Chapter 53: Newlywed’s wedding night

The sounds of revelry from the garden still echoed outside the window, while the bonfire cast flickering shadows on the tree branches.

Unlike the first time I attended a feast in the Baratonia Kingdom, I I had to participate in the post-wedding banquet while wearing a tightly-laced corset, so I couldn’t indulge in the food.
His Highness Auglia and I, as the main characters, had to leave the party early.

As I sat in the room, waiting for our wedding night to begin, I suddenly realized the significance of the occasion, and my mind went blank.
When Gwenna and the others instructed me to change out of my wedding dress and take a bath, I felt a mixture of embarrassment and excitement.

I requested a cup of milky tea, but even that had grown cold.
I had yet to even share a kiss with my husband, and I couldn’t fathom what was to come.

Although Gwenna and the others instructed me to wait in the room, my restlessness and nerves made it impossible to relax, and I gradually drifted off to sleep.
This was a bad situation.

My mind wouldn’t stop racing, a rare occurrence for me.
When I ceased to think, drowsiness took over.

I briefly considered taking the round pill that Gauche had given me earlier, but it was meant for fatigue recovery.
If I took it now, I might sleep too deeply.

As I contemplated the expression to wear while receiving His Highness Auglia, a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts.

“Wha! Yes, please come in!”

I responded with a well-composed voice as His Highness Auglia strolled into the room, smiling belatedly.

He, too, was dressed in pajamas.
Though we typically shared tea together every evening, his presence felt unusual this time.

“Claire, I apologize for dropping by unannounced… Are you feeling nervous?”

I’m sorry, Your Highness.”

I hastened to place the teacups on the table and rose to welcome him, my face flushed with anxiety.
I shouldn’t be nervous, or more precisely, my resistance is nearly zero.
Yet, for some reason, it’s different when it comes to His Highness.
A plethora of thoughts raced through my mind, such as how a political marriage might have been preferable.

“You needn’t apologize.
Come on, sit down.”

Despite the circumstances, His Highness Auglia beamed genially, clasping my hand as he took a spot on the bed and motioned for me to join him.

Although I assumed I had grown accustomed to holding hands and having my head patted, I was utterly mistaken.
This was distinct.
I trembled slightly.

“Claire, don’t be frightened.
And let’s drop the formalities of ‘Your Highness.’ We’re married now… aren’t we?”

Auglia, gently taking hold of my trembling hand, pulled me close with his other hand, enveloping me in his arms.

His broad chest, warm hands, and my racing heart made me feel a gamut of emotions.
In our nervousness, we clung to each other until we became accustomed to each other’s presence.

(I’ve calmed down… I’ve accepted Auglia-sama…)

“I once had a ‘mentor’.
You understand, don’t you?”

“… It would be unnatural if you hadn’t.
After all, as the crown prince, you need to know what you’re doing.”

But you know, I believe it was a lesson.
My heart was about to burst from nervousness, but what I love is… you.”

We parted slightly and gazed into each other’s eyes.
My face must have been flushed, but I no longer felt confused or anxious.
Only his words, whispered closely to me as if carried away by the heat, resounded in my mind.

“Claire, I love you.
I fell in love with you since the day I met you.
And now, I can finally marry you.
I love you and won’t let you go.”

“I also respect Prince Auglia… I can no longer express it in words.”

It was hard to express.
The more words we exchanged, the more my feelings for Auglia-sama overflowed.

As he whispered, “Yes, that’s right,” and his big, warm hand caressed my cheek, I closed my eyes and surrendered myself completely.


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