Chapter 55: Inadvertently

Based on the conversation from last night, it was decided that we were going on a trip to two neighboring countries, so I decided to research these countries that are located north of the Baratonia Kingdom.

We can’t take too much time.
It’s a honeymoon trip, so there’s a certain amount of leeway, so we want to leave at the latest within two weeks.

Still, even with just the wedding contract and Sekisei-shaku, we’re using quite a budget.
If we have to create exams or schools in the future, it will cost even more.
But the income after penetration will be big and managing the headcount registry will become much easier.
So it’s not wrong to invest money now because in the long run, it will be worth it.

That’s why, even though it’s for personal use… it’s still the honeymoon trip of the prince and princess… but we shouldn’t overspend the budget.

Consider bringing something that is surplus in this country and valued in the country you are visiting as a souvenir.
We cannot bring anything that cannot be reduced or anything that would be embarrassing to bring.
If it can be reduced, it would be a souvenir for the visit, but bringing something that is not appreciated could lead to a rift between countries.

“So, I would like to borrow Nejia’s wisdom.”

“Claire-sama… I do plan to take a break after work, but I’m working now.
I’ll go to the usual place later, so please wait a little.”

The citizens of Nejia work in the palace warehouse and other places.
Women seem to do laundry and washing, while men do more manual labor.

So, when I showed up at the warehouse, I was surprised by most of the laborers, but Gauche himself was smiling wryly as if he knew.

I apologize for causing a commotion by accidentally showing up and I thought about the time spent on Gauche’s questioning and answering, so I said “sorry” with my eyes and left the warehouse.

I might have been a little too relaxed because I was in the palace, so I frequently visited the workplace of the civil servants and helped them with their work.
But, a royal family member showing up in the warehouse was probably rare, even for me.

Sure enough, when I returned to my room, Gwenna and Melissa scolded me severely.
I have to remember that not many people know about my relationship with the Nejia.
My curiosity always makes me forget to act properly.

“I’m sorry, I won’t go anymore.
Today I will stay in my room quietly, so please, don’t tell Auglia-sama about it…?”

With hands clasped, eyebrows lowered, and eyes moist, I pleaded, and Gwenna and Melissa looked at me with surprised faces.

These two have been taking care of me since I arrived in this country.
Of course, they were also aware that this was all just an act, and they were disappointed that I had learned some weird tricks.

“You don’t have to do that, I’ll keep quiet anyway.
But, are you really not going anymore?”

“And, if the news spreads from the lower ranks to the higher ranks, we can’t cover it up, not from us.”

“Oh, come on!”

This way, it is inevitable that Auglia-sama will become angry.
Rather, he might be disgusted.

The real relationship between Gauche and me…that we are siblings…is an open secret, but I also feel like keeping it secret for some reason.
Maybe that’s because Gauche is a true national of Nejia and the chief of the Shadows of Nejia.
I feel like it would hurt his pride, so I chose to accept being scolded.

Of course, infidelity is not suspected.
Auglia-sama is tolerant in that regard, but sometimes it’s strange when he says things like “are you not looking elsewhere?” or “cheating is not allowed.”

As for me, I am a failure of the education of a proper lady.
There is no such thing as a lover of such things, and so far the only person in this country who has appealed to me as a love interest has been Auglia-sama.

His Highness Julius’s respect, Lord Balk is just amused, and the only other deep connection I have is Gauche, but he knows that he is related by blood.

Until I obtain information as a souvenir, I will reflect for the time being and make a list of what is left over as a selling point of this country.

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