“Does Claire know about our country’s trade goods?”

“I’m knowledgeable about them.
Southern silk is a rarity in my homeland, but it is produced in this kingdom.
You also export grain to neighboring countries and act as a middleman, distributing gold and silver mined in the nearby rocky mountains to the small countries across the sea.
Despite being a small country, the craftsmanship of these countries of art is excellent, so I guess they use their profit from the sales of their crafts to buy the silkworms and silk workers?”

This is about all I can come up with from looking at a map and learning about each country’s history.
My father wondered why, but it’s just a matter of location.

That being the case, there are countries near the Fatenam Empire where pyroxene can be extracted.
Furthermore, there is a country across the sea that produces pearls, and we could also buy silkworms and hire craftsmen from there.
But unfortunately, my country was more interested in invading other countries than trading.
If we keep doing it just because we’re a little stronger, it’ll only be a matter of time before we trample down civilization at the same time.

The Kingdom of Vallatenear was a country with fertile lands.
Frankly, I was actually glad that they became independent.

The other vassal states were small.
It would be sad to see the good parts of the country disappear, devoured by the Fatenam Empire.

Of course, the Fatenam Empire’s technology was useful in the construction of roads, water and sewage systems, public bathhouses, and so on.
Jobs were also created, and the colony was not prohibited from teaching many things through oral tradition.

But, the upper part of the Fatenam Empire was composed of the good and the evil.

Ah, I realized.
I have spoken at length, but the prince hasn’t said anything.
This is embarrassing.
This is the kind of unladylike side that my sisters would always make fun of.
On top of that, I even got lost in my thoughts.

I automatically hunched my back and hung my head down in embarrassment.
Sigh, how could I have treated the victorious country’s crown prince in such a manner?

“I… Please pardon me…”

“What are you apologizing for?”

I looked up at his voice.

His sunset-colored eyes widened in surprise, but his gaze was soft and gentle, smiling.

(Did he… Listen to my ramble?)

This was the reason I was told to be more ladylike, yet he listened carefully to my ramble? I looked at him unblinkingly, surprised.

“I’m glad you’re here either way… Come on, we’re at the castle.
From today on, this is your country, your home, and you are my wife.
Let’s hold the ceremony when you’re more settled and accustomed.”


Outside the carriage was a vast garden, and behind it was a castle with a left-wing and a right-wing, each with several floors.
The ground floor had no rooms on the surface, but instead was a corridor facing outward, supported by thick, artistically carved stone pillars.

There was a gate to the entrance in a slightly secluded area, and the carriage went around the fountain and proceeded under its column.
If it’s like this, even on a rainy day, my dress wouldn’t get dirty.

“What a lovely castle…!”

“Is it to your liking? I hope you’ll like the room too… Of course, we’re in separate rooms, so don’t worry.”

For a moment, I didn’t understand what was being said, then blushed when I realized what he was referring to.

He’s such an embarrassing prince… My confusion didn’t end here.

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