His Highness Aglia then led me into the castle, where we were greeted by a line of servants with their heads bowed.


This… We’re in the enemy country, aren’t we? Aren’t I supposed to be a despised woman from a defeated country who is marrying into this country? I manage to resist the urge to pinch my own cheeks.


It’s been a year since the war ended, and even though they won, both sides must still be nursing deep wounds.
I came here expecting to have my head chopped off at any moment, but somehow, they seemed very welcoming…?


“Welcome back, Your Highness Crown Prince and Your Highness Crown Princess!”


“I’m home.
Claire is a little overwhelmed, so please, let’s not do this today.
Now, Claire, You must be exhausted from the long journey, right? I’ll show you to your room, and you should try to get some rest today. Also, we’re having a banquet in the morning, so please plan accordingly.“


“Y-yes, Your Highness Aglia.”


I am absolutely overwhelmed.


I’ve never been treated like this, not even in the Fatenam Empire.
Moreover, is it really all right to go straight to bed after we arrive, without even greeting His Majesty the King?


Somehow, I feel like I’m being treated terribly well… but, I don’t remember doing anything for this country.
Besides, I had never met His Highness Aglia before, and there was no element of favoritism in the short itinerary.


I am neither beautiful nor pretty, neither amiable nor charming, nor do I stand up to men as a lady.
Not knowing what on earth was going on or why I was so welcome, the smiling Crown Prince waved his hand and I was immediately ushered by an amiable servant to my room.


The room was very spacious, cozy, and furnished in soothing colors, and I came to realize that this coziness was due to the use of furniture and wallpaper from the Fatenam Empire for the interior.
After being treated so well, I still had my doubts about being sneak attacked, but I was the princess of a war-torn country, after all.
I can’t let my guard down yet, I thought.


I unpacked what I had brought and put things away in the walk-in closet.
I took a quick peek and found a pile of clothes that I wished I hadn’t brought.


I was really exhausted that day, so the maid gave me a bath and massaged my stiff body from the carriage ride before I went to bed.


The next day, as soon as I wake up, the maid comes in and opens the curtains. Un, this country is really strange.
It wasn’t a dream.


I washed my face and got ready.
Back in my homeland, my sisters made fun of me for dressing up too much, so I didn’t do it, but the maids here got me ready without any time for me to stop them.


They guided me and finished dressing me up with compliments I had never heard before, such as, “Your skin and hair are beautifully white, so let’s put a little brighter color on your face,” or, “Your dress is gorgeous,” or, “You have a nice figure.”


Because it was a banquet, there was no corset to constrict, but instead a wide-open collar for comfort, and it was adorned with fine light silverwork ornaments made in a country with which the Kingdom of Vallatenear traded.


I couldn’t help my bad posture, but the maid told me that would be taken care of in due course, and I could only let out a strained smile at the sight of my reflection in the full-length mirror.


“Thank you very much, Melissa, Gwenna, and Millie.
Thanks to you, I look a little better now.“


I thanked the three maids who have followed me since last night, saying I’m looking forward to them taking care of me again, and they looked at each other, eyes rounded in surprise.


“Your Highness… remembered our names…?”


“? You told me yesterday, didn’t you? I’m going to be in your care from now on, so once again, please take care of me.“


When I tilted my head back at Gwenna, who had asked on behalf of the girls, they looked at each other again and nodded their heads.


“We will serve you with our whole heart.”


“Ah, t-thank you.”


When they said it again like that, I was somewhat surprised and sat up straight.


And then, the three of them led me to the banquet hall.

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