Chapter 56: Sold in the Kingdom of Balatonia

“So, I’m thinking of finding a souvenir that won’t put too much pressure on the national treasury but will still be appreciated.
But if I don’t know the country I’m visiting, I won’t know what will be appreciated, right? Saving is important, but being appreciated is the most important thing, so I want Gauche to teach me what you know.”

“Ah, I see.
When you get married, you go on a honeymoon… Well, that’s how it goes, right? We’ll secretly tag along as security, so it’s okay to cut back a little.
Claire-sama is the top priority, after all.
We also have a duty as Nejia to protect her.”

“Oh, that’s helpful… So, I was thinking of what is currently surplus in this country, would you take a look?”

“Hmmm… I see, interesting… Ah, you missed something.”

I presented the list I had written to Gauche, who was perched on the tree branches outside the window, his usual relaxed self.
He skimmed through it with a countenance that seemed to suggest it was acceptable, but his smile quickly dissipated.

“Did I miss something?! Is there anything that seems like it would be appreciated and that we have surplus in our country?!”

“Yes, there is.

I rolled my eyes and leaned forward with my hands on the window sill.
Despite being told by Gauche to be careful and come back, my body drew back, but that was unexpected.

“Now, this country is just independent.
So Claire-sama might have missed it, but Baratonia Kingdom is only trading with the mining country and Seanapse country.
Or rather, acting as a mediator, right? Now we’re delivering food to extreme winter land, and although the food is not well received, the arts are well received.
I think that jewelry worn by royalty is well received in any country.
Especially sets of platinum brushes with embedded stones and hand mirrors, or necklaces and earring sets if they are displayed and used for national events.

I thought deeply.
That’s right.

Until now, the jewelry obtained through trade was handed over to Faithnum Empire as the best quality.
Baratonia Kingdom was a vassal state and everything was prioritized for Faithnum Empire.

However, as a location, all the jewelry obtained through trade is selected by Baratonia Kingdom and sold to Faithnum Empire at the wholesale price.
Although tariffs are imposed, the budget is still used to continue the relationship with Seanapse country and the mining country.

It can’t be good anymore.
By continuing regular trade, we can maintain friendly relations.
The mining country also had ink, so the amount of coal we can unload from them has increased, and we are still buying and processing semi-precious stones in Seanapse country.

And now, among the current national budget, it is a budget for ‘maintaining relationships between nations’.
No one wants their livelihood to suddenly disappear.
Just like when Seanapse country and the mining country were in between, Baratonia kingdom needed to purchase and trade.

When you think about it, there is certainly some left over.
If you make a special order, you can get a special item for the same amount of money with less resources than you usually order.

“Are both of them kingdoms, I wonder?”

“Yes, they are.
And for royalty, it’s their job to decorate their country in the most gorgeous way.
Daily necessities like jewelry and expensive artworks will be appreciated in any country.”

“Thank you! I’ll talk about it in that direction right away! I’ll have to pay special allowances to the Seanapse craftsmen and have them make it quickly…”

“I don’t think that’s necessary though.”

I was thinking about how much time I would need, when Gauche shook his head to stop that thought.

“It’s a country of artisans, isn’t it? No craftsman would take his priced work of art to the daily trade.
Just buy what’s already made, and if you buy it with the priced gems of the mineral country, that should be fine.
Most craftsmen are loaded with such things.”

“Is that how it is?”

“Yes, that’s how it is.”

In Nejia, they only bring out the finest product, called silk, during weddings.
In terms of being a country of craftsmen, Nejia is the same.

So, accepting Gauche’s words fully, I will try to talk to His Highness Auglia.

“Thank you, Gauche.
It was very helpful.”

“No, no.
Let the guard (me) speak too.
That’s my specialty.”

With that, Gauche kicked a branch, landed quietly on the ground, and walked away leisurely.

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