Chapter 48: Extreme winter land Ship


“I can’t help feeling uneasy.
What if they’ve come to attack us?”

Ships sported a grand white sail and a matching flag flying at the bow.
Gauche had already informed us that it was a sign of “non-aggression,” allowing us to welcome the ship without fear as it docked at our port town.

Nevertheless, the port was not equipped to handle ten ships that resembled miniature mountains from afar.
In the past, we had only been permitted to trade ornaments, wood, and food with the Seanapse Kingdom under the watchful eye of the Faithnum Empire.

Despite this, the port’s warehouse was now brimming with an abundance of food, spilling out of every nook and cranny.
There were also a handful of tourists in the area, but today, the port’s men had been hired to transport all the cargo.

Since the fleet comprised of ten vessels, we had made ample arrangements in terms of manpower, wheat, dried meats, and vegetables that could be preserved for an extended period.
Although three ships should suffice, if it’s not enough, this is all we have.

It was without a doubt that their country was either grappling with starvation or struggling to prepare for a potential famine.
However, all our concerns dissipated when one of the ships in the convoy, the ambassador’s vessel, disembarked and engaged us in conversation.

“Nice to meet you.
I am Marquis Le Rail Glen, the head of the finance department, and I come to you as the ambassador of the La Mousseul Kingdom.
Please feel free to address me as Glen.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Glen.
I am Prince Auglia Baratonia of this country.
Thank you for traveling such a great distance to visit us.
I regret that we did not establish written agreements prior to your arrival, but I trust that our partnership will be beneficial and enduring for both of us.”

“Actually, the fault was ours.
We were shallow to presume that there was nothing worth negotiating over in your country and attempted to attack you.
I am grateful for your proposal and generous offer of deep-sea fishing and food aid.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Marquis Glen was a man with pallid skin who appeared anxious and had slightly sunken cheeks.
His silver hair was stiff and neatly styled in a lengthy fashion.
Despite being on a ship for a week, he did not have a peculiar odor.
I was so intrigued by the technology employed on his vessel that  I straightened my back with a start.

As an ambassador, he tremulously shook hands with Prince Auglia and presented a formal document, akin to the letter written by His Majesty, as a certificate of fair trade.
Today, the ambassador and his entourage plan to rest at the castle.
In the port town, all the inns have been emptied so that the crew may take turns resting.

“We did not arrive with ten ships to simply load up on food for all.
Our objective is to venture on a deep-sea fishing expedition and return with a bountiful catch.
Naturally, we will be self-sufficient on the vessel as instructed.
As for foo…”

“Ah, you can tell by looking at one ship.
Three ships should be enough to be filled up.
The remaining ships will fish out in the open sea.
Additionally, there’s a commercial union in this town.
I’ll make an appearance and hope to procure some provisions from the country or store.”

“We’ll utilize this port as a base for deep-sea fishing and pay a third of our catch.
We’ve provided the fishermen with foreign currency that’s presently unnecessary, so I hope you’ll accept it as payment in the interim.
To avert any issues, I also propose staying for a short while…”

“Of course.
The journey from here to the capital city takes a day.
Please begin your deep-sea fishing at once.
Let’s coordinate the details at the castle… Naturally, it’s unreasonable to expect the town’s citizens to provide food, drink, and lodgings free of charge, so I appreciate your adherence to decorum.
The agony of starvation is…unfathomable.

“Ah, I see.
The ship that immediately stocked up on provisions will have to be sent back.
Our crew has also arrived, and we’ve instructed them to heed the advice of the locals.”.

“In that case, we’ll send officials to oversee the unloading of the cargo from here.
Additionally, we ought to explore expanding the port.
Currently, we can only accommodate one ship at a time, which is a major inconvenience.”.

Although the conversation between His Highness Auglia and Marquis Glen was direct, they were mindful not to cause any conflicts.
The men at the port were notorious for being rough, and the inhabitants from the extreme winter land were likely no different.
With the sea’s unpredictable temperament, it was best to avoid any minor disagreements that could quickly escalate and sabotage the favorable agreement reached.

Observing burly men disembark one by one from vessels displaying white flags at the port, it was apparent that arguments must be avoided at all costs.

…Perhaps it would be prudent to wait until both countries have settled down before inspecting the ship’s inside.

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