Chapter 49: The woman’s dressing has begun

After finalizing the trade agreement with the extreme winter land, we resumed our normal activities.

Lord Balk was in charge of the minutiae of Sekisei-shaku, such as books and agreements, while His Highness Auglia discussed trade and deep-sea fishing with Marquis Glen and the king.

I was captivated by the ship designs and how they could preserve fish for a month, but eventually, I had to begin preparing for my wedding.

I was surrounded by women in my room for fittings and design discussions, from selecting fabrics to measuring my size.
The queen was also present, and it was officially decided that I would wear a white dress made of Nejian silk, which had not yet been produced in Baratonia.

Even though it was a substantial expense, the queen said, “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion!” and I couldn’t agree more.
After all, getting married under the new Sekisei-shaku system and exchanging marriage certificates is a first for this country, and it would be wonderful to have a grand celebration.

I expressed concern about my thin platinum blonde hair and gray eyes, and how they may appear vague and indistinct in a white dress.
However, everyone in the room shook their heads and dismissed my worries.
They assured me that with my ethereal and pure white hair, I would look like a graceful statue.

“Listen, Claire-chan will be a stunning bride.
I guarantee it.
So, don’t say that you’re vague and hazy about yourself.”


Her Majesty clutched my hands firmly, speaking with an intense expression.
I could only offer an ambiguous nod, as I truly believed my complexion was somewhat indistinct.

Yet, my spirits lifted slightly at the sight of the designer shaping the dress with paper.

Paper had become ubiquitous.
The Faithnum Empire’s clothing design drawings had become excessively inconvenient without it.
In the past, clothes had to be imported directly or copied from imported ones when being made.

The clothing and jewelry industries, now able to pour their overflowing creativity into paper, had produced a growing number of quality designers.
They competed fiercely, making it the most vibrant market.

The city’s scenery, previously little changed from the Faithnum Empire, was gradually evolving to suit the climate of Baratonia as commoners and nobles began adopting new attire.
This was a source of great joy for me.

Madame, who was slightly older than Her Majesty, was in charge of creating my wedding dress.
Her design proposal featured a lavish use of “kneaded silk,” a rare material, while retaining the conservative style of the Faithnum Empire (with a few bold design elements that added a competitive edge, but caution was necessary to avoid the risk of receiving an absurd design from a less competent designer).

As the ceremony is scheduled for fall, the sleeves are embellished with lace, while gloves are eschewed, and the neck, shoulders, and decollete are adorned with lace on the classic princess-line, full skirt.

Unexpectedly, an item from the extreme winter land has arrived —— a pearl, a gem that hasn’t made much of a mark in the Faithnum Empire.
It is said to be harvested from shells and is a stunning, round, white gem that complements the crepe.

Marquis Glen brought it in case of a shortage of foreign currency.
The pearl is easy to process and possesses a uniform and exquisite shape.
The stone’s rarity, which cannot be mined from the mine, coupled with the uniformity of the white stones in size, is remarkable.

I’ve heard that the shellfish is delectable, so I inquired about farming it.
However, I was told that it’s difficult to cultivate due to their constant boat-building and attack preparations.
Hunger must be the priority to address first.

A shellfish that is both mouthwatering and has gems inside… if managed efficiently, it could be a tradeable item with other countries.
It’s not just the Baratonia Kingdom that has granary areas.
As the frigid winter land is said to be a country isolated by snow, it may be feasible to discover something of higher commercial value in this country.

Would His Highness be surprised if I proposed going to the extreme winter land for our honeymoon? Or, before that, is it even possible to embark on a honeymoon…?

As I pondered, the design for my wedding dress came to me in a sudden epiphany.

The dress was adorned with luxurious white embroidery crafted from glossy silk threads and punctuated with lustrous pearls.

I adored the design from the depths of my heart.
Even though I lacked an innate sense of beauty, the glossy silk symbolized our connection with Nejia, while the pearls represented our bond with the extreme winterland, all while retaining the classic silhouette of a wedding dress in the Faithnum Empire.

This would be a fitting outfit for the festivities in Baratonia Kingdom, which had recently gained independence and established a new regime.

Moreover, I had a hunch that His Highness Auglia might be taken aback by my appearance in such an opulent dress, and that Her Majesty would also be impressed.
With a grin, I told her, “I truly love it,” and decided to keep it a surprise.

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