was a bit annoyed, so I raised my eyebrows, took His Highness Auglia’s hand in mine, and brought my face close to his.
I didn’t want to let go of him while I was angry.

“You see, Your Highness is my first love and lifelong partner.
It discourages me when you don’t trust me.”

“I-I understand, I understand, so let go…”

“Are you going to bring up the issue of infidelity again?”

His Highness begins to blush and fidget.
Despite His Highness’s unsteady posture.

“I won’t say anything more! I’m sorry!”

“…as long as you understand.”

I swallow my anger and smile, finally settling back into my original position and releasing my grip.

Come to think of it, despite being engaged, we haven’t had much physical contact.

“Your Highness.”


This time, I turn towards His Highness Auglia with a genuine smile.

“Let’s hold hands often when we travel together.”

With that, I bid goodnight to His Highness, who muttered something about a “lifelong partner,” and said goodbye.
Melissa and Gwenna are giggling strangely.
Did I say something odd?


Now, I am dressed as a merchant’s daughter in the city, in a well-put-together attire.

With my long hair braided into thick plaits, secured with a ribbon, I wear a light-colored knee-length one-piece dress, a short white ruffled hat, and a white purse.

Melissa and Gwenna are both in casual attire, with Gwenna in charge of the finances.
Gwenna has styled her blonde hair into a bun and wears a white frilly blouse with a long high-waisted skirt, while Melissa sports a stylish knee-length one-piece with puff sleeves.

Is this what it feels like to go out with female friends? I pondered as I paid compliments to the two of them.

We had arranged to travel to the city by carriage and planned to rendezvous at the same location when it was time to return.
Our mission was to hunt for a lute in the city.

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