Chapter 50: Gift from His Majesty

“Has the marriage contract been finalized?!”

I burst into the General Affairs Department’s office, having received the report during my spare time from my womanly preparations.
Lord Balk’s eyes widened in surprise, but he soon covered his mouth and chuckled.

I had spent the last few days grooming myself meticulously, from my skin and hair to massages, but did I really look that different? I couldn’t help but scrutinize my appearance.

“Oh, no, Claire-sama, you look so stunning now.
I was just amused by how your initial words were so characteristic of you.”

“I-It’s been a while, Lord Balk.
So, how’s the certificate?”

“Hehe, His Highness Auglia has already reviewed it.
He’s preoccupied with his own affairs… but he assured me that there shouldn’t be any issues with the content.
If you, Claire, have any requests, feel free to let meknow.”

It was an exquisite piece of paper, crafted by the finest paper factory.
It was highly durable, slow to decay, and resistant to environmental changes.
The texture was also pleasant, and the marriage contract, adorned with intricate calligraphy, was written on it.

Marriage Contract

As per this agreement, the undersigned individuals are legally acknowledged as wedded partners.

Signatures of royalty or Sekisei-shaku have been documented at the bottom as witnesses.

There are three essential provisions outlined in the contract:

To love and cherish one another.

To support and aid one another.

To have faith and trust in each other.

If any of these requirements are unfulfilled, the marriage contract can be revoked via a divorce document, which must be signed and submitted.
In such an instance, mediation by royalty or Sekisei-shaku is mandatory, and any false or misleading statements are strictly prohibited.

☐ Date Signature Box

It may be a simple document, but it is worthwhile to preserve the form of a couple in Baratonia.
While it requires some effort, it also strengthens the marital contract and eliminates situations where individuals cannot divorce due to societal reputation concerns.

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to continue as a couple without upholding these three provisions.

Even for political marriages among the nobility, those who engage in extramarital affairs are viewed with disdain.

Naturally, political marriages were documented separately, and these details were meticulously outlined in the laws and regulations upheld by the Sekisei-shaku.

Although the three most significant elements should take precedence, among the aristocracy, some were still unable to wed their true love due to financial constraints or the desire to assert their influence.

As a result, there were no provisions forbidding infidelity.
If they could coexist through mutual deliberation, empathy, and faith, it was not the place of others to pass judgment.

After contemplating the matter, I was on the verge of re-evaluating the requirements when something caught my eye.

The date field had already been filled out.

“Why is the date already filled in?”

“It’s a gift from His Majesty.
He proclaimed that day a national holiday.”


Although I anticipated that the wedding alone would be an ostentatious affair, I never anticipated that it would result in a national holiday…

“Thus far, common folk only celebrated events such as the harvest or fishing festival.
With the new system, new forms of celebration will arise.”

“I-Indeed… as the people’s lives suddenly shift with this novel legislation, they will require additional reasons to rejoice.”

So please accept it.”

“…I have a foreboding feeling.
What is the name of the holiday?”

I asked, noticing my surprise.
Lord Balk tilted his head with a hint of amusement.

“Are you absolutely sure you want to know? There is no going back once said

“If I end up disliking it, I will go and pay my respects to His Majesty.”

“…Well, it’s not a bad name at all.
I am certain you will find it appealing.
——The Festival of Promises.”

“The Festival of Promises…”

Lord Balk lowered his gaze and nodded deeply.

“This wedding marks the end of the war of independence and the peace treaty.
It is a marriage that has been transformed into a promise called a contract, creating a new system and fostering closer ties with other countries such as Nejia and the extreme winter land.
All of these aspects are included in the name that everyone in the kingdom is familiar with…The Festival of Promises.”

His words caused my forehead to flush.
I never considered myself a sentimental person, yet even though I had only recently been married, it felt like an eternity ago.

“That is wonderful.
On that day, regardless of their relationship, people from Nejia and the extreme winter land can participate in the festival, correct?”

“Of course.
You are the one who brought us together.”

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